Issue#1459: Philips - pft5500_ 12 standby problem

  • As the title says ... I have a problem with TV Android 40pft5500_12, whenever the TV is in standby with the remote control button poweroff, after a few hours of sandby if you try to turn on the same button of the remote control does not start, the LED Standby does some flashing but does not start.

    the only solution is to disconnect the power and start, or turn off the TV through rear button.

    is there any chance of solving the problem, which affects not only me, from what I read in the forum many people have the same problem.

    my configuration is this tv firmware (also with previous fw same defect)
    Italian user
    1tb external hd installed

    I await your response with possibly a fw update, since it was probably born somewhere Android app that wants to be awakened and for some reason does not start and the system crash TV, I think so because in reset condition the problem is not so prensent frequently

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    #771 - 10-Nov-2016 9:13

    I have the EXACT SAME issue, on the SAME TV.

    #772 - 10-Nov-2016 9:14

    And for the record, randomly works normally for hours, then it doesnt. this morning when i plugged it back in, the red LED faded in and out.

    #773 - 10-Nov-2016 9:14

    And for the record, randomly works normally for hours, then it doesnt. this morning when i plugged it back in, the red LED faded in and out.

    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    Hello. I purchased a TV 55pus7600 / 12 (a week ago) but since I upgraded to it I had problems . turning on the TV main screen appears ( Philips logo ) and you can not continue to use it unless I have to unplug it and try starting again because it does not respond either to the remote control nor the power button on the TV . What can I do to fix this? i don't speak English very well, please excuse me. Joker (i'm Italian)

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    Hi All i have a Philips HTS5593/12 PT1A Model and i'm unable to upgrade my firmware. At the moment i'm on Firmware version 1.50 and i cannot upgrade to the latest firmware online or using USB. when i try to use USB, it says that verification failed. please help me with this.

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    Hi, I have 49PUS7909/12 TV with Android. I have some old but good 5.1 home theatre system. I have bought 5.1 audio gear digital sound decoder to connect the TV and the home theatre. I am using optical cable between the TV and the decoder. And rca cables between the decoder and the home theatre. The problem is when I connect them, the system produces sound from CEN/SW and FL/FR. But no sound from SL/SR. I have tried to connect the same decoder and the home theatre to the PS4 and the sound is coming from all speakers. So I think the problem might be in the TV settings. Any help on this will be grateful. :) Best Regards.

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    Hello, I have a problem with syncing the DD audio going to the receiver and the picture. it's out of sync. My TV is the 40pfk6550 and i have a creative dolby digital surround system z906 connected to the TV. The receiver is connected to the tv with an optical cable. and when i am watching cable TV the stereo audio is in sync. but when i use the dolby digital audio from the tv channel it is out of sync and i can not get it to sync. I have tried everything, it is a problem with the tv. i have the latest firmware. and i have reset the tv several times. and tried everything there is to try. als used a different receivers with te same result, different cable etc. I have a sony tv aswel and the receivers work fine on that tv with dolby digital audio. Please fix this issue philips.

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    Hello, since the update yesterday I have been unable to use Nvidea Surround. I get the message Display connection error when I click on apply. The window I get is broken, and I have been through the steps of uninstalling, reinstalling, clean install, checking all my monitors are plugged into the correct ports. I am running SLI and the connection guide is useless. Please can you assist me.

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    suddendly the live channel are not working anymore on youtube app , I get this message This video is not available for this device report this error Iv6F6D1e9jQxVwKd to help for solving the problem . So what happen ? would be nice get an answer by philips staff My tv is PUS 7809 with latest fw , my country is Italy

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    I've been trying to enter smart tv but a message appears: complete smartv sign in, please switch your tv set off and on again. I tried everything like reset and erase the memory but nothing happenned, the message is still there. What can I do?

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    Hi, Bluetooth connection between my android device and 2 week old 3140b was very nice before. But today connection with both devices only success when 3140b on standby. Of course, then no sound because the soundbar is off but bluetooth connection is ok. How can i fix this.Thanks

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    Hello! There is some problem with the wifi. It's too weak and can't see any networks. This is a print screen from my laptop with a long list of networks. It is placed just next to the TV: And that is a photo of what networks the TV finds: I believe this is a firmware bug. Any ideas? Attached Thumbnails    

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    The Media Player on Philips TV 55PUT6400 can't decode DIVX 5 video files with global motion compensation (GMC flag) and DIVX 3 low and fast motion (AVI container). How can I fix this issue?

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    Hello, My TV currently has a tendancy to get corrupted & turn off after ~1 week of usage. The result is a failure to start and a standby LED that blinks twice every few seconds. This behaviour started after upgrading to the .63 FW, but it might also be hardware related (psu?). If I try connecting/disconnecting a few times it usually starts back up again, although I have had several days of powercycling attempts between successful startups. Resetting the TV to factory defaults did not help, I tried it, nor did upgrading to latest FW revisions. Can someone please send me the best firmware version for the 7xx8 series of TVs for me to downgrade to? You may decide yourself which is the best version because it is my last resort attempt to fix the tv before throwing it in the trash. I would also consider replacing the PSU myself (if it might be the psu) if someone could get me an ordercode and a website to order a replacement. BTW my TV was purchased in August 2013. I assume I should

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    Hello, I have the philips AW1000/10 and i have some issues with it. I could not find my usb Hard drive that is connected to my router all my music is on that disk But the biggest problem, When i turn the AW1000 on everything works fine, then i turned id off and wait for an hour or so, the AW1000 would not turn on. The led stays green, nothing worked, i need do disconnect the power cable so it would restart. Then it would power on and works perfect. Turning it of and wait a bit, same problem the AW1000 would not turn on.... I have the latest firmware Hope somebody could help me?

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    Hello. A while ago the Philips logo which is supposed to light up in white colour has shut down and the red receiver light does not function together with the remote either. No lights are working besides the ambilight on the back. TV itself works fine and i can switch it on/off from the button under the screen though. Odd thing is that however earlier when the philips light dissapeared, it worked again when i tilted the tv screen a bit forward and also if i touched the tv backside/around the area where the power cable is at. Then sometimes the light turned on right after doing so and worked for a while again, now nothing helps anymore, both the Philips logo and the red light for remote are not functioning, even if i try to tilt the screen. We had it at repair guys few months ago and they didn't say anything, just reinstalled the tv brain or something. Lights ´worked for a week only once it started again. We've only had it for one year. It's a Philips 6600 Series 48PFS6609/12 Wou

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    The problem is when you stop the subwoofer by the TV menu then the PHILIPS became unusable until you power it off which takes 40 seconds(much more than normal) - you can't switch HDMI1-HDMI2 and other sources or SMART menu. The problem exist in every update even the last one.

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    Hi All, When I try to connect to wifi with smart TV at my Philips HTB5150KD (sound bar), a message always appear : To complete the smart tv, please turn off your tv set and turn on again. I have followed the instruction, but it keep appear. Before, it's never happen like this and never change the setting. My TV set is Sony. Plesase tell me what to do. Thank you.

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    Hi - my first post on the forum. i have purchased the Philips SHB3165 Bluetooth Headphones and have a problem with them listening trough my iMac computer. Every 5-10 seconds the sound skips.this happens on all music and podcasts. This doesn't happen with my iPad or iPhone however. Thanks in advance for any help...

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    Hi! I have Philips htl3140s/12. I tried firmware update, but it doesn' t work. I followed the instructions, but nothing happens. Maybe the problem is that my usb is formated in fat32 format? I tried even to change name of file 3140.bin into 3140.BIN. Does anyone know how to upgrade to new firmware?

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    Hello everybody, I have a problem with my TV remote. 99% of the buttons doesn't work and some buttons make a wrong signal like this picture. I try to do a new pairing but it doesn't work... Please can you help me ? And please excuse my poor english... Thanks a lot ! Mathias. Attached Thumbnails  

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    Hi, I recently acquired a new HTL9100. Everything is working fine. However, I discovered that when I just power on the unit, the left speaker is charging (amber light), while the right speaker is not. Is it an indication that the left speaker battery is not retaining charges? I discovered that when I totally power off the speaker, the left and right speakers (connected back to the main unit) are flashing red light, are they still trying to sync with the main unit? Regards.

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    My 48FPK5500 always lose the connection to Wifi when I turn it on and I have to go through manual connection again !! or find an app like "viemo" which will ask me to connect to Wifi and then choice the network ...... Why the TV does not connect by it self after each run and I have to connect it manually :( ? Is there an option for that ?

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    Hi, After being inactive for a while the soundbar automatically goes on standby mode. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Thanks! Paul

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    Hello Philips TV Forum! Philips TV 48PFT5500/12 is connected to home theater Philips BTD7170/12 via HDMI1 ARC. As a result, settings will be lost in home theater (Trable, Bass, Clock time). In sound support forum believes that the cause of the TV. Is it possible to solve the problem in any way? Detailed description of the problem is here: Regards, Juri

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    Going up to a box to loot it and I get stuck in a twitchy state as my character tries and tries again to center himself before going through the animation. It also did this in the closed beta as well, its done it to me with my stash, its also done it to me with the computer keyboard you activate for Faye Lau in the first medical mission. Here's a clip of it I've found that if I let up on square and push and hold it again, it normally corrects itself. But why should I have to do this just to open something? It should be seamless. The second issue i'm not sure if its a bug, but I do find it extremely annoying. When there's an object behind you (for example a taxi) and I am aiming down the sights of a weapon. If I back up against the taxi, it swaps which shoulder I'm looking over automatically. Why? it's done it to me several times. I understand the times I back up and my character vanishes as the camera is going through me. But why does

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    Dear all, Please refer to the following images. Every time i applied the 'color edit' (3 ways color corrector) to the adjustment layer on my full video clip, something like this happened.... The color in the whole video clip is ''bouncing'' and i couldnt fix it... Then i have to '1by1' apply the color corrector to each footage .... Any idea what is going wrong ? 

  • Issue#166459: Philips - 7000 series 3d motion problem

    Please fix this, 3d is broken. 2D to 3D conversion works ok, but other 3D options are broken - left and right images are not in sync and it is very noticeable during fast motions.

  • Issue#168708: anyone with trust issue problem?

    how do you cope with it? always giving me anxiety over small things.

  • Issue#177494: Philips - Bluetooth problem with Fidelio E5

    Hi, Since recently I have a problem with using my Fidelio E5 speakers in the Bluetooth mode. I turn it on, connect with the device (iPad, iPhone or MacBook) turn on the music to listen to it through the speakers and it is ok for about 4 to 5 min. Then suddenly the Fidelio E5 go back into the Optical mode ( I assume this is the optical mode as instead of the blue light signifying Bluetooth connection it turns on the white light). I can of course reconnect but then it happens again. Any idea how to deal with it? I tried to reset the system by pressking the Reset button on the remote for 5 seconds but nothing happens. I also disconnected the power for some time and turned back on but no change. Please advise how can this be fixed. This is very annoying considering the fact I decided to buy the Fidelio E5 not only for its TV audio capabilities but for the wireless connection to mobile devices allowing me to listen to music. Please reply as soon as possible. Any advice out there? Cheer