Issue#13180: Philips Hue related forum?

  • Can anyone point me to an official Philips Hue related forum? It doesn´t seem to be a part of this forum.


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#5070: Philips - HTS5593/12 Firmware Update Issue

    Hi All i have a Philips HTS5593/12 PT1A Model and i'm unable to upgrade my firmware. At the moment i'm on Firmware version 1.50 and i cannot upgrade to the latest firmware online or using USB. when i try to use USB, it says that verification failed. please help me with this.

  • Issue#11723: Philips Hue FIX: HomeKit bridge already paired by another user error

    If you have a Philips Hue system and have tried setting it up with HomeKit you may have run into the dreaded "HomeKit enabled bridge has already been paired by another user" error when trying to setup Siri voice control (give HomeKit access to your Hue bridge) from within the Philips Hue app. Philips has a way to reset just the HomeKit portion of your Hue Bridge without losing all of your hard-setup scenes or lights. The fix essentially sends a JSON command to your bridge. Because it's such a widespread error they have a dedicated page inside of Hue Labs that applies the fix for you. All you have to do is pair your Bridge to the Hue Labs website (this is a push-button affair: on the website and on your bridge). Then you can give Siri access to your Hue Bridge like it's supposed to work. Link discussing the issue: Bridge already paired by another user - fix needed | Philips Hue API Hue Labs fix link: HueLabs | Reset Siri voice control

  • Issue#12747: Philips - 5.1 sound issue.

    Hi, I have 49PUS7909/12 TV with Android. I have some old but good 5.1 home theatre system. I have bought 5.1 audio gear digital sound decoder to connect the TV and the home theatre. I am using optical cable between the TV and the decoder. And rca cables between the decoder and the home theatre. The problem is when I connect them, the system produces sound from CEN/SW and FL/FR. But no sound from SL/SR. I have tried to connect the same decoder and the home theatre to the PS4 and the sound is coming from all speakers. So I think the problem might be in the TV settings. Any help on this will be grateful. :) Best Regards.

  • Issue#13289: Philips - 40pfk6550 audio sync issue

    Hello, I have a problem with syncing the DD audio going to the receiver and the picture. it's out of sync. My TV is the 40pfk6550 and i have a creative dolby digital surround system z906 connected to the TV. The receiver is connected to the tv with an optical cable. and when i am watching cable TV the stereo audio is in sync. but when i use the dolby digital audio from the tv channel it is out of sync and i can not get it to sync. I have tried everything, it is a problem with the tv. i have the latest firmware. and i have reset the tv several times. and tried everything there is to try. als used a different receivers with te same result, different cable etc. I have a sony tv aswel and the receivers work fine on that tv with dolby digital audio. Please fix this issue philips.

  • Issue#15970: Acer - This forum is for Aspire Desktops. Please read if you have an issue with an Aspire Laptop.

    All, We've noticed a growing trend for posts regarding Aspire laptops in this forum. We apologize for any confusion that this has caused. We'll be taking corrective actions to get posts to the right placed, but this forum is dedicated to the discussion of Aspire Desktop products.   Posts for Aspire Laptops will be moved to the appropriate forum moving forward.   Thanks,Cory

  • Issue#18338: Philips - Hue Emulator + TV

    I'm trying to connect my Android 6550 Ambilight+hue TV to the Hue Emulator by SteveyO (Hue bridge emulator). Do you have any idea if the TV uses the same protocol to connect with the bridge as the regular apps or there is something else? Thanks!

  • Issue#20906: Philips - youtube app live channel issue

    suddendly the live channel are not working anymore on youtube app , I get this message This video is not available for this device report this error Iv6F6D1e9jQxVwKd to help for solving the problem . So what happen ? would be nice get an answer by philips staff My tv is PUS 7809 with latest fw , my country is Italy

  • Issue#24815: Logitech - Harmony Hub and Philips Hue - Lights off after delay

    Hi, When I turn off my devices (using the 'off' button) - it currently turns off my TV, Amp and all Philips Hue lights. I would like to:1) Only dim (say to 50%) the lights initially 2) After a period of time (say 30 seconds) - turn the lights off fully. Why:  Currently, when we turn off - you end up in the dark.   If I could add a delay before the lights turn off - then we'd have time to return the remote to it's cradle, pick up the dirty cups and leave the room before the lights go out. Is there any way to do this - and if so how ?   Or, how would I go about submitted this as an enhancement request ? thanksKent.

  • Issue#38707: Philips Hue Discussion

    I know there has been some discussion on this topic, but since this portion of the forum has been newly established I thought it might be good to have a single location to find information on one of the more commons entrants into the home automation space. Will update first post with more info. I recently purchased the v2.0 with HomeKit comparability. Setup was pretty straight forward, but the use of apps and interface is throwing me for a bit of a loop. I've setup some scenes through... Philips Hue Discussion

  • Issue#41774: Philips - Ambilight+Hue - Android HUE doesn't follow the ambilight colors

    I have a Smart tv 55PFS8109/12 and bought a Hue set. I have done everything to make the hue lights follow the ambicolors but it doesn't work. It works on Samsung phone using the app, there I see the colors changing but on the hue lights I can just pick a stationary color. Have you any idea what it could be?

  • Issue#45585: Philips - Video issue connecting HTD3510/12 to BDL3220QL

    I've a HTD3510/12 connected to a BDL3220QL using a HDMI to DVI cable. The screen is not displayed in 16:9 format but seems to be in 4:3, I didn't find any options to change it Many thanks in advance Paolo

  • Issue#48025: Philips - 55PUT6400 - Media Player issue

    The Media Player on Philips TV 55PUT6400 can't decode DIVX 5 video files with global motion compensation (GMC flag) and DIVX 3 low and fast motion (AVI container). How can I fix this issue?

  • Issue#59222: Ubnt - 5.6.3 Memory leak or other related issue present

    Since upgraded hundreds of our devices on the network from the 5.5.10 release to the 5.6.3 release we have seen a large up-tick in the number of stations that are associated to the network, pingable, but not reachable via SNMP, HTTP, or SSH. The stations continue to pass traffic but are not managable until they are power cycled. I've seen this form of lockup occur in real-time while performing iperf tests using the SSH client.

  • Issue#73492: Philips - 8000 series Hue & jointspace issues.

    Is jointspace broken in the current 8809 firmware? it's not possible to activate it on my mine using the code supplied by Philips. As far as I can tell it's supposed to work on this model. and then there's ambilight + hue, another thing which doesn't work properly on this broken TV. My hue setup works perfectly fine using the various apps for it but color me suprised that the TV is also not able to do this properly. According to to it half my hue lights are not powered on (which they obviously are).

  • Issue#77013: Corsair - Strafe RGB Keyboard & boot scrren related issue

    Bought my new CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Keyboard and CORSAIR KATAR Mice seperatly 3 hours ago. Plugged them both: the 2 keyboard usb plugs into 2 different 3.0 usb ports and the mice's usb plug in to the keyboards usb output (directly on the back of the keyboard) and installed the Corsair Utility Engine version 1.14.43. Started my STEAM to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the game had issues running... (Started since I first plugged my new Corsair stuff...) So I decided to Restart my computer see if it fixes anything itself. THE BOOT SCREEN TAKES 15 SECONDS TO GO ON usually takes 3 seconds. The Keyboard LED (DEFAULT) lights up but keyboard not functionnal... after a while I hear a BEEP from computer then the black screen takes 10 seconds stucking there to... then the keyboard finally wakes up to my personnalized LED preference and my monitor disconnect and reconnect from the HDMI input itself and THEN I finally reach my windows Logon screen... Takes 30 seconds inst

  • Issue#77453: Philips - iMac issue with SHB3165 Headphones

    Hi - my first post on the forum. i have purchased the Philips SHB3165 Bluetooth Headphones and have a problem with them listening trough my iMac computer. Every 5-10 seconds the sound skips.this happens on all music and podcasts. This doesn't happen with my iPad or iPhone however. Thanks in advance for any help...

  • Issue#81609: Philips hue on Apple watch

    Finally an app that I was waiting for! Philips hue just updated their app and it will work with the Apple watch Now I can turn my lights on and off without looking for my phone.

  • Issue#89193: BT: Issue since December with Infinity Broadband and telephone - possibly rain related

    I experience intermittent but regular drops outs to both my telephone and broadband service. It seems to happen most when it rains heavily.  I have had a visit from both a broadband and a telephone engineer who have failed to determine the root cause.  I also had a BT man with a stick (is that a job?) who waggled the over head cable which he said was fine. When I contact support they confirm they can see regular drops on the broadband.  However whenever they test the line they say it is fine - I'm not surprised as its an intermittent fault and only lasts a few mins at a time.  Try it in bad weather!  That's when I find the line is ling or completely dead.  People are telling us they can't get hold of us and we can't ring out. I have been through all the checks with BT support and it still has not been fixed.   I am now contacted by off shore BT nearly every day and basically they call me to arrange a call for the followin

  • Issue#89366: Philips - HTL9100 battery issue?

    Hi, I recently acquired a new HTL9100. Everything is working fine. However, I discovered that when I just power on the unit, the left speaker is charging (amber light), while the right speaker is not. Is it an indication that the left speaker battery is not retaining charges? I discovered that when I totally power off the speaker, the left and right speakers (connected back to the main unit) are flashing red light, are they still trying to sync with the main unit? Regards.

  • Issue#95115: Philips - 5500 Wifi Issue

    My 48FPK5500 always lose the connection to Wifi when I turn it on and I have to go through manual connection again !! or find an app like "viemo" which will ask me to connect to Wifi and then choice the network ...... Why the TV does not connect by it self after each run and I have to connect it manually :( ? Is there an option for that ?

  • Issue#100915: Issue with textures, might be related to UV map?

    My model is having issue with its textures, no matter what way it is rotated, it is showing weird dark patches The edges between light and dark appear to be along the UV seams. It did look perfectly fine in the HL model viewer though: I don't have a clue what the problem is Texture sample if that helps:

  • Issue#108367: Geforce - No signal issue after driver related freeze and reboot [GTX560Ti/Win10]

    This morning after turning the PC on and playing a game for a few minutes my computer froze and restarted itself. After Windows loading screen my display had no signal and rebooted again (by itself) after a moment. Safe Mode loaded up normally, I uninstalled all the graphic drivers through control panel and DDU, disabled Windows automatic driver download and Windows booted up as it should with default Windows display driver. But it loses signal and freezes every time when monitor should go blank for a few seconds during driver installation. I've tried newest which I've been running for a few days before this issue and some older which I used before for a few weeks. None work... Freez that happens pretty much cancels the driver installation and it boots up normally after with no driver. Also checked: PCI-E slot for dust etc, PSU voltages, different DVI ports, displays (LCD and CRT), cables, temp logs for GPU (never exceeded 70*C under load in non benchmark conditions), card for obvio

  • Issue#135169: Philips Seeking Beta Testers for Revamped 'Hue' App

    Philips Hue today tweeted an open call for beta testers to join in putting the company's new and overhauled lighting app through its paces. Users will help Philips "shape a whole new lighting experience" through the beta... Philips Seeking Beta Testers for Revamped 'Hue' App

  • Issue#135355: Philips Hue GU10's as Cabinet Downlighters

    Hi all. I'm smitten with my Hue kit and HomeKit toys just now. We are in the middle of a rebuild and i need some help regarding our kitchen cabinets. We want 3 downlighters under cabinets in the kitchen. You know, this type... Or the triangular version...... Philips Hue GU10's as Cabinet Downlighters

  • Issue#159214: Possible PSU related issue, not quite sure though

     "First off, system specs: Intel I7-5820K MSI X99A SLI Krait Edition Motherboard 32GB (4..."

  • Issue#165531: Logitech - iOS app : Unable to rearrange Philips Hue scenes

    Hello, I use the latest Harmony app on iOS 9.2.1.There is an issue whit the Philipps Hue scenes.It is impossible to rearrange them. Every time I do it and go back to the previous menu, it does not save the new sorting and goes back to the previous one when going back to the scenes. Is this issue going to be solved in a future release ? Thank you.

  • Issue#192768: Philips Hue Question

    Thinking about getting the Hue starter kit, but I want to make sure about a couple things, if anyone can lend their knowledgeable assistance. 1) Does it work for sockets on a three-way switch? 2) Can they ONLY be controlled by the app and no longer by a light switch? Or can you leave the light bulbs turned on in the app, but turn the physical light switch on and off as usual?

  • Issue#195606: Ubnt - Is this issue related to EdgeOS ?

    Earlier, our network had Microtiks in the core and we had 2 ISP feeds incoming which was load balanced on microtiks. We have two /22 , One /22 was set to use ISP1 and the 2nd /22 was set to use ISP2 load balanced download, but upload always from ISP1. Only when ISP1 goes down, upload immediately moves to ISP2. Earlier, when a ISP used to go down, customers did not even get 1 RTO. The BGP switch was almost within a nanosecond inside the microtik. Never ever a RTO happened.   But this week, we changed our core to Edge Router PRO and I find a very serious issue. We have received over 31 emails and over 191 calls complaining, that the internet goes dead for 3-5 minutes everyday like 2-3 times. For example, in last 2 days, ISP1 has been very unstable. It goes down for 2-3 times during the day. Thats when the RTO starts taking place and whole network goes down.  For example, right now, my network total load was 312Mbps (ISP1 - 180Mbps, ISP2 - 130Mbps)I

  • Issue#200898: Share your bright idea! Enter to win an Amazon Echo & Philips Hue Starter Kit!

    Hi SpiceHeads!We are giving away some smart prizes to make your life a little brighter. We want to hear about the life hacks and smart decisions you’ve made that have made your life easier. Whether you made the genius decision to label your power cables before server migration, using binder clips to fix keyboard feet, or choosing Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud—we want to know about it! Or maybe you were the genius that discovered this hackWhat spicy idea have you stewed up? (even if the outcome wasn't what you expected).Here's how to enter:Follow ourvendor pageto be entered to win aPhilips Hue Starter KitFill outthis formand share what has been your biggest and best bright idea to be entered towin an Amazon EchoThat's it, you're entered! Contest begins Feb. 29, 2016 at 12 noon CST and ends March 14, 2016 at 5 pm CST. Open only to...