Issue#146368: Giffgaff - openSUSE Linux: 3G dongle settings?

  • Does anyone know the required mobile net. config. settings for openSUSE Linux (PC) please? I have a Huawei E169 3G MDD The wizard has only O2 not Giffgaff. There is a mandatory field for 'Network ID' which accepts only numbers with at least 5 digits.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#212772: Giffgaff - Mobile internet will not work. Is this a phone settings issue

    As title really.

  • Issue#438179: Giffgaff - Just purchased Apple Mac and require settings for a dongle

    Please help have purchased an Apple Mac computer and cannot get my dongle to work please send me the guide to set up my giffgaff dongle.

  • Issue#632004: Linux - openSuSE Leap 42.1 static IP address won't ping router; all settings look correct.

    Hello all, I've spent the better part of this day trying to find answers and Google just isn't what it used to be, at least not for me. I have a Lenovo P50 for work, and I put openSuSE on it. I have working WiFi and Ethernet adapters, and can get on the Internet just fine on either as long as I use DHCP. Unfortunately, as I am a network administrator at work, I often need to manually set an IP address for my machine. I did this once this morning, successfully, and was able to administer a small managed 10-port DLink switch. However, I later tried the same methods to administer a Cisco 5508 AP controller and could get nowhere. Thinking it was the controller or my link to it, I reconnected to the production network and gave myself an appropriate address for that subnet, trying different addresses when it didn't work (and verified with nmap ping scan that each one wasn't in use beforehand). Nothing allowed me to ping anything other than localhost. I looked up on Google to make sure

  • Issue#720001: Giffgaff - Issue with notification settings?

    As you can see, I have all notifications turned off so why have I started getting emails for @mentions this morning? Just a brief glitch perhaps?Any one else? Just as a test I'll @mention myself ï»¿ and see if that generates an email. I'll be back... Edit: Perhaps @mentioning yourself doesn't produce anything unless notifications are completely up tthe spout.

  • Issue#800257: Giffgaff - 2 SIM card issue - phone and dongle

    I ordered a second SIM to use in an internet dongle. I activated it and then bought a gigabag - expecting to be asked which SIM I wanted to add it to - but I wasn't asked this and now I am worried that I have somehow messed up my account and lost my phone service.... I want to have one SIM for my phone (goodybag) and one SIM for my dongle (gigabag) - both on the same account. How do I do this?

  • Issue#2293: Linux - network settings greyed out slackware

    hi guys, how come when i go to settings network manager i can add an ethernet network but i cant edit anything...i also have no network manager / icon in my panel on xfce. this doesnt make a difference whether im logged on as a user or root

  • Issue#5738: Ubuntu - Linux Mint issue

    How do I use a folder for desktop slide show instead of all pictures?

  • Issue#7586: Unity - Issue with platform settings, changes not applied

    Unity 5.3.1 on Mac, trying to do this: "To fix this you must select the file in the plugins/ios folder. Once you select it you can enter a value in Compiler flags. Put -fno-objc-arc. Another new feature of Unity 5 is that you can now specify additional frameworks that are needed by the plugin. You do this by opening the Rarely used frameworks section and checking the CoreBluetooth framework. " However when I tick the CoreBluetooth framework or enter the compile... Issue with platform settings, changes not applied

  • Issue#12983: Giffgaff - APN settings on huawei y3

    I have just bought an Huawei Y3 and put a new giffgaff sim in. But the apn shows a O2 entry which has wrong settings and i cannot edit it. Also i cannot save a new apn, it lets me but it never shows in the list..... Any ideas on how i get the settings right? Ta

  • Issue#13096: Giffgaff - Goodybag issue

    Payed for it and haven't received it

  • Issue#13099: Giffgaff - GIFF GAFF GOODY BAG ISSUE

    HI, I've just purchased a new goody bag as mine had run out. My 4g is flashing and now the internet logo is H and the arrows are flashing to signal there is a connection but i still cant connect to anything, so i have not internet connection, Any help would be appreciated? Im in the Dartford Kent area and I dont believe there are any signal losses

  • Issue#13212: Giffgaff - Galaxy s6 front camera black line issue

    Hi guys my s6 has started showing a black line on all photos taken with the front camera, seems to be somthing on the lesns or an issue with the lens itself.  The phone was purchased from giffgaff about 10 weeks ago, whats my next steps? Thanks in advance. ï»¿ï»¿

  • Issue#13597: Giffgaff - Any chance of help over the signal issue

    Any chance of help over the no signal issue in Ellesmere Port are of town centre up to Xmas great reception and signal since then no signal or so times 1 bar then that diappears have complained bitterly to o2 via there on line complaint have done it many times but nothing's changed have had my phone checked nothing wrong there either any one at gifgaf help with this issue with o2???????.

  • Issue#13599: Giffgaff - getting badly narked off as cant get any answers to the issue im trying to solve. need th

    Lost phone, cancelled. got virgin sim n cheap crappy phone. got giff gaff sim other day and put 10 on it. sim faulty, got new phone today (unlocked and ready) put 10 voucher on it - still cant use it. thats 20 ive put on 2 sims and cant get calling, i want to know if a)when new sim activated how do i pass the other 10 pound on faulty sim over.Im not getting any answers and need my phone so badly.ive been delighted with giff gaff but now there are problems I cant seem to find how to resolve them saer

  • Issue#14046: Linux - openSuse Leap installer gets stuck or doesn't load

    I have been preparing to perform a major upgrade and HDD replacement at the same time. While waiting for the hardware to arrive, I have been downloading and burning all the iso's that I expect to need. I have downloaded the openSuse Leap X86-64 iso twice and the boot from dvd fails at the same place each time. -checksums ok, -media boots and verify media ok when done in a different machine -openSuse 13.2 i586 DVD gets to the partitioning part of the install at which point I bail out. When booting from the Leap x64 DVD there is a green progress bar that runs along the bottom of the screen. It gets stuck when that reaches 100%. I left it for 20 minutes last night just in case it was a bit slow. Does any one know which point in the start up this or is there any way to get some verbose messages up on the screen so that I can see what is happening? At this point I am suspecting that something in my machine does not like 64 bit even though the CPU (Pentium D 820) and chipset (intel

  • Issue#14424: Giffgaff - I can't get online with gif gaff, I've attempted to change my settings but they seem wron

    Hi, new user, I'm attempting to go online with Giff gaff, I have followed all the settings on the site for android phones but it still doesn't work, help!! Please.  

  • Issue#15386: Giffgaff - what issue are giff gaff having with incorrect card details

    hi ive been trying to get a phone and goodie bag all day and so far all i get is incorrect card details i have asked agent and all i get is that i am one off the people going through this issue on there end what is the actual issue i carnt get an answer from anywhere and im starting to get realy dissapointed with giff gaff as i am curently without a phone and all my friends/family are on giff gaff and say that it is great please help

  • Issue#17766: Giffgaff - I need my lenovo a806 settings text

    Can anyone help

  • Issue#17956: Giffgaff - No 3G connection, is there a coverage issue?

    Can't connect to 3G network since yesterday. Thought I had no more data left for the month but saw that I had 290mb left for 2 days. Tried restarting iphone 6 and checking network configurations but still not working. Anybody know why?

  • Issue#18055: Giffgaff - So i've updated all my APN settings, turn off wifi to test, and I get no signal? but call

    I've deleted all other APNs, added a new one with updated settings, turn wifi off to test, i get no signal found? but can make and receive calls ok?

  • Issue#18057: Giffgaff - Transfer number page issue in Chrome

    One for the Giff Gaff Web Dev Team:There appears to be an issue in Chrome when submitting the transfer a number page: I attempted to submit the form on this page last night and nothing happened. No error message nothing etc. So I tried again this morning at work and I got the same (at home I'm on v48 and at work i'm on v47).Upon trying in Firefox (v43.04) the form submits fine.Thought I'd give you a heads up in case other people are experiencing the same issue in Chrome.Regards,Damian

  • Issue#18177: Giffgaff - Internet settings

    Hi! Please, tell me somebody, how to set the Internet on my phone. Have 4G Android and Goodiebag for 10£ over a week, but still can't access to Internet.Thanks!

  • Issue#19681: Giffgaff - APN Settings Are Incorrect and I Cannot Change Them

    I'm using my Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, I just got it back from being repaired. I went to my APN settings and found that GiffGaff now automatically have the information entered. My network wasn't working despite this, I noticed the 'Server' field was blank, it's meant to have something entered there. I cannot edit it.I tried creating a new APN but it won't allow me to select it (I saved it.) I tried deleting the other one but nothing happens. I'm not sure what else to do at this point. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Issue#19888: Giffgaff - No contact for 24 hours on issue

    Trying to send complaint emailAnd keep getting bounce back mail saying added incorrect even after I've changed aEm so and resent . Not getting any response to my last 5 mails to giffgaff

  • Issue#20103: Giffgaff - send sms messages from S6 and have found (and tried) THREE different settings for same ph

    Can not send SMS messages from my S6 and so far I have found and tried THREE different settings on here for the same phone. If only one of them would work . All my other phone settings appear to be OK. ie. Mobile data etc.I am now begining to dispair.

  • Issue#21184: Giffgaff - Samsung Galaxy S6 edge APN settings

    Hello, I am unable to send and receive picture messages on my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. I have credit on my account and was able to do it on my previous phone a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. I have the Internet and that works fine just not the mms side. I've played with the APN settings with things I've found on the Internet but nothing seems to work. Please Help.

  • Issue#24581: Giffgaff - Internet connection issue

    Dear all, Currently using £15 goodybag. For several months, as I am out and about for work etc. the internet connection is intermittent at best. Yes i can connect via WiFi at tube stations, rail stations etc. However the fundamental problem is I do not have "consistent access" to the internet.  Phone is an LG G3 so no issues there. Done the turn on - turn off phone routine. Travelling on a bus in daytime; coming home from work on the overground train  - it's the same thing. So before leaving,  can someone convince me why I should remain with giffgaff (yes I already know it's cheaper etc) as opposed to going back to a contract with another provider who can offer what I want i.e. consistent access to the internet. 

  • Issue#25516: Giffgaff - Am I allowed to use goodybags on a dongle.

    Looking to buy goodybags £15 (4gb) I would like to know if I am allowed to use this on a dongle. If yes, Any info on settings will be helpful.Thanks.

  • Issue#25824: Giffgaff - APN settings on HTC one M8

    Hi i am setting up APN settings on my HTC one M8. What is the APN type? And what is the Authentication type?