Issue#159: Sony - dark shadow / stain on SONY KDL 46V-3000 screen

  • hello,

    I have an old SONY KDL 46V-3000 and recently I've noticed this dark shadow / stain on it, does anyone know what this is and if there's a cheap fix ? I think it's getting worse, I was watching a movie the other night and I kept noticing it. Note that in the following picture, the yellow ball is the camera's flash, you can see the stain beside it (it actually has two parts, looks a bit like a fold of cloth):

    I know the TV is very old but I'd like to keep it at least 1 more year...thanks for any help !

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  • Issue#724952: Sony - Bravia kdl -32w55/57xx screen always dark unrepsonsive to brightness or contrast controls

    Can anyone help with this poor picture quality problem ?nothing to do with aerial or digi box .

  • Issue#948291: Sony - ISSUE WITH MY KDL-55W850A AFTER 2 YEARS - SCREEN GOES BLANK SPEND 60000 to fix

    Hi, we are a fan of brand SONY for long years and now that is lost being facing bad experiences with SONY products. We have a TV KDL-55W850A which went on blank screen recently and it’s just above two years and now the service guy who came to inspect is saying that it costs 60000 which is just near half price we paid to buy it and it’s very bad to see this SONY product going bad. We bought TV, PlayStation and Blu-ray player all with trust in SONY. One of my cousins also had spending lot of money on repairs. This is a huge drawback for us where we earn just enough amounts and the price is TV is our two months income. And now just in 2years we have to spend 60000 more on it. This is very bad experience for us which are making us to think on SONY product quality. Please provide some reasonable alternatives for customers in case of such issues. Thank you.

  • Issue#58156: Sony Bravia KDL-52WL135 Vertical Lines Issue

    Hi everyone, First time poster here and I need some help with my sony bravia KDL-52WL135. I previously replaced the FB1 (main video) board due to no picture or sound when turning on the set and the TV worked great for many months after replacing it. However, now there is green vertical lines spanning across the display as shown in the attached picture. I've tried replacing the T-Con board thinking it had an issue but the result remained the same. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be? Perhaps its the replacement FB1 board acting up? Thanks for any suggestions. Attached Thumbnails  

  • Issue#78556: Sony - KDL-43W809C issue after Feb update

    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue, since latest firmware update feb 2016, we get no sound and remote unresponsive after being in standby for a while, have to reboot the tv to get it to work, have read other people with this and seems to be a common issue, have emailed Sony but was wondering if there is any fix? Thanks again Chris

  • Issue#82371: Sony - Please Help (Sony TV KDL-46Z4100) Pixel Issue

    Please Help....I have a Sony to model KDL-46z4100 and have been playing video games on it. I fear and believe that the screen has "burned in" with some of the pixels as in the upper right corner the screen is dark black in spots. and that I will need someone to come out to repair it. I am also unsure as to if there is still a warranty on the television. Please help. Lastly, does anyone know usually how much it would cost to repair the pixel issue? Thanks. 

  • Issue#108747: Sony - XBR65X810C Just bought 5 days ago. Screen went dark last night. What happened?

    Watching a movie and a white vertical line appears on left side of screen.  We change the channel.  Turn TV on and off but the white vertical lines is still there.  We press home on the sony remote and screen goes dark blue and some sedate music is plaing in the back ground.  Tried to reboot.  Unplugged tec etc etc.  Nothing helped.  What happen?  Brand new  5days out of the box

  • Issue#122085: Sony - KDL-43W808C problem with LCD screen panel

    I purchased Sony bravia model - KDL-43W808C last Saturday in Tbilisi, Georgia, alta ( When I first turned the TV on, the colors were all messed up, especially at the top left corner, but when I brought it to the SONY service center today (in Tbilisi), the color problem at the top left corner escalated even more and even though it didn't show up on the surface, when they turned the TV on it looked like the corner was ed underneath the screen. After they saw the problem, they informed me that the warranty didn't cover the damage like that.Also I should point out that the Serial NO on the TV and on the box didn't match.Can you please help or advise me what should I do?

  • Issue#127276: Sony - Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0E screen issue - links to pictures

    Hi, Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0EModel: PCG-11211M Computer has worked fine yesterday in the morning.In the evening it looked like atachment few minutes it changes to From the sounds it lloks like it boots as always - just no screen. Can anyone please help to recognize the issue and estimate the chance for fix?Thank you very much for all feedback.   Regards,

  • Issue#127397: Sony - Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0E [all in one] screen issue - links to pictures

    Hi, Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0EModel: PCG-11211M Computer has worked fine yesterday in the morning.In the evening it looked like atachment few minutes it changes to From the sounds it lloks like it boots as always - just no screen. Can anyone please help to recognize the issue and estimate the chance for fix?Thank you very much for all feedback.   Regards,

  • Issue#169659: Sony - Sony Bravia KDL-27FA400 Screen goes black, then the picture will return momentarily, then go

    I have a Sony Bravia KDL-37FA400.  When the TV is turned on the picture is fine.  After it has been on and warmed up the picture will fade to a black screen, then the picture will reappear, then fade again. What is wrong with the display, or is it my TCom Board, or something else.  Please help!!Thank you, Laurel

  • Issue#206967: Sony - New Youtube app issue in KDL-55HX850

    Whenever I try to open the New Youtube App in my Sony TV(KDL-55HX850), i face 2 issues. 1. Sometimes It tells memory is too low to open the page. This issue was not seen when I was using old Youtube app. Now that old App is not supported. How to increase the internal memory here?2. sometimes TV Resets when then it displays any videos.Not worth for the Rs 1.8lakh amount I payed 3 yrs back for this tv if youtube doesn't work.

  • Issue#220990: Sony KDL 46S4100 Stripe on screen

    I have this Sony KDL46S4100 i have fixed with A Board and T-con board,now i have A stripe wide stripe when Metal frame is on the screen panel when i take off the metal frame have a thin stripe. Anybody can advise.

  • Issue#230190: Sony - My Blu ray screen picture is too dark

    My Blu ray picture is too dark. How can this be adjusted?  Thanks!

  • Issue#243226: Sony - Screen Mirroring Sony KDL 40W700C and Sony Xperia SP smaprtphone

    Hello,  I bought Sony KDL 40W700C TV and I have Sony Xperia SP smaprtphone. When I try screen mirroring, 90% of the time the mirroring fails. If at all the mirroring works after repeated attempts, it disconnects without lasting even for one minute.can any one help me solve this problem? What could be the problem? If the mirriong does not work amongs  Sony products its then whats the use of such feature.  Thanks.    

  • Issue#277617: Sony - my klv-32t550a has white shadow lines blocking half bottom of the screen

    my klv-32t550a has white shadow lines blocking half bottom of the screen 

  • Issue#330563: Sony - Hot spot on edge of screen Bravia KDL 46HX 820, near power switch. Lines on screen

    On the edge of the scrren, about 150mm above the bottom Right corner, there is a small green spot, very hot to touch, near the power switch. On the screen there are small black lines, particularly in the area above where the hot spot isWhat is this? Repairable?

  • Issue#376095: Sony - KDL-55W800c stuck on update screen

     I bought a new KDL-55W800c Sony TV and I went through the initial setup without any issues. About 3hrs into using the TV it went off by itself. Ever since it acted irrationally. I was told to do the firmware upgrade by a Sony service rep. I started the update it went to a screen that shows a "do not unplug" symbol and a rotating arrow. It's been stuck on that screen for over 5 hours and I can't get it to do anything(rotating arrow stopped after 30mins). The light at the bottom of the screen started out flashing white and eventually turned to a solid blueish purple. I have power cycled over and over with the same outcome! What can I do next to make it finish the updater? Thanks -Ladi

  • Issue#383147: Sony - On the Sony KDL-50W800C Netflix has failed - App goes to a black screen

    On the Sony KDL-50W800C Netflix has failed - App goes to a black screen Power Cycling does not work. Pressing home and then going to the Netflix Icon causes a black screen. Internet is Hardwired, Cable TV works, and Netflix was working previously.,.  Any suggestons?  Edt: Resolved through Netflix support - unplug TV for one minute, press power button on remote to flush system.  TV did not immediately restart, but eventually did. 

  • Issue#416858: Sony - Support issue,KDL-43W950D

    MODEL:KDL-43W950DCan I play 3D movie using Pendrive ?Can I play or will it support 4k movies using HDD/Pendrive,I mean can I see 4K movies in this TV ?Is it true that This TV takes time to boot ?Will I have to replace motherboard if there is a powercut when software update is in process,because many customers mentioned this?

  • Issue#421299: Sony - Screen mirroring wireless issue

    I have a bravia, full hd, 40 inch, internet TV.....i screen mirrored it with mobile and PC (Dell inspiron, 13 inch, windows 10). For mobile it works fine…for pc the wireless screen mirroring has some problem…the screen trickles and stops some time for 2-3 second ……I guess the problem is with connectivity ……how can I solve this..please comment.... P.S- i want to avoid HDMI cable at any cost...

  • Issue#433111: Sony - KDl-43W950D Memory Loss Issue.....

    Sony Bravia KDL-43W950D 108cm This TV has Anroid OS with 16GB,among which 8GB usable.If memory damages,will my TV carryon for sports or serial using Dish TV cable ?

  • Issue#434604: Sony - My Sony KDL 52w4100 has lines that run over the screen and keep getting worse. I see others a

    My Tv has lines running through the screen and are getting worse.  Now they are mid screen near the top so are usually on the face of the actors.  I see others are having the same issue.  Is there a recall for this?

  • Issue#446505: Sony - Sony TV KDL46Z4100 screen goes dark.

    I WAS a loyal Sony customer.  Believed tha name meant quality and  customer service. NO MORE.     This is the last Sony TV I will  ever buy. This TV goes dark, then darker, and then is unwatchable.  I paid a lot for this TV  and it was a good for a short time. But, based on all of the complaints for this model on the internet,  the lack of repair parts,  and the snotty replies from Sony service I have lost confidence in the Sony name.  I will throw this expepensive box in the trash and buy a Samsung.  I already have purchased one and will buying another one soon.  Goodby Sony.K A Dec

  • Issue#457397: Sony - The LCD screen and viewfinder issue

    The LCD screen and viewfinder on my new A77II go dark when I tried shooting on manual with a fixed ISO 100, f 11 and 1/125 and using an external flash in a studio. I was not able to see at all what I wanted to shoot, even though the studio was not at all dark. M.M. -2.0 appears on the screen, which is the metering mode, but I have no way of changing it to be able to see through the LCD/VF. Taking photos blindly, the images come out just fine, like I would need them. But I need to see what I´m shooting at just as with a normal viewfinder and not how the image would turn out!! Nikon and Canon cameras had no problem with this. Help!

  • Issue#461001: Sony - Bravia KDL-32-EX420 screen goes blank and Audio is lost randomly

    I have a Sony Bravia EX42 TV Set, recently I have observed this issue that while TV is on the screen goes black and audio is lost intermittenly and comes back after a few seconds. Its really annoying to watch television this way. I have tried changing the HDMI Cables and the HDMI Devices that Stream Content to the TV example from Hometheater, Apple TV, Tata Sky Set top box, but the issue persists. For HD Streaming I have ensure that the TV and Tata Sky are set to same resolution. Any suggestions on what else can be done.

  • Issue#463500: Sony - My Bravia (KDL-50W755c) stuck on the input screen, remote not responding

    Hi, I'm experiencing some issues with ma brand new Bravia (KDL-50W755c). if the tv have been turned off for while it stuck on the input screen when turned on and neither the remote nor the buttons on the back are responding. The only way to bypass the input screen is by using the smartphone android app with the remote tool or by removing the power connector. No device is connected to the tv by the way. 

  • Issue#473282: Sony - KDL-40WD653 BBC apps issue

    I have a KDL-40WD653 (2016 model). It has an issue whereby after loading one of the BBC apps a few times (e.g. the iPlayer app), subsequent attempts to start the app results in a brief loading animation followed by a black screen, and then nothing else. I can exit out by pressing the HOME button, but I have to power off at the wall to get the BBC apps working again. I have noticed a Sony issue announcement: - however it makes no mention of what issue the announcement relates to. Does anyone know what specific issue the Sony announcement relates to, and is there an easier way to "reboot" the TV than powering off at the wall? Thanks.

  • Issue#476438: Sony - KDL-43W755C: Black screen problem

    My parents have an Android TV model KDL-43W755C with black screen issues, no antena coverage. Problem temporarily goes away after shutting down, wait then turn on the TV. Does the latest firmware version 3395 solve this problem??? I'm hesitant to update the firmware after problems with version 3.317 from 17. february 2016.

  • Issue#485017: Sony - Glowing blueish-white light that flashes up from the bottom middle of the screen (KDL-65W850C

    I have a Bravia KDL-65W850C. There has been a glowing blue light which flashes into the lower 25% of the picture (shaped like a half moon). The flash lasts for about 1 second and can occur SEVERAL times an hour. Typically it occurs a few times a day. It happens when watching TV (via HDMI), Netflix, Amazon, other Apps, other input source such as a PS4 (via HDMI), streaming video over my LAN or playing video via the USB port. It seems to occur more frequently when streaming video over my local network or playing video via the USB port. It occurs with the same frequency for both native Android capability and 3rd party Apps such as KODI, VLC, Archos, etc. Self-Diagnostics indicate that everything is OK.The TV has been updated with the latest Android version. This issue has increasingly become a giant nuisance. Any help is greatly appreciated!