Issue#21506: Why can I not post or reply to any threads in the beta sub forum?

  • Played the beta for a couple of hours before work this morning, and was looking forward to coming onto the forums to discuss the beta with other players, but when I go to the beta sub forum it says I have no privileges? Like I said before, I've already played the beta and have had the game preordered and everything, but for some reason that forum is the only one that I cannot post or reply to. I preordered a digital copy through the Xbox Live store, so I didn't need a beta code or anything to get my access, so if there's anyone else out there that is having the same issue please leave a reply, and tell how you preordered/ got access to the beta, and maybe we can identify a common denominator.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#617500: Unity - How to reply to a forum post?

    Ok, so it's late, past 11pm.... I'm want to reply to a few of the job opportunities on the forum's job sections, but... Every post I visit, has no reply buttons, and at the bottom only mentions: (Please see the restrictions for replying to this post) I've scanned the page carefully, but don't see a way to reply to the postings. Any thoughts?

  • Issue#972208: EA - Why cant i post or reply on the forum?

    On the Bioware Forum i cant post anything or reply. Please help.  

  • Issue#1096288: EA - No Option for FIFA 17 BETA Forum, so I'll post it here.

    FUT17 beta is no longer playable for me. Here is why.   THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC. BUT..... I went into the new game mode squad building after all my free packs and manager tasks packs and 2 free fut drafts ignorant of the fact that upon completion of a squad builder, you lose all 1-11 players for 2-player pack rewards. That warning should be made more obvious even though it is there. (I checked on my new unplayable club) I had no squad and decided I would start over. So I deleted my club. Upon starting up I had a new bronze starter squad (As Always) HOWEVER, I have no free packs, no fut draft tokens, no squad capable of playing fut champions, and no manager tasks. (Season mode is unavailable). Now my FUT 17 beta is unplayable. I called up EA who told me this might be a huge beta glitch and told me to come here for help. I don't know if this is fixable on my account or whether I can have my account's beta terminated and reimbursed on a new account so I can start over and be able

  • Issue#1107827: EA - I have an issue getting into the Beta Forum for past 4 days

    hi,    FIFA 17 is amazing so far enjoying my BETA access but have some suggestions and found several bugs and need to submit to the forum    however i cannot access it , i am IT professional so already tried changing browser , cleared my cache - still no go   please help   Best,   Blaze    

  • Issue#1115687: EA - How can I post something in the Fifa 17 Closed Beta Forum?

    How can I post something in the Fifa 17 Closed Beta Forum? I can not see the topics below!

  • Issue#1168121: Project CARS - Where is that forum post with links to all SMS car info threads?

    A couple months ago I saw a compilation post from someone who had links to all the posts from SMS devs giving in-depth info on how the DLC vehicles came to creation. What info they got from the car manufacturers etc. Can someone link that thread please? And even better, make it sticky. :)

  • Issue#2667: Apple Seeds iOS 9.3 Beta 1.1 to Developers With Fix for Installation Issue

    Apple today seeded a minor 1.1 update for the iOS 9.3 beta that was provided to developers earlier this week to fix a few critical bugs that needed to be immediately addressed. The iOS 9.3 Beta 1.1, build 13E5181f, is available as an over-the-air update and... Apple Seeds iOS 9.3 Beta 1.1 to Developers With Fix for Installation Issue

  • Issue#8591: Geforce Experience BETA share option have ISSUE with MSCONFIG

    Hi, I have Geforce experience Beta I had an issue with msconfig.exe that dont show up (but visable in task manager). I decide to format everything (6yrs the last time I did it, so I have to do anyway). MSCONFIG worked fine after fresh install, but when I have try again 10min ago, same Issue. I knew that a software did that, it wasnt my ramdisk, I have disabled the SHARE option in GFE and I was able to use msconfig.exe again! [b]So GFE using SHARE option block MSCONFIG.EXE to show up.[/b] Please fix it :) thanks!

  • Issue#15970: Acer - This forum is for Aspire Desktops. Please read if you have an issue with an Aspire Laptop.

    All, We've noticed a growing trend for posts regarding Aspire laptops in this forum. We apologize for any confusion that this has caused. We'll be taking corrective actions to get posts to the right placed, but this forum is dedicated to the discussion of Aspire Desktop products.   Posts for Aspire Laptops will be moved to the appropriate forum moving forward.   Thanks,Cory

  • Issue#19643: Beta key issue [ps4] - ubi pls help!

    the following: i ordered 'tom clancy's the division' game twice (collector's edtition from amazon & gold editon from gamestop..that's like $250 right there) and used the unique beta code i got from one of my preorders (either from amazon or gamestop..don't remember). i then followed the given instructions and entered the code on and received the beta access code two days ago - problem: it's not working! when i try to enter the code on the us-psn store it gives me the following error message: 'the code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid'. well, i used the exact same code as listed under 'beta access' in my uplay account management section though (btw, code's not showing up in my account anymore since yesterday for whatever weird reason). i immediately tried to contact chat support, but it's not working either - it always redirects me back to send out a support ticket. so k, i did that instead and opened a ticket..but +48 hours later s

  • Issue#20072: Cant post any more threads or replies,help!!

    I posted a thread on the bug report forum, a ubi guy asked me for more info, now it saying i cant post more threads or replies, it says im not allowed now, but i dunno why, how can i reply about the bug i found when it wont let me, help

  • Issue#20075: Please post in Beta forums for anything Beta related! <- Is this a joke or is there..

    ...something else wrong with the Forum Software here? Quote: If you could please post anything Beta related in that section, that would help us tremendously. Thanks! I wish I could but I just went there and I can`t create a Thread for a Game-breaking Bug that literally makes your Char get stucked amd afterwards you aren`t able to move. Reloading the Game on your X-Box nothing at all since the Game will of course reload your Save and again Respawn you at the exact same place. So here are my two Questions: Q1: Why are you telling us to go somewhere else when we can`t post there at all? Q2: How can I get my Char in the current X-Box One Beta get unstucked? I assume that if there is no way to get unstucked I will just have to restart the hole Char which more or less would mean for me to just remove the hole Game and rethink if I will go with the Xbox One Version instead of the PC One instead if it does have an unstuck Command. Thanks for your Help in this has

  • Issue#20245: Forum Permissions for Closed Beta Forum

    Hi! I've been trying to post some feedback in regards to the Closed Beta. However, I do not have the permissions to post, reply, etc in the The Division Closed Beta forum. Is there a way to get permissions to post please?

  • Issue#21132: Unable to gain Beta access - or post in Beta forums (that is why I am posting here)

    Wow. This has just all been nightmarishly difficult. Like many similar people I preordered The Division (Best Buy) and they did their part quickly getting me an access code that I was supposed to enter on Ubi's site, I did so and the site's message said I would receive a message with further instructions later - the email never came. I checked my inbox and my spam with no luck. Additionally I went into the Beta Access section of my Uplay account and it showed I have no pending Beta access. This led to me going to Ubi-support a couple of days ago and emailing them regarding the issue. Today when I'd still received no response I went to check Ubi-support and when I went to my sent request it showed I'd sent no request so I re-sent the request (years in tech support have taught me to always keep copies of anything I send in case it needs to be re-sent) but it is still not showing in my sent request. I have to assume there is a problem with my Uplay account even though it allows me to lo

  • Issue#21251: Logitech Create's dastardly key-dropping issue fixed in iOS 9.3 beta 2

    When I picked up my iPad Pro last November, I went with Logitech's Create Smart Connector keyboard, but with the release of iOS 9.2, a strange thing occurred: the Create stopped being able to communicate properly with the iPad Pro. This bug has now at last been fixed —*but at what cost to the users? Full story from the iMore Blog...

  • Issue#22911: Beta forum access

    I was finally able to get going in Xbone beta -- had to re-download the beta bundle after deleting it. But : I cannot post in the beta forums. I have a few bugs and oddities to report but I am unable to. why is this?

  • Issue#23201: Cannot post in The Division Beta section...

    Hi I got a code for Beta access, but since requesting access I pre-purchased The Division Gold Edition on XBOX Store so I didn't need to use the code. But I don't seem to have access to the beta forum to post feedback. My XB1 Gamertag is tropolite if that helps. Any suggestions?

  • Issue#24680: forum beta access

    need access to beta forums plz, will not allow me to message.

  • Issue#25636: The Division PC Beta Uplay Issue (Play Button Not Working)

    Update my game 01/29/2016 CET 1am but : Help us Ubi.

  • Issue#25802: Steam Pre-Orders not able to post on beta boards?

    Since it's all tied to uplay account, why can't we post on uplay beta boards? Thanx

  • Issue#25928: iOS 9.3 beta 2 Touch ID issue

    Hello everyone! Did anyone notice touch id being a bit slower when unlocking the phone. Most times I press the home button to unlock it and I have to wait 1 to 2 seconds. I am using an iPhone 6S Plus, which used to have a touch id with a really fast response.

  • Issue#26195: Have access to the Beta forum but not the game.

    Hello! I preorded the game and got a key and use it, still no access. I have contacted support and no answer.

  • Issue#27335: Beta issue/redeem code.

    So my story is like this. I've live in the uk for a year,now im back home for a short while,i've maded a pre order of the game called The Division from an Altex store (in Romania). They gave me an beta code , i've accesed the ubisoft site and redeemed my code ,but i've didnt recieved any email after that , on the reedeeming page , at the end they've told me something about the fact that when the beta will start..i will recieve an email...but the beta already started...secondly... my uplay account and my psn account are set with my uk adress , even the game and the code are maded in Romania. The problem is that in my psn store , i see that is unavalabile content...and i can't download anything...and in my uplay account management on the beta acces it saying something about that i don't have acces to any alpha or beta game.....even if i redeem the code before what can i do ... to play division now :) ?

  • Issue#28132: Facebook photo issue?? Not sure which group to post this in??

    Have a client with 120 users on same network behind the same firewall. all systems are window 7 pro or 8.1 pro Tried 3 different computer to add photos on to the business FB page It gives us and error wont let us do it? Have a user on the other side of the campus she logs into the same FB page and she can add photos??? They can also add them when they login at home. I tested it on another clients network and it worked fine?? I have updated the flash play and shockwave etc....still no go .. What can I do to fix this??

  • Issue#28136: Facebook Photos Issue??/Not sure where to post this??

    Have a client with 120 users on same network behind the same firewall. all systems are window 7 pro or 8.1 pro Tried 3 different computer to add photos on to the business FB page It gives us and error wont let us do it? Have a user on the other side of the campus she logs into the same FB page and she can add photos??? They can also add them when they login at home. I tested it on another clients network and it worked fine?? I have updated the flash play and shockwave etc....still no go .. What can I do to fix this??

  • Issue#29222: RE : Please post in Beta forums for anything Beta related

    I noticed this sticky and I was not sure if I should laugh or be angry at the post. I would love nothing more than posting in the beta forum about issues with the beta, but since my beta key was redeemed and I was not granted beta access, I cannot post in those forums. This is quite the conundrum we have here. It seem that Ubisoft and the rest of the world have a very different defenition of the words "guaranteed access to the Tom Clancy's The Division Beta". On a side note : support, please fix the beta access issue asap. For this kind of issues, I would expect from a company of the size of Ubisoft to get people in overtime, all weekend if needed, to get that fix yesterday.

  • Issue#32113: Im in beta but cant access some of the threads why

    im in the beta but i cant participate in some of the threads on this forum can someone please tell me why that is

  • Issue#37135: Dont u guys get it? Those edmw-ers who post male version of KYM threads

    are not gheys but RCPs!!! they are posting male KYM threads for the other lurking RCPs in edmw!!!

  • Issue#37626: Why can't I create new threads in The Division forum?

    So I've never posted on these forums before. Information is hard to get. I'm trying to create a new thread in the The Division general forum but can't. On the bottom of the forum, under my posting permissions, it says I can't create new threads. I have found no information on why or how to get "permission" to create new threads. This forum really sucks. At least give me info! *sigh* I guess Ubisoft is doing everythin they can to prevent me from buying their games or participate in their communities. For example, I've never been able to buy on their stupid site because of them using Digital River as a payment processor. Ugh. Whatever. If someone wants to give me an answer, it'd be welcome. If not, whatever. Stupid Ubi.