Issue#316: iPad Mini: ipad mini error 4013

  • Hi guis i have a promlem. my ipad mini have error 4013. somebody can help me???


    ⟐ Commented January 23, 2016 at 3:08 pm -0700

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#152881: Ipad mini space Issue

    Hi everyone I possess an Ipad mini 2 16GB and It seems I have space Issue, here is my situation 1) Itunes says I use 72MB for pictures, 6.4GB of Apps and 1.77GB of Data and have 4.33 GB Free 2) My ipad from the Storage menu says I have 8.10 GB used (which comes the same as what itunes says) but the Ipad says I only have 3.60GB left (vs the 4.33 Itunes says) 3) If I manually add all the apps that take space from the storage menu in my Ipad it comes up to 4.9 GB used. Where did my space go... Ipad mini space Issue

  • Issue#165860: iPad mini 4 screen auto brightness issue

    Anyone else's not happy how auto brightness work on iPad mini 4? It's either too dim or too bright, it changes way too aggressively so I have always to fiddle with settings to make it satisfactory to my eyes. On my old first gen iPad mini it worked perfectly.. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Issue#365103: Intel - iPad Mini Adapter Driver Issue

    Hello, I'm a developer working on a little side project and have a small iPad mini to display port adapter (iPad Mini Retina 2048x1536 7.9 LCD to Mini DisplayPort Adapter [DPMINI] - 3,500JPY : abusemark web store) The adapter works with all graphics except intel branded ones. It appears the issue may just be with the EDID or that the specified front/back porch values are out of range to what Intel drivers can generate. I'm told that you can usually tweak them to acceptable values and it might work, however I don't even know where to start as far as debugging or tweaking these things. I have attempted a small amount of overscanning to no avail and didn't know where to start as far as tweaking more of the ins and outs of the driver for testing.Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as what to research or utilities/software to download to be able to tweak these types of things?Thanks in advanced!

  • Issue#422090: iPad Mini: Can someone help with ipad mini charging issue... Thanks!

    I have seen others with similar questions on here but did not discover a satisfactory answer. I replaced my digitiser screen, all is fine with that but in the process I've popped off one of the resistors on the battery connector. The problem is that the ipad does not charge anymore, which is really annoying (obviously). However, I roughly positioned the resistor in place the other day and left the tablet on overnight. miraculously it was at 100% power the next day, although when used this never diminished. Got about 4 hours use from it on skype at full brightness (about normal) then it died again. Now it's back at 2% and not charging (left overnight, no dice) Would this have worked because the resistor was roughly in place or is there some other reason ? I've heard people saying that the resistor doesn't matter and it just tells the device how much charge it has but in my case it seems to be causing problems for sure. Today I've just dropped it back into place (roughly) and again

  • Issue#426167: iPad Mini: Ipad Mini Charging Issue

    I replace Ipad screens in my business. I have had 2 Ipad Minis that will not charge when switched on, only when turned off. The symptoms are; 1. When first plugged in to charger the device powers up and the charging current rises to the normal charging current i.e. about 960mA 2. Then when the device goes to sleep, screen is blank, the charging current drops right down to 200mA, then 100mA, then down to 0. 3. If I actually turn the device off the charging current then rises back to 960mA and the device charges normally. 4. Power the device up, and the non-charging symptoms return. In other words, it will only charge when turned off. As I mentioned earlier, this is the second Ipad mini with this problem. Apart from this the device works normally. Anyone seen this problem and have any solutions?

  • Issue#432878: iPad Mini: Intermittant Power Issue but fine once running

    Hi, Recently I obtained an iPad Mini 1 wifi, it looks like its never been opened. It has an intermittent power issue as follow; It is recognised by iTunes as normal, it charges to 100% but overnight the battery often drains to almost zero if unplugged (short). Ok, sometimes the Mini will not power on and I have to hold Power button and Home which after a while brings up the Apple logo and boots fine. Once running the Mini does all it should no problems. The charge symbol comes up and all good. USB current tester shows a current draw, great. 100% battery and has a trickle charge of 0.3 to 0.4A. Now this is where it gets kind of odd. If I power off the device no current draw and I lose USB connection unless I remove and refit the charging lead i (ie, get the ding dong sound in Windows). iTunes throws up a message telling me I have an iPhone in Recovery mode! Latest iOS v9.3.1 installed I might add. If I now try and power the device back on it refuses to, no current being drawn accor

  • Issue#576513: 1st gen iPad mini Facebook issue

    Hi, I am currently using a 1st gen iPad mini. Whenever I want to read an article or watch some movie click in Facebook, it will always self reloading the page or self exit from Facebook. Any solution? Appreciate your kind inputs. Thanks!

  • Issue#689542: iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi: My replacement LCD is not showing ANY image, NOT a backlight issue

    Hi there, I am a repairer down the bottom of the world in Wanaka New Zealand and i have a very peculiar issue. I have just replace the LCD on an Ipad Mini 3 as the original ed whilst removing it. Clumsy accident but one I fully own as my own fault. I was doing a battery replacement. The new LCD doesn't work at all. So I test the old broken screen and it works fine (apart form the ed screen, I can see the Apple logo and the ipad boots fully. I disconnect the battery and remove the old LCD and reconnect the new LCD and reconnect the battery and... Nothing. I have tried a hard reset, nothing, I have put the old LCD on again and it is fine. I have also tried three other screens, old and new, nothing. Only the original one works??? Hellllllllllp!

  • Issue#700442: iPad Mini 2nd gen 64gb error 4005

    I am looking at buying an ipad mini 2nd gen for $100 tgough it has error 4005 and will not restore. Can i fix it ?

  • Issue#800644: ipad mini 4 screen issue when streaming video

    My ipad mini 4 is having an issue when I play videos, especially on the netflix and hulu apps. As the scene changes or the camera cuts to another person in a scene, my screen will automatically increase the brightness. Then it will decrease. When the scene changes again it will brighten again. This happens over and over again and is really frustrating. I found that when I put assistive touch on this solves the problem but I hate assistive touch and it annoys me that I even have to do that.... ipad mini 4 screen issue when streaming video

  • Issue#1123499: iPad Mini: Very Weird Screen Issue (Works, But Black!) Siri Talks Boot Logo OK

    So this IPAD has never been taken apart or dropped. When turning it on you see the apple logo just fine, but once its on the screen is black. The machine boots and siri talks, it makes noise when touching the digitizer. The really odd thing is - You can see the desktop a little bit in the corners ONLY WHEN ROTATING THE SCREEN. Almost like there is a blank screen app running all the time. Factory restore did not help. Any ideas? Thank you

  • Issue#359: Can an iPad Mini replace my MacBook Pro 13

    Hey guys, I've been thinking of selling away my Retina MacBook Pro 13 and use my iPad Mini 2 as my main machine. All I do on my RMBP 13 is to surf the web, forums, watch a lot of YouTube videos, streaming and that's about it. I find the RMBP 13 a waste for my type of usage. In fact I bought it when it launched because of its retina screen. So what do you guys think? Thanks in advance

  • Issue#815: iPad Mini: Ipad mini won't turn on? Tried everything?

    Hiya, So, I have an ipad mini. I've had it for six months and it was working fine twelve hours ago. I fell asleep, and when I woke up and tried to turn it on, it didn't. It was plugged in all night because it was on 4% the last time I saw it was working. I tried replugging it, it didn't work. I tried using the iphone 5 cord, it didn't work. I tried pressing the home button and the power button simutaneously, it was still unresponsive. I tried plugging it into my computer and trying to restore it.. but there's another problem. It won't sync to my computer, so itunes isn't able to read it at all. Yes, I tried reinstalling itunes and it still remained unresponsive. Any idea how it can be fixed? If at all? Thanks, Shiori ⟐ Commented January 23, 2016 at 6:57 pm -0700

  • Issue#1522: iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi: Why my ipad wants icloud password?

    hey i have a ipad mini2 ois 8.4.1 and after restore this for activate it wants an icloud id and password bt i don't have those...So is there any suggestion for unlock it without knowing the previous users password and id? Please help me ⟐ Answered January 24, 2016 at 2:53 am -0700

  • Issue#2062: iPad Mini: lightning connector tip broken and stuck in charge port

    When removing the charge cable from my ipad mini, the tip of the lightning connector has snapped off inside the ipad charging port. Took it to Apple who cannot get it out and say they can only replace the whole ipad for £250! Surely there is a way of removing it without having to replace the ipad? Any suggestions ⟐ Commented January 24, 2016 at 8:43 am -0700

  • Issue#2591: iPad Mini: Nothing but color lines after repairing screen

    ed my ipad mini screen, got a replacement after installing lcd displays nothing but a screen full of lines of various colors ⟐ Commented January 24, 2016 at 11:38 am -0700

  • Issue#3653: iPad Mini Wi-Fi: revive mother board logic

    there is a solution to revive my iPad mini does not turn it take to repair but the coach told me that the motherboard is dead ⟐ Commented January 24, 2016 at 6:31 pm -0700

  • Issue#5099: Radio Control - Mint Condition iPad Mini 16gb WiFi

    Ipad mini 2 for sale 16gb white. Great condition. Everything works perfect. Comes with charger. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#5174: Weird iPad mini 4 charging behavior

    I have my iPad mini 4 updated to 9.2.1 and found a very weird charging behavior. And I am pretty sure it was not present in 9.1 or 9.2 Before I leave my apartment this morning. I plug in the iPad to charger(not original one) It has 80% battery left when I plugged it in. after 12 hours I back to my apartment and the iPad is charged to 88%. Something's up. I pull my USB current meter, in case anyone don't know what it is. It's like this.... Weird iPad mini 4 charging behavior

  • Issue#6958: How to Recover Deleted iMessages from iPad Mini/Air

    Summary: iPad data recovery is a good tool to recover deleted iMessages from iPad, iPad min, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad 2/3/4, Air etc. When we are using our iPad, we may accidentally delete iMessages from the iPad, for example, “Days ago, I accidentally deleted some iMessages from my iPad mini 2. They are precious to me, and I want to get them back. Is there any tool can do this recovery? Any help will be appreciated. “—Susan So, do you have any idea to recover... How to Recover Deleted iMessages from iPad Mini/Air

  • Issue#7927: Going be iPad Mini 4 User soon

    Im excited. When apple store online say Preparing for Shipment with delivery date. Does that mean i will receive on that date? Or it will be early than that date? :) i will have less usage on my 6 plus.

  • Issue#13407: iPad mini retina display

    I bought an iPad mini 2 it had a problem so I took it back to the store I bought it at and I got a new one, I feel that the battery on this one dies faster than the other one it might just be me but I want to figure out if the battery drainage is normal. The battery goes down about one percent every 6 or 7 minutes when watching Netflix or YouTube videos, when surfing the web it goes down 1 percent every 8 or 9 mins and when playing games it goes down about the same as watching videos is this normal? And on standby it drains a couple percent down within a few hours or when I leave it there overnight.

  • Issue#13688: (Uk) iPad mini 2 screen issues

    hi everyone, My sons iPad mini 2 has occasional screen issues. Some times when booting up the is a wide streak down the centre of the boot screen and other time when unlocking the screen it's like in the picture. Has this happened to anyone else ? It's from John Lewis in the uk so has anyone had any experience with iPad returns with then. Bit stuck as he is in the middle of a school project on it.... Thank everyone

  • Issue#14295: WTS White iPad mini 2 Retina Display 128gb LTE/cellular

    Selling for $460 White iPad mini 2 Retina Display 128gb LTE/cellular Mint condition No warranty Screen Protector on Comes with box and default accessories Will throw in a used cover. Can let go at 450 if buyer dont want the usb plug adapter n cable. Good for buyers who already own them. Deal at Bukit Gombak stn or Clementi stn

  • Issue#15024: iPad Mini: Unsuccessful iPad mini digitizer repair

    I tried replacing the digitizer on my iPad mini and now the screen won't turn on. I haven't glued it back together yet, but when I plug it in I can hear the noise it typically makes when you plug it into a power source. Do I need to replace the LCD screen? There were no problems with the LCD screen before I took it apart. ⟐ Commented January 27, 2016 at 11:45 am -0700

  • Issue#15781: Can I text androids from my iPad mini ??? I have had no problem from my iPhone.

    My new iPad mini will not txt with androids!

  • Issue#16472: iPad Mini 2: iPad won't turn on and iTunes doesn't recognize it.

    After a LCD and Digitizer repair, the iPad doesn't seem to turn on at all. ⟐ Commented January 27, 2016 at 5:46 pm -0700

  • Issue#17148: WTS Brand New Apple iPad Mini 4

    New original wrap, space grey with LTE 64GB Click here for more details and photos.

  • Issue#19565: iPad Mini 2: Why won't the screen stay down?

    The digitizer seems to be piping out of the body near the bottom. This started happening after the replacement. Is there a certain way to fold the flex cable?