Issue#123: Lenovo - Can the SD card in a ThinkTab A1000 be reformatted?

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  • Issue#2423: Lenovo - Thinkpad Yoga 15 Graphic Card issue (geforce 840m)

    I hope somebody can help me with this problem I have with my Thinkpad Yoga 15 (20DQ001KUS).I have upgraded it to windows 10 and all was running fine in the beginning but now I received ‘the blue screen’ all the time and  the computer does not restart normally after it. If I disable the Nvidia Geforce 840M graphic card (and just use the Intel HD graphics 5500) I don’t receive the errors. I have tried already many things with updating and rolling back drivers for the Geforce card. But it keeps giving problems. All other drivers are also up to date…. Thank you very much in advance! I have received the following error messages on the windows 10 blue screen:video_scheduler_internal_errorDPC_watchdog_violationvideo_management_internalvideo_DXGKRNL_fatal_errorAnd here are the results of the diagnostic scan (I also performed the separate motherboard diagnostic scan and it passed fully): ========================================================== Lenovo Solution

  • Issue#17632: Lenovo - Lenovo A7010 SD card Unmounting issue

    Received my phone on 22nd of January and switched it on by 23rd Jan. I was impressed by the look and feel of the product. But I am facing a big issue which is annyoing.  A pop up comes up frequently and says "SD card is unmounted and some more details" and should REBOOT. I am not allowed to to any other action othe than REBOOT. Really really feeling bad that a brand new product is behaving this way. Suggesst me a solution.

  • Issue#198262: Lenovo - Nvidia Graphic card issue after upgraded to windows 10

    I have my Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop without touch screen which contains NVIDIA GTX 860M Card. Before upgrading to Win 10, graphics card was working fine for Win 8.1Now after update, laptop graphics is selecting basic Intel HD graphics 4600 and not selecting Nvidia, no matter what I do. Also in device manager, under display adapters, I can find both drivers with yellow mark (not exclaimation), if i click on update or something then it says driver is up to date.Please help

  • Issue#257254: Lenovo - SwiftKey Issue on Droid Turbo 2 Marshmallow, SD Card formatted as Internal Storage

    Wondering if anyone else has seen this after updating to Marshmallow (latest system version 24.14.11.kinzie_verizion.verizon.en.US) and used the new storage feature to format their SD card as internal storage. I did this for mine and let it migrate what it could off built-in internal storage and now every time I restart my phone I get an error from Swiftkey (my keybaord of choice for a few years now) upon trying to type somewhere that says "Predictions not available. Check SD Card."  Looking at the options under settings - apps - SwitftKey, there doesn't appear to be a way to ensure nothing is stored on the SD card, and to the app itself, everything appears to be in internal storage anyway. The only way I have found to resolve this is to delete the app's data and go through setup again to let it re-sync with my cloud account, at which point the predictions return. The issue returns though after the phone is restarted again.  Is this a known issue, and if s

  • Issue#321304: Lenovo - Lenovo Note k3 Marshmallow update issue after choosing SD card as internal

    Hi,Everyone is getting issue after we select sd card as internal.1. When you connect PC with phone only sd card come to show not internal card.2.Apps keep unistalling itslef and keep asking for installation.3.Many apps do not restart.4. Camera also stop  working many times Issue when you keep sd card as portable1.You can not move heavy games to Sd card (option disabled)2. some apps install on internal card where as some apps on sd card .how is it possible3. many apps do not have access to sd card. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thanks,Aditya Raj Verma  

  • Issue#335262: Lenovo - SD card issue upon Marshmallow upgrade

    I have run into an issue with my SD card upon upgrading to marshmallow. having read this post I still do not understand.I'm being asked to format it, but have an app called "pocket casts" which has all my podcasts downloaded, and certain ones marked as favs. I don't want to loose them. Obviously if I format the SD card then I loose this. is there a solution? I'd be very grateful for any help.Thanks you very much!

  • Issue#394640: Lenovo - Hold on Debit Card, No One Resolving Issue

    To start, I originally had an issue with my phone where it has a dark line across the middle of the screen, and the screen also would sometimes become laggy in response to touch. So I requested an RMA back in January. Under the RMA number 160115-010512, I received a replacement. However, this phone had an issue where it would not activate because it refused to take my sim card for some reason. Thus, I sent back this phone and notified Motorola, giving them the tracking number to prove that I sent it back. However, weeks passed by, and I received no notification on what had happened, and there was still a hold on my account for that phone. So I called up customer service, and Motorola said they needed the tracking number. I found this strange, since I had given them this information already, but I provided it anyway. They said this would be passed onto the financial department,the hold would be removed, and I would be able to get a new replacement after that. Two more wee

  • Issue#408173: Lenovo - Assistance needed for Lenovo Vibe X3 - Memory card issue

    I have used Lenovo vibe x3 for a month with a SIM card in the first slot leaving second slot empty. Later I have inserted a memory card (which is having many files like audio, video etc) in the second slot. I was able to see every picure, video and audio present in the memory card. After some time I have removed the memory card after switching off the device. Again I turned on the mobile with SIM card in one slot and second slot empty.Now, without having memory card in second slot, I was able to see all the file names in gallery and music player which were present in memory card previously. They are all spamming my device as files were actually not present but only the file names exist.When I open google music player and click on "Shuffle all" button, the player in getting closed whenever it is trying to play the audio which is not present in the memory but it's file name exists.Please suggest me what i need to do for removing those contents. Appreciate your support. ThanksRa

  • Issue#410712: Lenovo - Lenovo Z50-70 Wifi Issue with Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless Card - FIXED!

  • Issue#411110: Lenovo - Lenovo Z50-70 with Realtek RTL8723BE wifi card Issue - SOLVED!

    Hi all Thought I would share this after hours of internet searching what my issue could be and finding nothing except "Is your Wifi Enabled?" type responses.  So here is a succcint problem/solution that may work for you too. Problem A couple of week ago, my wifi connection started to be very slow at home and would not connect to public wifi hotspots, such as O2 Cloud.  I did the usual updating drivers etc with no success.  I eventually noticed that the signal bars on the discovered networks were weak and at public hotspots, extremely weak.  Made me think about the wifi antennae inside the laptop... Solution (only proceed if you dont mind your warranty possibly being invalidated, are competant and are fed up with your wifi not working) 1) Turn off laptop. 2) Remove Battery 3) Take the middle panel off the back of the laptop (three small screws out and side panel forward) 4) The wifi card is the small card near the memory cards.

  • Issue#505084: Lenovo - Moto G2 Dual sim (non-LTE) - micro-SD card issue

    I am using Moto G 2nd Gen XT 1068 Dual Sim (non-LTE) phone with Android ver 6.0 While using this phone with two sim cards(but without the micro SD card), if I insert a8/32GB micro-SD card, the sim connection #2 islost immediately and permanently. It does recognize that same micro SD card if onlyone sim is operational.  Is this phone designed to work with micro-SD cardonly when one sim is used, or should it work withmsd card even when both sim cards are loaded?  Thanks

  • Issue#664838: Lenovo - w540 sound card issue

    Sometimes I use skype to talk to my friends. This morning when I was talking, the sound was lost suddenly. And an error message told me the sound card was not available. But everthing else seems normal.  I went to the Device Manager. It seems normal there as well. Then I opened the Windows Media Player and tried to play a music. This error dialog was shown up: ï»¿ It happened before, several times. If I reboot the system, everything will back to normal. Is there a way I can fix it?

  • Issue#680074: Lenovo - Moto G4 Heating Issue and Memory Card Mounting

    Hi Team, Last week I purchased Moto G4 Plus, 3 GB/32 GB Variant. I mounted a Memory Card, but it is showing as ejectable media similar to USB. Then I mounted it by formating the card with in the Phone, but then the card was not displaying in any File Explorers. How to mount a memory card like we normally do in Moto G2 and other Android phones (Not Like USB Mode) ??? Also, heating problem exists. 5 minutes of normal usage causes phone to heat. Thanks,Abin

  • Issue#782173: Lenovo - different sd card issue, random dismount

    Hi, I have had a 62gb San disc extreme 4 card installed in my phone since I have had it ( a couple of months ), it was set as internal storage and had been working perfectly until this evening. Suddenly decided to dismount itself and now won't read at all. I am getting increasingly worried about this as all photos and videos have been stored on it, and subsequently i am now concerned that I have no access  to them and I am going to lose them, including my daughter's sports day today ( that were fine until about an hour ago, as I had e-mailed one or two to my wife ).Any help gratefully accepted. 

  • Issue#798032: Lenovo Ideatab A1000: sim card slot not detected

    sim card slot not detected in lenovo ideatab A1000

  • Issue#912756: Lenovo - SD Card Issue with Moto G 3rd Gen

    So I was just on Pokemon GO (which is on my SD card) when the app unexpectedly crashed, shortly followed by the phone itself crashing. When I turned it back on, all of the apps had been wiped from my homescreens, and none of the apps stored on my SD card were showing up on the apps list. My SD card (which has been formatted to the device for a while now) still shows up in the storage menu, and clearly states that 4.16GB of it is used, but when I tap on the SD card, under all of the headings ("apps", "images" etc) it just says calculating. Now, I still have access to some of the resources on my SD card, such as my images and the music I have downloaded to Spotify, but I cannot find any way to open the apps I have on the SD card. I have tried removing and restarting several times, and the card and slot themselves are clean so I don't think the issue is there. I can't find any solutions online, so can anybody here help? I really have no idea what to do.

  • Issue#940841: Lenovo - Firmware issue memory card

    Have a 64GB sandisk memory card in my G4 (tried 2 both same) Using phone as normal the card works perfectly as expected BUT if I createa second user profile I have no end of issues on that profile. Card is seen by the actual the andriod system in the storage areaand I can see the folders and files on the card from there but anyapps are having huge issueswith it. Poweramp don't see the card at all (works fine on main profile)Play Music can see the music files on it but its intermittent ( sometimes it works sometimes I cant even get play to open)all aftermarket file browsers see the card but say it has no files on it.

  • Issue#977588: Lenovo - Tab 2 A10-70 SD Card Issue

    Love the Tab 2 A10-70, which I've only had for a week and still becoming familiar with. I used an 8GB SD card to transfer some files from my desktop to the Tablet, without problem. I travel a lot, so I bought a 128GB SD card with the intention of loading it with MP4 film files I have, so I could then have a library of entertainment for the Tablet while away from home. However, while my desktop PC recognises the SD card (ex Fat system) and is happy to transfer data on to it, the Tablet won't recognise the SD card at all and won't mount it. Has anyone got any ideas about this?

  • Issue#1036214: Lenovo - Lenovo K5 note Sim cards and SD card issue

    Not able to use the both sim cards and SD card with provided slots. How to use all the 3 cards like Sim 1,Sim 2 and SD card.

  • Issue#1041704: Lenovo - LENOVO G 50-70 GRAPHIC CARD ISSUE..

    HELLO THERE, i have lenovo g 50-70 with core i7 processor, 8 gb ram and amd radeon 2 gb graphic card.from couple months i m trying to play some games on this laptop, i thought i have big grahic card so i can play nice games but now i cant even play gts 5 on this one.. i installed all the driverrs i found.. latest bios updates too..still result is zero.. i cant even find any option to switch on board graphics  to amd.and right now in display adaptor it shows i got 256mb video memory..i have attached few pics here.. can anyone help me with this pleaase.. just right i downloaded amd auto detect drivers tool and i downloaded what the said.. still i cant find my dedicated graphic card.. need some help..

  • Issue#1072353: Lenovo - Lenovo K4 note SD card issue

    Hi Team, Android Lolipop was much better than Marshmallow update. After Marshmallow, system lags and only positive thing is 5 Finger regestrations and fast unlocking.  After update 1.)No option to move applications to SD card . If appliaction needs to be moved, then SD card should be formatted as Internal SD which is a biggest drawback as once SD card is formatted as internal it cannot be used in other phones/PC/Laptop. Cant copy files from Sd card to PC as it will not be detected on the PC once it is mounted as Internal SD. 2.)RAM usage is high.3.)"Shareit" application rarely works , cannot choose external sd as storage location .4.)Even internal memory is free(1.5 gb available) some times phone will make noisy breaking sound when it rings/Play any music , Cannot accept calls instantly, phone will be hanged ,  Unable to end the call aswell. Kindly provide an option to move applications from internal SD to external SD. Please make storage options as i

  • Issue#1107614: Lenovo - App development issue with Verizon SIM card

    I am a developer working on an Android app that has a feature which requires the phone to use cellular internet while connected to a wifi signal that does not provide internet. I am currently having an issue where the phone refuses to use the cellular data despite having a strong LTE signal when it is connected to wifi. I am only experiencing this problem on the Motorola Droid Turbo 2, and only when I have a Verizon SIM card in the phone. I do not experience the issue when using an At&t SIM card which leads me to believe that it has something to do with either the Verizon network or the SIM card itself. I've tried using the feature in the phone's wifi settings to make it switch to cellular when it has no internet from wifi but that does not work well enough. Any help or a point in the right direction will be appreciated. Thanks, Scot

  • Issue#1116313: Lenovo - Moto G4 plus sd card corrupt issue

    Hi Team, I am facing SD card corrupt issue , i was copying some data and suddently this message popped up and saying you need to format sd card . then i selected format sd card it stuck at 20% and after some time error came as " command '88 volume partition disk:179,64 private' failed with 'null' . Even i tried to format sd card in my PC but no luck. Please help if any solution available for this problem.

  • Issue#1171131: Lenovo - Lenovo A1000 Ringtone Customization issue

     I cannot personnalize my caller ringtone ..there are limited ringtones in the phone user have to select one of them ...

  • Issue#1933: Lenovo - lenovo p1m volume setting issue

    I face a lot of problem with my lenovo vibe p1m mobile when ever i plug in or plug out my headphones the volume for calls and messeges is decreasing to lower volume again if i set to maximum volume and the time when i plug in or plugging  out my headphones the volume is again reduced to low setting.. Please help me with this issue if this is a software issue for all mobiles i request you to please fix this bug......Thank you in advance....

  • Issue#2618: Lenovo - Card Reader on Lenovo Y510p

    Hi guys.I have problem with internal card reader on my Lenovo Y510p with Windows 7 x64.It was working well, but one day during writing on SD card it suddenly stopped with error and the card reader disappeared from system. In the Device manager it does not appear at all neither at Drives nor at IDE/USB Controllers.I have rebooted, reinstalled the card drives from Lenovo support, but in vain.Please help to get it back.

  • Issue#3345: Issue in reading SD card on HP Pavilion dm4 laptop

    Hi, I have a HP Pavilion dm4 laptop which is having issues in recognizing the SD card from my camera. This is the first time i am using the SD in my laptop and my laptop is not recognizing it. Appreciate if anyone can help me with this issue. I went in device manager and try to update the driver but did not work and it said my driver is already updated Thanks in advance. 

  • Issue#4239: Lenovo - memory card error

    i having 64 gb memory card when i inserted and transfered my apps and music and movies to external memory card but now the movies are notplaying and the music too and apps are giving parsing eror when i install it

  • Issue#4549: Lenovo - W510 Fan issue

    Hi, I got myself a used W510 around half a year ago.For around 2-3 months now, the fan has been making a rattling noise whenever in use. It was somewhat quiet and didn't seem to affect temps or anything, but regardless I ordered a new fan from China around a week ago. The real issue is, a few days ago my laptop started giving me a fan error message whenever I tried to boot it. I try to take good care of my laptop, so I've cleaned it from dust regularly, so that can't be the issue. Now when I try to start up my laptop, it beeps twice, displays a "fan error" message, and shuts down again by itself. I've always gotten my laptop to start though, eventually, after trying to blow in the fan, or shaking my laptop slightly. It's become more and more difficult to get my laptop to launch, though, which is a real issue because I cannot work without my laptop, and shipping the fan from China will take 2-3 weeks at least. Is there any temporary solution I could try to get my laptop f