Issue#117: Qlik - An error occurred

  • I am getting an error message if I try to manually log out of Qlik sense hub from my laptop browser.


    An error occurred

    User logged out manually (OnSessionLoggedOut)


    Any idea why I am getting this?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#273247: Qlik - Qlik Sense Hub An error occurred

    I have install Qlik Sense server on windows server 2012 and I put the license and everything working fine but when I  try to publish my Qlik Sense App on Qlik Hub but once i open the Qlik Sense Hub it's send me error message: An error occurredYou cannot access Qlik Sense because you have no access pass. how can I fix this problem ?!!

  • Issue#570055: Qlik - Failover Partner issue or other kind of error?

    Hi Community,  What's this error message associated with and what is the solution?Error message:5/4/2016 9:54:28 AM:       Error: ErrorSource: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, ErrorMsg: Database 'DatabaseA' cannot be opened. It is in the middle of a restore.   I have Qlikview setup to extract data from many databases that were formerly housed on a single other server environment that Qlikview connected to.  A year or so ago, one of the more demanding databases (based on non-qlikview processes that were writing to it) was moved to a separate machine for load-balancing reasons, and I was instructed to add 'Failover Partner=123.456.789.12;' into the data extraction qlikview's connection string (actual ip not given here).  This allowed Qlikview to extract data from the databases in ip .11 and go to ip .12 for the database that had been moved there.  It worked okay last year.  Then it seems that database was moved bac

  • Issue#795498: Qlik - Getting Invalid Character syntax error issue in nprinting

    Hi friends,  I have created the nsq file and when i am trying to make report , and when trying to generate the report , it is giving Invalid Character syntax error ,  Not able to understand what i have done wrong , actually i have used correct path and giving \\servername\location path ,not mapped network drive path . And at my nprinting server qlikview is also installed. Please suggest why i am getting this error. gwassenaar stalwar1

  • Issue#4487: Qlik - Stored Proc issue

    Hi All A bit stuck on stored proc Trying to input parameters SQL Execute DB.usp_rp_analysis '1222','20151201','20151231'; but getting no results 1222 is required id  20151201 is from date20151231 is to dateGetting connection but no results, Any ideas why?Thanks

  • Issue#5004: Android - Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error

    I am getting a "Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error" when i open Google Apps like Gmail. I recently Unlocked the Bootloader and Rooted my Turbo. I dont see Google Play Services in Play Store to Update. Does anyone have any suggestions for the issue? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#5194: Android - [SOLVED] Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error

    I am getting a "Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error" when i open Google Apps like Gmail. I recently Unlocked the Bootloader and Rooted my Turbo. I dont see Google Play Services in Play Store to Update. Does anyone have any suggestions for the issue? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#5687: Skype - cannot reactivate subscription - says an internal error occurred

    I rec'd an email on 1/16/16 that my subscription would expire in 15 days on Feb. 1st. I was just on a call and it ended the call due to lack of funds on the account. I had forgotten to deposit more funds. I logged in and added more funds and clicked the link to reactivate my subscription, but each time I try to reactivate the subscription it says "An internal error occurred". How do I reactivate my subscription please? Thank you,Rhonda  

  • Issue#5902: Qlik - Error: Access violation at address 015932B4 in module 'NPrintingSvc.exe'

    Hello Everyone, I am using nprinting to generate PPPT files from access point. Till last week it was working fine. i replaced existing QVW with the latest qvw, later I am getting some error at Access point Error: Unexpected error occurred during on-demand request processing.The specified path was not found. when opened the log file its giving the following log report Service1/25/20166:05:52 AMMessageRun Task: Service1/25/20166:05:52 AMErrorConnection error to D:\QlikView\SourceDocuments\Test PPT.qvw; Access violation at address 015932B4 in module 'NPrintingSvc.exe'. Read of address 00000000Service1/25/20166:05:52 AMMessageTerminate Task: Service1/25/20166:05:52 AMMessageThis task took 0 seconds to executeService1/25/20166:05:52 AMMessage-------------------   Please help.  ThanksKR

  • Issue#11656: Spotify premium: an error occurred please try again

    I have paid Spotify premier due to I have experiencing the above error for long time and I thought was something with my internet but not I'm still getting this error when I search for any song, artist, play list, is really frustrating that I'm paying and I'm not getting the full access, I have try deleting the iPhone for the offline devices, logging out, delete the application and install it again from App Store and noting works, please help

  • Issue#12416: DAQ error -200284, error -200292 or warning 200010 occurred

    Dear all,   In principle I have an easy task to do: Applying a voltage ramp (e.g. 0-6V in approx. 200ms) and synchronously read in an analog signal. The whole procedure should be triggered by an external TTL signal at a rate of one Hz.   Hardware: NI cDAQ-9174 Mod1 NI 9215 (BNC) Mod2 NI 9264 (DSUB) Mod3 NI 9402 Mod4 NI 9403   Software: python 2.7   But, from time to time it returns one of the following errormessage: RuntimeError: nidaq call failed with error -200284 RuntimeError: nidaq call failed with error -200292 RuntimeError: nidaq generated warning 200010   I tried to reduce code, but I wanted to keep the main functionalities: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- import ctypes import thread import time import numpy from PyDAQmx import * nidaq = ctypes.windll.nicaiu # load the DLL   class AnalogInOutputThreadPlot():    """    """    def __init__( self, AO_Vstart,AO_length, AO_time)

  • Issue#13802: Qlik - Zip Error in Qlikview

    HI Team when i'm trying to reload the script i'm getting the following error . could any one suggest me what to do??? 

  • Issue#14653: Qlik - Error loading data from SQL server

    Hello, I have started using qlikview very recently. I am trying to bring in data from two tables in sql into Qlikview. I tired using the SQL script with a few modifications. But when i run the screen it gives me read error.  This is the SQL query that work fine in Sql server management studio (like toad).  select *from ConfigTouchpoint ct, MessageFulfillment mfwhere ct.description like '%Thunderhead%'and ct.CoreProcessId = mf.CoreProcessIdand mf.CreatedDate between dateadd(month,-1,current_timestamp) and current_timestamp; I am using it as this script in qlikview MessageFullfillment:select *from ConfigTouchpoint ct, MessageFulfillment mfwhere ct.description like '%Thunderhead%'and ct.CoreProcessId = mf.CoreProcessIdand mf.CreatedDate between dateadd(month,-1,current_timestamp) and current_timestamp;store MessageFulfillment into MessageFulfillment.QVD(QVD);DROP TABLE MessageFulfillment; can anyone help me identify what the issue is with this script. i will

  • Issue#15110: HP - An error occurred while scanning

    i have tried all methods. 1) uninstall and install again 2) unplug and plug again 3) Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) services are functioning correctly 4) Turn off the printer-all in one 5) Restart my computer 6) Follow all troubleshooting steps 7) Install whatever need to install  Please assist on below mentioned error. 

  • Issue#21456: Playstation - FIFA 16 - Error CE-34878-0: Fix for This Issue?

    So so disappointed in the technical support provided by Playstation.  Issue has been with Playstation for 2 months and each time I have to call for an update.   They have provided troubleshooting steps several times but it does not fix the error.   I purchased the Fifa 16 game of disc and each time you score a goal the system crashes and blue screens.  There are many internet sites where it says that Playstation know about this error however they do not have a fix.  Totally disappointed.  They can not guarantee that if I purchase the game online and the same error occurs they will replace my money.  I definately won't be buying a playstation again should the console die.      Mod Edit: Moved thread to support area, updated title. --GrainneNessa

  • Issue#21700: An Application Error Occurred

    I started receiving this error when searching in inventory after attempting it import devices from a CSV file. The log said the import was successful but now, no mater what I search for in inventory, I get this:An Application Error OccurredSorry! We've encountered an application error.Restarting the ApplicationSometimes, these kind of issues can be resolved by restarting the application:Right-click on the system tray icon and select Restart.Once has restarted, try your operation again.If you repeatedly get this error message, please contact us so we can try to fix it.We apologize for this problem, and thank you for your patience and assistance. Our users are what keep the IT Revolution going!I have restarted the service but no joy. Any ideas?Thanks.

  • Issue#21971: Lightroom Timelapse - Unknown Error Has Occurred

    I am looking to create a timelapse in Lightroom. When I select my pictures and go to export to video, the lightroom processes for awhile, then I get an error that says "Unknown Error has Occurred". I have plenty of hard drive space.

  • Issue#24577: Qlik - Error in expression

    Hi all, I had written some script and got failed. Can anyone give me answer. Max date is my data is  Inserts:LOAD * FROM$(Vqvdpath)fact_site_visit.QVD (qvd); MinMaxDates:LOAD     Max(site_visit_updated_datetime) as MaxDateResident Inserts;  LET zMaxDate = Peek('MaxDate'); DROP TABLE MinMaxDates;  Incmonths:LOAD *Resident InsertsWHERE site_visit_updated_datetime >= AddMonths($(zMaxDate) ,-13); STORE Incmonths into $(Vqvdpath)fact_site_visit.QVD (qvd); DROP TABLE Incmonths;    Thanks in advance

  • Issue#27600: Error - 1073807202 occurred at VISA Open in visa write read

    Hello, I write very basic program in labVIEW and use NI-DAQmx Simulated Device since (driver) I do not have a real NI-DAQmx one. This program is reading the message from PC buffer, send it to device, then finally read the response from the instrument. This instrument is the Agilent 34411A digital multimeter for labVIEW Core 1. The program does not run and shows a message as below:                                    Error - 1073807202 occurred at VISA Open in visa write read                Possible reason(s):                labVIEW: (HEX 0xBFFF009E) VISA or a code library            &

  • Issue#33315: Qlik - PIVOT TABLE SHOW ISSUE

    I have a pivot table with State as a dimension .  If you  see the attachment NO_Month_Selection. I can see Sates 'AR'  and  'KY' which is what I would like to see, but as soon as I select the month 'Jan'  (attachment MOnth_Selection), I loose 'AR' and 'KY'.  What do I need to do so that I should see 'AR'  and 'KY'. Here is my expression  If((sum({<Year={$(=MAx(Year))},NO_BOP_FLAG={'0'},ORGANIZATION_NAME= ,[Line of Business]=>}INDEMNITY_PAID_YTD-INDEMNITY_RECOVERY_YTD)orsum({<Year={$(=MAx(Year)-1)},NO_BOP_FLAG={'0'},ORGANIZATION_NAME= ,[Line of Business]=>}INDEMNITY_PAID_YTD-INDEMNITY_RECOVERY_YTD))='0',0, ((max({<Year={$(=Max(Year))} ,NO_BOP_FLAG={'0'},ORGANIZATION_NAME= ,[Line of Business]=,Month = {"<=$(=Max(Month))"}>}MthNbr)/12)*Sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year))},NO_BOP_FLAG={'0'},ORGANIZATION_NAME= ,[Line of Business]=,Month = {"<=$(=Max(Month))"}>} ind_budget)))

  • Issue#33737: After Effects - Application error occurred exception unknown software exception

    Photoshop.exeApplication error occurred exception unknown software exception (0xc000001d) in the location 0xf8dd6cd5  (EVERY ADOBE PROGRAM)  i can't open phothosop after of the instalation ;( tha'ts the message I need helpMy pc is totally new i7 core GTX 950 ;( 8gb Ram 1 tb What's the problem? Install, reinstall etc. i tried  Sorry for my bad english

  • Issue#39498: Messages: An error occurred during activation.

    I'm receiving the following error in Messages and am unable to sign in. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • Issue#40552: Internal Error occurred, Acrobat Reader DC and Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.3

    After my mac updated to this latest version of Reader all that happens when I try to open up a .pdf is I receive the following message, An internal error occurred. I have researched online and have been unable to find a fix.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, M. Bohon

  • Issue#45042: Ubuntu Software Update Error/Issue

    I installed 14.04.3 on a new laptop at the weekend and when trying to run updates I'm getting an error "Error:Broken Count>0" I've hunted around looking for some guidance but come up empty. I did run 2 commands in Terminal (sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade) following a suggestion on another thread. Results below: Code:                         [email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get update   Ign trusty InRelease   Hit trusty-updates InRelease   Hit trusty-backports InRelease   Hit trusty-security InRelease   Hit trusty Release.gpg   Hit trusty-updates/main Sources   Hit trusty-updates/restricted Sources   Hit http://archive.ubuntu.

  • Issue#47844: Unity - App in debug mode error, keystore set, still issue

    I'm a Unity developer but today I was going to publish my first app to the Google Playstore. My app runs fine on the testing device, I have set the keystore and not checked 'developement' withing the publish settings. However, every time I try to publish it and upload the app to the playstore, I get the error: 'App is in debug mode'. I've searched hours to find this issue, updated my JDK, Android SDK and such, but nothing changes. I'm using Unity3D 5.3.0f4. Does anyone has an idea what I'm... App in debug mode error, keystore set, still issue

  • Issue#48268: Qlik - Qliksense Installation Error

    Hello, I was installing Qliksense and got following attached error with log file.... Can some one suggest me how to resolve this? Platform: Window Server 2008 R2 64 bit.Net Framwork 4.0  From Error attcahed, it shows .Net Framework required but it is already in my system

  • Issue#48652: Qlik - Match function issue

    Hi All, Please find the attached QVW. I have created "Expanded Sat and Sun Count YearWise" Chart, it should show the count of sat and sun for the each year. Ex: 2004 - 52+52=104 If i see expanded chart, it is showing 52 Sat and 52 Sun When we collapsed it, it is showing 366. Because it is also calculating NULL values, which i have suppressed. Can we exclude NULL values (262) from calculation? I have created WeekStatus Field using Match Function. Is there any function which i can use here to do not calculate other than SAT and SUN? Please see the script for this field. I have lot of requirement like this to use Match function to select few values from main field to derive new field, and i need to use those fields in PIVOT table... due to NULL values, i am not getting correct figure while collapsing the pivot table. Thanks,Raju

  • Issue#50007: Qlik - Hi calendar object data issue

    Hi Experts,                                   i have to show in calendar object from date 1990 to today, i created calendar object with two variables and two buttons apply , clear . problem is data is not coming exactly  1990 to today date, is there any solution for this or any example for this,Please post your comment.   Best Regards,Mike.

  • Issue#51055: Qlik - Date issue - how to add years

    Hello QlikView community, Firstly, I'm pulling data into QlikView with dates like 17-Feb, 4-Mar, 12-Apr etc with no Year. Now I know the Year for those dates were 2015, how can I add years to those dates?  Secondly, all future data sheets are going to have the same date format, is there a way that I can import the data and years gets assigned automatically? What are my options? I'd like to make it as dynamic as possible.  Dustin

  • Issue#58126: Qlik - Rounding Issue

    I am aware of Rounding Errors but can't figure out how to fix it. Column 1 Sum({$<FISCAL_YEAR=,APP_DATE={">$(=Max({<ACT_AMT={'>0'}>}APP_DATE))"}, FCST_DATE = {"$(=date(max(FCST_DATE), 'MM-DD-YYYY'))"}>}FCST_AMT)  Column 2 uses a variable called $(vLTETC) and defined as: round(Sum({$<FISCAL_YEAR=,APP_DATE={">$(=Max({<ACT_AMT={'>0'}>}APP_DATE))"}, FCST_DATE = {"$(=date(max(FCST_DATE), 'MM-DD-YYYY'))"}>}FCST_AMT),1000 ) /1000 These numbers have tied out in the past using the round(xxx,1000 ) /1000. However, you can see that 847,326,771 should round to 847,327 NOT 847,324. For the record, I have a text box that CORRECTLY displays $(vLTETC) as 847,327 which confuses me even more. Any ideas?