Issue#3920: Why NOT switch to Project Fi?

  • Hey all, I ask the question why I SHOULD switch all the time, and see multiple threads about leaving. I'd like to open discussion for anyone to reflect on why they would NOT switch and decide to stay with RW.   Off the top of my head:  

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  • Issue#1720: Weird issue with Sprite Kit project

    I want to have a little play around with Sprite Kit, just for fun really. I decided that I would like to target OS X initially. I've tried building and running the default Sprite Kit template project. I have made no changes to it. It builds with no errors, but when the product is run, the graphics in the window are completely corrupted. This is supposed to be a few spinning spaceships. The lumps of stuff do spin, but they don't look anything like a ship:... Weird issue with Sprite Kit project

  • Issue#21286: Project CARS - Pitting - Issue with tires.

    We raced tonight at Monza, 30 laps... I had to pit for fuel on lap 20 (Group5 - Ford Capri), I did NOT change tires, as they were barely worn, and got the right pressure throughout the race. (I did set up a pit stop strategy for the stop, with tire change, the pressure was set at the start at 1.10 for all four tires at the start, and in the pit stop also for 1.10 for all four) Now, I did choose to NOT change any tires, but after the stop, I drove 1 lap, and all tires were full red, at 125-140 °C. This is surely not good like this, as these same tires did 20 laps before that, always being green, and have not worn 10% during these 20 laps, but after the stop, they wore another 20% (at least) in the next 8 laps.

  • Issue#26400: Project CARS - Mazda mx-5 radbull steering issue

    I drive t500rs and now i try the new mx-5 radbull but when i turn the wheel over 1/4 round it suddenly turn's to maximum it only does this for this car.

  • Issue#26518: Sony - HDR AS200V(R) : can't switch on cause of trigger issue

    Hi All,    After one month of normal use of this HDR AS200V, I can't switch it on by pushing the I/O button (on the rear).This button actuates a tiny lever pushing a micro switch (on internal face, in plastic) and I suppose this lever becoming more & more weak unabled to push the internal micro switch.Has anyone met this issue ?Is Sony aware of this malfunction ?Thanks for your help.Best regards,Catcla

  • Issue#33323: Project CARS - Issue: T300 wheel tears to one side

    Hi, when driving online frequently my T300 wheel tears suddenly to one side. Only help is to end and restart pcars. The PS4 guys report the same issue. In my case it is on PC. I think it came with patch 8.0. Any other on PC with this issue? It seems to happen when driving online. Didn't have this issue offline so far.

  • Issue#35966: Project CARS - T300rs wheel FFB fade issue after update to 8.00 version

    Hi guys. i have a FFB fading issue with my t300rs wheel since i updated project cars to 8.00. Before the update, the wheel was fine and I could play it for an hour without feeling any FFB fade. But after update to 8.00, the FFB feels slightly stronger than before and then starts fading after just 5 mins of game play. I wonder is there anyone having the same issue? Cause i only have the project cars and don't have any racing games, so i cannot tell if this is a game issue or there is something wrong with the wheel. (current setting: FFB=75; TIRE FORCE=115)

  • Issue#36301: Ubnt - EdgerouterXSFP 5port - as PoE switch port issue

    I have a problem with freeze EdgerouterXSFP 5port. The device is working- passing trafic thru, but the management is not responding to the ping or after few days is possible to login, but then within few seconds again disconnect and not responding to the ping. The config is pretty simple:1. Used as a PoE switch with 24V.2. manualy defined IP.  So, is it by FW 1.6.7 or somethink else? How to config correctly all five port together with PoE and by accesed to IP ?

  • Issue#42410: Issue on Brocade 300 SAN switch

    Please confirm the below as I am unable to open the page for the Switch and shows certificate error: 1. On Brocade switch do we need to extend the certificate validity to say 2020, as currently is ending on 2012.2. If Yes, what are the steps to do that.3. Would this resolve the issue of certificate error for loading the switch GUI. Please respond as this has been hapenning to most brocade switches. and we cannot keep changing Java version for it .Regards Ravindra Bhojwani

  • Issue#45592: Project CARS - FORD Falcon in-car view issue - anyone else have the same???

    Not too sure if anyone has noticed...the in-car view in the new ford falcon doesnt show the steering wheel, if you set hide driver option in the game settings. I race in car view, with the no hands/driver option set in the game settings - perfect for me. With cars that don't have displays built into the steering wheel itself - the no hand/driver option removes the wheel as well as the driver/arms/hands - thats all good - and cars with displays in the steering wheel - the no hand/driver option removes the driver/hand/arms but keeps the steering wheel with its inbuilt display in a static position - all good. the Falcon has its display built into the wheel - but with no wheel hence no display - its makes the drive a bit more entertaining, but it is gonna cause problems in a race. I turned this option off to enable the driver/hands/arms and the steering wheel is i cant blame my pit crew! i've put the hud on for now in that car, has anyone else noticed this? Only tried thi

  • Issue#48491: Ubnt - Unifi Switch US-48-500W Restart issue

    Hello all,need help regarding the 48 ports Unifi Switch keeps soft/cold restart whenever I tried to change the configuration for ie: POE port.perhaps you guys had the same problem like mine? is there anyway to monitor the Log file for Unifi Switch? I couldn't find it. Thank you Lukas

  • Issue#54939: Project CARS - Bmw 2002 Stanceworks puncher issue?

    Anyone else having this issue,every race about the 3-4th lap i get a front puncher?

  • Issue#79539: Project CARS - Thrustmaster 458 button mapping issue

    Hello, It's my own fault but I changed my buttons around on my steering wheel and changed the clutch to the A button. Not expecting it to remove its use from the home screen on the game. Anyone any ideas how I can reset my controls ? please remember I cannot use the A key on my steering wheel to go into settings and my Xbox control doesn't respond whilst the wheel is connected

  • Issue#81455: Project CARS - Driving aids issue in online lobbies (PlayStation 4)

    Hi! First at all congratulations to the team for making such good game! But like all the games..there's some bugs and issues left that should be fixed. Here goes one annoying for me and some friends while we race in a Online league on the PlayStation 4 platform. We set up the lobby rules and driving assists off with only ABS permission.. But on track we still can engage the stability control and the traction control with the USB keyboard.. Please check that, and fix it in a update.. I let some screenshots of the configuration of the lobby and the issue that shows the activation of the assists on track while it should be denied.. Hopefully this helps for making the game better and see a fix of this issue soon. Greetings from Spain! And keep up the great work!

  • Issue#87802: Acer Aspire Switch 10 Display Driver Issue with Windows 10

    In December last year I noticed when I went to go use the tablet the screen was black, amlost like it wouldn't wake from sleep. Window softkey worked and I could here when I recieved email but the screen would stay black. When I performed a hard reset of the device I would get the usual Acer boot logo, but after a few minutes the screen would go black again. The kicker is I can still use the tablet using the HDMI output, (I'm using the tablet as I type with HDMI out to a monitor.) I've tried the following:Uninstall and reinstall video driver (no joy)Used Intel Driver Update Utility, (install goes fine no joy)Downloaded and installed Platform Driver pack from Acer for Windows 10, (install goes fine with no joy)Restore to Windows 8, (this one is tricky since it requires the onboard display to work so this one didn't work)Reloaded Windows 8 and 10 from disk, (the kicker on this is the the screen works perfect during installation and all the way through setting up the tablet for

  • Issue#88898: Project CARS - BMW 2002 SW driver hand model issue

    There's a gap between gloves and cloth 3d model.

  • Issue#105214: New multi-layer core switch migration, best way to do project like this.

    We have kind of a strange network setup at work. Basically all the IDF closets go out with fiber and tie into a multi-layer core switch in the server room. Right now we have some old 3com layer3 switch in there from like 2007 we got a new Catalyst 4500-X 16PT 10 gig 16SFP port switch to replace it.The network is sort of odd that almost every VLan covers the entire star network. Vlans for voice, public wifi, and data. The data vlan is the odd one because they have I think 3 /24 subnets on the same vlan. We've been kind of putting the migration off hoping to maybe be able to get a router to do NAT, but it seems the 3com is starting to fail so we are going to have to do soon and deal with NAT later.There are also 3 links from the core to the ISP one for voice direct from core to ISP gear, the data and public WIFI vlans are also on...

  • Issue#107585: Project CARS - Fanatec ClubSport SQ shifter issue

    Can anybody help me please........ I have a Fanatec clubsport sq shifter so I can change from sq to hpattern with just a small slide When I read all the reviews of the shifter it said that when in sq mode it actually used two separate buttons rather than the other 6 gears Pcars recognises them as 2nd and 3rd gears tho arghhhhh So I have to remap them each time I change which is ok, sort of. Going from H to SQ it's easy to remap (tho it takes away my paddle function but that's fine) When I then swap back to a H pattern car or a paddle shift car I can remap the individual gears but it won't recognise the paddles on my CSR Elite wheel to reassign them for the up/down shift Meaning I have to reset all the controls to default, and then remap all my other programmed buttons like lights wipers and so on lot of effort especially as I'm looking to get a button box now and map even more controls. Any idea help? Can you a save multiple controller profiles?

  • Issue#114650: Project Cars in 4K Mouse Issue

    So whenever I boot up Project Cars in 4K my mouse is literally invisible. Just wondering if there's a fix for this or if anybody else is having the issue or what.

  • Issue#115806: Project CARS - McLaren F1 Shifting Issue - Fanatec Clubsport Shifter v1.5

    I'm having great issues with the manual shifting of the McLaren F1. Is the car that difficult to get into gear? I'm using a Fanatec Clubsport v1.5 shifter and it works fine with all other cars I've driven. Even when shifting slowly and methodically, even while double clutching, shifting is nearly impossible. I want to drive the car but it is impossible presently. Can someone confirm this as an issue?

  • Issue#121562: How do I resolve this issue? Hp ML 350 G6 Server power LED on , does not switch on or initializes

    Hp Ml 350 G6 Server  indicate power Led is on but refuse to start, fan did not start and its fails to boot.

  • Issue#128905: Project CARS - Issue with assists being enabled during MP when they shouldn't

    Here goes a annoying issue that was in the 8.0 update and still is in the 9.0 update for me and some friends while we race in a Online league on the PlayStation 4 platform. We set up the lobby rules and driving assists off with only ABS permission.. But on track we still can engage the stability control and the traction control with the USB keyboard.. Please check that, and fix it in a update.. I let some screenshots of the configuration of the lobby and the issue that shows the activation of the assists on track while it should be denied.. Hopefully this helps for making the game better and see a fix of this issue soon. And also the Silverstone Classic box online's still in the recent update.. Greetings from Spain! And keep up the great work!

  • Issue#154845: Premiere Pro - how do i switch the format so that i can burn my project onto a dvd?

    I have a video project done. i just want to burn it on to a dvd. but i cant figure out how to switch the format so that i can burn it onto a dvd

  • Issue#176790: Project CARS - Logitech g29 with ps4 issue

    Hi all, my 1st post so I hope it is in the right place. Out of the blue while racing it randomly cuts to menu screen or share screen, it seems to happen every 2 to 5 minutes and happens when turning right, I hit resume and within a few minutes cuts back to share screen. I have re calbrated wheel, have the lates 9.0 patch, cleaned disc, checked everything just out of the blue why this would happen Any ideas??

  • Issue#177061: Acer - Switch 11 SW5-171-36SV Hard drive issue

    I have an Acer Switch 11 and have issues with my hard drive.It started with programs that couldn't start randomly. It got an error a file could not be found. Not long after that, I got blue screens and errors about memory management.The end of the story is that it doesn't startup anymore: No Accesible boot device is the error it shows.I can access the W10 boot menu, but every option to restore failsIs the hard drive broken or can something else be the cause of this behaviour?

  • Issue#192038: Project CARS - Issue with wheel when I turn it on.

    Just plugged my wheel up to PS4. When it does the calibration and turns to the right, sounds like a rough grinding noise. When I'm using it there is no noise whatsoever. Any ideas as to what's the cause. It's a T150 and it's kept and used properly and the FFB settings are not that high.

  • Issue#194137: Project CARS - Thrustmaster T500 RS T3PA Pro pedal accelerator pedal issue

    Hi Guys, I got a new T500-RS wheel approximately 2 weeks ago and for the last 3 days I have noticed that the gas pedal only registers about 10% of the overall throttle travel (the 1st 10% that is) has anyone else come across this issue? the firmware is current V43 and so is the firmware of the TH8A gear box. *I have tried removing and re-installing the drivers/TM software *Tried reapplying the firmware *Tried different USB ports (On the PC that is front/back) USB 2 & 3 *Tried unplugging everything restarting PC and plugging power/pedal cables back in I have made a quick video you can see the throttle pedal issue on this short video I hope someone can help me, this is doing my nut in now LOL I have contact TM support just waiting for a reply from their CS department. Cheers guys

  • Issue#198587: Unity - Project transfer Win to Mac list SystemGeneric.Collections issue

    Here is a transcript of an inquiry made on Unity answers Posted here to increase the chance of solving this CrossPlatform issue, within Unity Itself --------- A dedicated Crossplatform support Subform, this place needs ------------- Hello there. We are a two humans team, 1 of us is on a Windows machine, the other on a Mac both with the last version of Unity. On windows the code works just fine, android builds work too. The project was also transferred to a mac, ( by transferring... Project transfer Win to Mac list SystemGeneric.Collections issue

  • Issue#208013: Project CARS - Watkins Glen replay issue?

    I don't know if it's just a PS4 thing, but if you do some laps with a February DLC car then try to look at a replay, it's just greyed out. Has anyone else experienced this? Edit: so far, it's just happening at the Glen...

  • Issue#214957: Project CARS - Im having the most ridiculous bug issue right now.....

    So, I had to start a new save file due to mine being corrupted somehow. Since I had to I figured I would reinstall as well. Upon trying to restart a new career file I have found that apparently my last name, Allen, has been censored or something because no matter what I try, I continue to get ***** instead of my name.....? Any other name seems to work fine......what the hell......