Issue#129: Lenovo - please how to download and install new software to tablet s60000-H

  • I have idea tablet s6000-h software number 1300519 but I have virus in root my tablet and can not remove I can download and install new root or software to my tablet..please answer me quickly.thanks

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#1154534: Lenovo - X1 Tablet Issue booting via exFAT to offline MDT install

    Hello Everyone, We are using an MDT Offline installer booting froma USB key to image down Windows 10. The issue is the only file system that seems to work is FAT32 due to UEFI BIOS, with no option to go to legacy. The problem is some of our files are larger than 4GB. Is anyone else running into this issue?

  • Issue#32495: Trying to download adobe acrobat but when i go to the install screen is has a compatability issue. i

    what is this??? can some one help me out here?@

  • Issue#119336: Lenovo - Why is it so hard to download Lenovo software???

    In preparation for a possible re-install of Windows 10 (64-bit) on a Lenovo Stick 300, I attempted to download the SystemInterfaceFoundation and the LenovoSolutionCenter (32- & 64-bit).  I wanted to do this on my normal, non-Lenovo desktop. 1. Clicking on the direct download links gave a server error. 2. So, I attempted to mark the three files for download, and download that way.  That required the installation of the LenovoSystemBridge.  Why?  It wanted to gather all the information about my download system, which is NOT the Lenovo system of interest.  I installed it anyway. 3. OK, the download of the SystemInterfaceFoundation went fine, and then the downloads hung.  So, I "uninstalled" the LenovoSystemBridge, but that left a bunch of files in C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Apps.  That's not what "uninstall" means to most people. 4. OK, thinking that this had tobe done on the Lenovo stick, I tried the same thing (including the Le


     Hi my lenovo tablet bearing serial no. : HB01RA8D, IMEI no.:862633027892038 purchased in Saudi Arabia on October 2014, the same was  found defective due to software corruption & sme was rectified in India on 15/12/2015 by paying amount of Rs 574., the same was found defect within three days the defect was rectified b y lenovo service centrewith free of cost. after one month the same problem happened again and rectified by lenovo service center by paying amount of Rs230.due to frequent software problem i could not use the tablet  , i suggest the frequent problem due to either design of software or  poor diagnoisation of defect or rectification of fault by lenovo authorised service agents.I kindly request to arrange proper permenant solution  for rectification of the defect. awaiting for your reply  DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM when switiching on the tablet only Lenovo display comes, the tablet could not be operated, further and also the tablet

  • Issue#157059: Lenovo - Lenovo Tablet 2 1050F : Charging issue after using OTG USB

    Hi, I used an adapter miniUSB>USB to plug a flash drive on the tablet.Ecerything was alright. I could access to the data on the USB flash drive.I just select the unmount option before taking it off. After that, the tablet won't charge again.The battery level is decreasing even it's plugged to the charger.I tryed to charge the tablet when it was turned off but same issue.I even tryed a factory reset but the problem is still the same. Actually, the tablet is unusable. Please give me a solution.

  • Issue#209905: Lenovo - Thinkpad 8 tablet wifi issue

    Hi Experts,  My thinkpad8 tablet stopped wifi (network functions), it was working fine for more than a year with windows 8.1 and later windows 10. when I check for wifi option, I couldn't find any network option. All of sudden the wifi option disappeared. When I checked the device maanger, I found the Generic SDIO deice is showing with yellow questions mark.  1- tried installing the drivers from lenovo support sites. the broadcom wireless drivers fails to install with error update.cpp 1203 has occured and setup annot continue. 2- I did factory reset -back to win 8.1, and found same error and no wifi options. I tried all the thinkpad8 broadcom 32 bit drivers.  any advice to fix the wifi Generic SDIO  Device? I suspect that the wifi hardware is not functioning. otherwise windows 8.1 and windows 10 had all the drivers by default. I never had to install any drivers ever.  thanks in advance.  

  • Issue#217449: Lenovo - Install Security HD on other android tablet

    I really like the Security HD app on my Lenovo TAB 2. Is it possible somehow to install it on my other tablet? It is a Nexus 10

  • Issue#287670: Lenovo - Lenovo G50-70 headphone sound issue after Windows 10 fresh install

    Hello. I've switched to SSD form default HDD and decided to install clean Windows 10 system. Everything went ok, I installed latest driver from G50-70 from the support website but when I played music on my headphones I was shocked how bad sound I had compared to previous system - vocals were really bad and backed. I looked around and decided to install separate smart audio app which is bundled with different driver ( and it's ok now - I've got same sound quality as before. Why don't you feature this app with G50-70 drivers??? It's not user friendly.

  • Issue#313491: Lenovo - ThinkPad Tablet 2 367927U clean Windows 10 install - Unrecognized Devices -no wifi, touchsc

    Got upgraded to Windows 10 and the tablet was not working very well, I did a clean Windows 10 re-installation and now windows does not recognize the hardware such as network adapter, sound card, and of course, the touch screen, buttons, etc. so stuck without internet, and had to come up with a keyboard and mouse to even try to work on these issues. I downloaded onto a USB and installed all of the available drivers from Lenovo’s support page at, but none of them resolved the issue of unrecognized hardware. I tried installing drivers manually, for each of the unidentified devices in the Device Manager, and none of the drivers worked. In a few cases, installing a drive crashed the tablet and threw it into perpetual restarting, had to do another reinstall. Has anyone encountered this issue? Could you provide some information on what needs to be do

  • Issue#353267: Lenovo - Pre-Installed Software Download

    Hello, I am very frustrated right now.  I updated  my Ideapad from win 8 to win 10.  Apparently, my DVD player software did not make the transistion.  I thought, no problem, I will just reinstall it from the recovery disks.  Not so fast.  It would seem, the only way to install the original DVD softwere is to REFORMAT my computer.  Tell me I am misunderstanding this!  Please, does anyone know where I can go, legally, on Lenovo's website, to download the software that CAME WITH my computer?  A full reformat to factory specs is NOT a REASONABLE option when all I need is dvd software. Other computer companies offer this ... does Lenovo? please help and thanks.

  • Issue#361167: Lenovo - Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet bug after software update

    My tablet running android version 5.0.1, looks like it's turning off and freezes on the lenovo screen every time I try and use it. once the screen goes black, it looks like it's working properly again, but the wifi isn't working.  When you click on WLAN, it says turning WLAN on perpetually. Any quick fixes would be appreciated.

  • Issue#383483: Lenovo - OEM clean install media for Yoga Tablet 2-1051 ?

    Hi, Yes I found related threads discussing related topics. Those mainly ask how to recover and there are few informative answers to that. But no, I want to know from where I could get or order external recovery media that supports windows bing license stamped in yoga bios? My tablet is working fine, but the problem is that its now eating my old retail Windows 8 pro license. Yes, my first mistake was to allow Windows 10 update to transfer the recovery drive into sdcard because the primary drive did not have enough space for update. That update did not work - I guess because it tried to retain some of the old software or drivers - it felt like historic IRQ conflict between gfx and touch etc. Recovery boot from EFI menu no longer worked (as expected as the partition was gone). So, i decided to try MS provided medias. All medias I tried worked fine (both usb stick and dvd via usb host conv) but they indeed did not accept the bing licence (you can download medias that support OEM

  • Issue#396224: Lenovo - Install windows 8.1 on my lenovo tablet

    Hey guys. I just bought myself the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro with android as the operating system: I want to boot the tablet and install Windows 8.1 as the operating system. Is that possible? Thank you 

  • Issue#450705: Lenovo - Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe NVMe issue

    trying to install windows 7x64 on a thinkpad x1 type 20fb and having issues.  Already called Lenovo support and they were not help.  Can someone help with this problem? when i try to boot from a usb drive with a windows 7 i am able to see the PCIe NVMe drive but when i tried to format or click new to install windows 7 i recieve a message of this hardward may not support booting to this drive and i am not able to install windows 7.  The drive is visible through the bios and through the boot menu.  But cannot install into the NVMe drive.  i read somewhere on the forum that the new skylake and nvme only works if the boot option is set to uefi.  tried that too but did not work.  Can someone help me with this issue? i just need some help trying to install windows 7x64 on thinkpad x1type 20fb with SM951aPCIe NVMe.  Thank you.

  • Issue#475756: HP - Lost install disk for PSC 2410. Where do I download a copy the full software installation?

    looking for a link to download the full CD or ISO to create a new one. I do not want the HP online driver installtion or just the driver. I am looking for complete install for all parts to work again (scanner, copier, photo) not just printing. The printing part is all I can find on the HP site.

  • Issue#548851: Lenovo - How to install android 4.4 as an upgrade for a yoga tablet 10

    I have downloaded the Android 4.4 from the lenovo support page|Drivers%20and%20Software&beta=false and have tried to install on my lenovo yoga tablet 10 without success. I am not really familiar with such matters, who can help? I think I would have to get into some menu on the tablet to decide whether to boot the (old existing) android or to install the new android 4.4. How do I get into that menu? Should the 2 parts of android 4.4 (see link above) be copied on the sd-card? Do I have to unzip them? What else???? Thanks so much for your help, I am desperate.

  • Issue#558135: Lenovo - Cannot install Power10 DVD back onto my Desktop after removing certain apps due to software

  • Issue#574835: Lenovo - VIBE P1 wi-fi connectivity issue and software issues

    Recently I updated my Vibe P1 to marshmallow after two downloads which was cancelled after downloading and before installation.Now the weather widget problem is still there even after the update and another problem also raised. It has certain software issues like the UI crashes at some instances, the colour balance option is not even working and network issues both on wifi and cellular network. It is really disappointing it happens even after new update. Please do something fast. 

  • Issue#582368: Lenovo Tablet a3300: software updateing error, tablet not switching on

    while updating software error was come tablet not working now

  • Issue#592069: [ubuntu] Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: Software Updater download and install update without permission

    I notice my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Software Updater is downloading and installing updates without my permission on several occasion even thought it is setup to only "Display Immediately" the updates. How do I rectify this problem? I want Software Updater to only display the updates to me and only to download and install the updates on my command. Pls advice me what to do. Thanks.

  • Issue#642188: Logitech - downloaded windows 10 yesterday. i can download, but not install software for G700 mouse.

    downloaded windows 10 yesterday. i can download, but not install software for G700 mouse. help please?

  • Issue#709770: Lenovo - Heating issue while using camera caused by Software Update, Moto G4 plus

    So my new phone arrived 24th May was pretty excited about the phone and its cool new features, as i finished set up of phone already received a notification for new software update. Downloaded it but didn't install it as i wanted to discover this phone and update and installation quite long. Next day also it was my buddy's b'day so of course we took a lot of pic's and some videos(2) Did a little show off in front of them, in this time while using camera phone didn't heat up a single bit i remember it perfectly. On 26 May i finally installed update. On 29 May i went on family trip and phone was heating up very quickly, like just under taking 5-7 pic's and sometimes it was worse. Yesterday i accidentally left open my snapchat for 5 minutes and it heating issue was like hell. I  correctly that update did say Camera Stability. So software update is the one responsible for heating issue atleast for camera. Please fix. XT1643 , 6.0.1 

  • Issue#713891: Lenovo - px2-300d cant install software from lifelineapps

    px2-300d to install MySQL Server for px2-300d and PHP for px2-300d from and it cant be installed because of "Файл обновления недействителен.". In english it sounds like "The update file is invalid". I was tryed to download it several times but the result is the same - no result. :-(What i have to do to install it?P.S. I am using asustor and there are no problems at all and it much faster than this piece of "guano".

  • Issue#750241: Lenovo - Lenovo A7010 Have an issue with update and download apps and games from play store

    I tried play store help tips several steps but not solve download and update issue. Leave downloading continue  overnight with 3g connection on well stablish network.Bt app was not downloaded.So help any one me?

  • Issue#764368: Lenovo - Install Flash Player on Yoga 2 tablet

    Hello... Have been searching and trying options for over half a day.Please help me if you can. Is it possible to install flash player on Yoga 2 (android 4.4.2) thanks in advance

  • Issue#780748: Lenovo - PowerDVD software download not on support site

    I'm an IT professional building a standard volume image for my faculty's new ThinkPad e560 machines. I need a download link for the version of PowerDVD 12 (Cyberlink) and related apps that are preloaded on the new laptops, but did not find it with the other software and driver downloads. These forums have multiple suggestions for Lenovo download URLs for this software, but the versions are machine-specific and refuse to install. Can you provide the correct version for e560?

  • Issue#787329: Lenovo - K4 Play store download issue

    Hi Team,I'm have recently upgraded to Android 6. From then I'm having issue with downloading apps. When even I trying to download error showing as insufficient storage. I have 20 GB of external storage. So, can you help how to change the downloads storage to external storage?

  • Issue#829593: Lenovo - Yoga 3 Pro tablet software bugs / issues

    I have some software issuesabd bugs..  Anyone have the same or know a way to solve the- ever time I restart the tablet, most icon and setting reset to default. - display auto brightness is either iresponsive or not working.  It act crazy - when you turn on the projector when watching a movie online or YouTube, page switch off and reset the player.  

  • Issue#845040: Lenovo - Yoga Tablet 2 - Touchscreen not workinga after Windows 10 Clean Install

    I did a clean install of Windows 10 on my Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 just now.  Copied all of the available drivers from the Lenovo site (but it didn't include a Touchscreen driver).  Now the following issues have arisen: 1. The Touchscreen is not working.  Further, there is no "Touch screen" device in the Mouse or the Human Interface Devices section of the Device Manager, so no ability to delete and reinstall. This is by far my biggest issue! 2. Seems to be a few unknown devices in the Other Devices section, how do I figure out what these are? Again, the touch screen not working is the biggest issue, and one several people seem to have with Lenovo devices after doing a clean install to Win 10 it seems. Please Help!