Issue#402: Voice calls over bluetooth fail when phone screen goes blank

  • When I am using my bluetooth headset and I am on the phone, the screen goes blank on its own and I lose my voice connections through the bluetooth headset. I have to press the phone power button and switch to phone headset or speaker to get the voice

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  • Issue#2225: Samsung Galaxy Note II: My phone works but my screen is blank

    My phone works but my screen won't show anything it is blank or black, what can i do to fix it ? ⟐ Commented January 24, 2016 at 9:45 am -0700

  • Issue#12745: Asus Phone: My phone turn on but the screen blank but there's light

    my asus zenfone 4 just be like this since 2015 . but it's okay before after I switch it off for a day . but now it has been like this since yesterday and I try to open it . it could on and the screen is okay but after I open the password it says " unfortunately , gmail has stopped " and went black immediately . please help me . :(

  • Issue#14666: moto g paired to bluetooth, works with game sounds but not with phone calls?

    So, I paired my moto g with a bluetooth speaker, game sounds are coming through speaker but phone calls are not. Any suggestions?

  • Issue#21607: Samsung Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300): Why my phone is telling me ONKEY 7S RESET,WITH BLANK SCREEN

    my samsung gt-s 5300is showing blank to the display with onkey 7s reseti cant do anything because its like a warning

  • Issue#57918: iPhone 4 Verizon: My phone won't turn on blank screen?

    Blank screen even when plugged into the charger or my Mac. ⟐ Commented February 3, 2016 at 12:19 pm -0700

  • Issue#71357: iPhone 4S: Dropped phone and now screen is blank.

    I just dropped my AT&T iPhone 4S and the screen went blank. I am still receiving texts and calls and the phone vibrates when it is plugged in to charge. I restored it and synced it but the screen is still blank. From other questions on here I hope (crossing fingers) that just one of the connections came loose in the fall. It is possible to access these by taking the rear cover off? Or do I have to remove the entire front assembly? ⟐ Answered February 5, 2016 at 4:47 pm -0700

  • Issue#74859: iPhone 5c: I dropped my phone and the screen is blank

    recently I dropped my phone and the screen popped out a little bit, but not major, and it still worked. I dropped my phone again and the screen is blank. it becomes a bit lighter when notifications come through, and then it goes black. should I go get it repaired?? I don't trust myself changing the screen by myself. ⟐ Answered February 6, 2016 at 10:55 am -0700

  • Issue#78183: Android - my phone is not ringing calls go to voice mail

    My phone is not ringing calls go to voice mail

  • Issue#84125: Asus ZenFone 6: My phone screen just blank when im watching youtube and wont start

    my zenfone 6 just got blank when im watching youtube and then i force shutdown by holding the power button like i used to, and after that it wont start nor charging the phone, please help me quickly so that i can backup all my data in there

  • Issue#87024: phone won't ring calls go straight to voice mail

    My phone won't ring when calls are coming it goes straight to voice mail.

  • Issue#115383: HP - [URGENT] Need response about Laptop Screen gone blank Issue

    Hello there, its the Celestial Crown Prince of Canada here.I've been a loyal user of HP Consumer-Level Laptops for 2 years.It seems that there is a screen display issue with my Laptop.For myself, this is the first time an issue of this kind has occurred. For some reason, during my current(well, now its my last) session, my screen went totally blank on me and turned black, as if the laptop was in an off sort of power state, however, the laptop power was still on and before the issue suddenly decided to happen in front of my very eyes, I had been using the laptop, and was even working on doing some coding...some of you may know me as the creator of the Celestial Crown System.ini Configuration File.Apparently, this is a known HP Laptop Issue, and I'm not sure if HP is actively focusing on fixing the issue so that it does not become an inconvenience to other HP Laptop users or buyers.Is there any known solution as to how to fix this sort of issue? This is very critical, and I was in t

  • Issue#118670: Put new giffgaff sim in phone that's never been activated and screen still blank

    I've topped up my new giff gaff sim to activate it, as instructed, but still got blank screen. Do I insert PAC with old sim in phone or new giffgaff sim??? And when?? Do I also need to get Virgin phone unlocked?

  • Issue#143082: iPhone 5s: After Screen replacement, cannot hear or talk on phone calls

    So I dropped my phone and shattered the screen. I ordered a new screen to replace the old one. Now, The loud speaker does not work when calls are coming in or play music. The ear speaker works when listening to memos or voicemails, but as soon as I call someone i get nothing, not even a ringing tone. I figured I will at least replace the loud speaker, but I'm worried something more may be wrong with the phone. Any help is appreciated!!!

  • Issue#177479: Samsung Galaxy Nexus: How to Transfer Data from Blank Screen phone to a new Phone?

    Many smartphone may face the same trouble is that their Samsung, iPhone or other bland of mobile phone will been a blank screen phone, and can not open any more, so, how to get back and transfer data from blank screen phone to another new phone? Hi, guys. Uncluckly, my Samsung note 3 can not start up any more and been a blank screen phone, so i think the most trouble is i can't get back all my old data on my blank screen note 3, such as contacts, text messages, videos, photos, call logs, calendar and more. Can anybody help me to Transfer All Data from Blank Screen Phone to a new Phone? ⟐ Answered February 25, 2016 at 3:17 am -0700

  • Issue#196593: Android - Issue with screen for calls and alarms

    Hi. I have a moto g 4g and started getting an odd issue. When I get an incoming call my phone will vibrate but the screen will not show the call screen giving me an option to answer. Similar issue when my alarm goes off. I can't even silence it with the on/off button. I have to go into the... Issue with screen for calls and alarms

  • Issue#200937: Giffgaff - SIM Swap, signa tabs appear on screen but can't make phone calls

    Hi. I lost my phone with my SIM and now I've got a new one. I use a SIM I once ordered but never used and swap my last account to this sim. However, I still cannot make phone calls, go on the Internet or text messages even though the signal tabs already appeared on screen. I tried to activate the SIM but the website says that this SIM has already been activated. What should I do? Thank you very much for your time

  • Issue#207822: LG Android Phone: Why is the screen blank when I turn on my LG Optimus F6?

    I have the lg f6 from metro pcs, i dropped it in water, put it in, unassembled it, put it bavk together let it dry for a few day but still when i try to turn it on just the lcd bottom lights turn on, the screen is just blank, help please ⟐ Answer accepted March 1, 2016 at 12:59 pm -0700

  • Issue#264025: Alcatel Idol 3: Screen doesn't flip when receiving phone calls.

    Idol 3 is supposed to flip whichever way is up. When I bought the phone I didn't test this feature. The screen reverses for everything else except when I get a phone call. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how to fix. I can't return. Already passed the seven day return period. Also did the factory reset. Didn't work. Any advise?

  • Issue#278053: Ubnt - Issue with voice on UniFi VoIP Phone

    Hi there.We have degradation of voice stream.It's expressed in stuttering, metallic voice, etc.I checked ping to phone, but 0 packages are being lost.I checked ping from VoIP station to IP phone. All good. Average ping 0msec. In the same time we try to do call via Linksys IP phone and we haven't the problems which i wrote above.We tried to change port of switch, use new ethernet cable, change RJ45 jack and still haven't got a positive result.Have anyone some ideas in which way we should to go? We have the latest firmware at moment of publishing this topic.P.S.Sorry for my english. It's not my native language.

  • Issue#331841: Lenovo - Screen goes black during phone calls and won't come back

    So when I am on a phone call, about 60% of the time, the screen stays black even when I remove the phone from my ear to end the call. The only way to hang up is to hit the power button, which wakes up the screen, then I can hang up normally.  There are posts about proximity sensor issues with screen protectors. I do not have a screen protector. I have also tried turning "Power Button to End Call" on then off and rebooting, which seemed to work for some people. Nothing has changed. 

  • Issue#354890: Blackberry - Screen goes black during phone calls

    I've had my Priv for a few months now, and have noticed that whenever that when I use the phone feature, my screen goes black the moment I dial a phone number or the moment I accept an incoming call.  I don't remember if it's been that way since the very beginning or if it developed over time but it's certainly been at least a month I've noticed the issue.  At first I figured maybe there was a setting that I can change that would fix it, but I've combed through the phone and app settings and nothing comes close.   To be precise, it is when I press the green "connect" button that the screen goes black and it'll only light up again 1) when the call gets disconnected by the other party, or 2) when I hold the phone at a certain angle (holding it upright with the screen facing me and tilting it downwards towards me - this only works some of the time). As per BB tech support service I downloaded the virtual expert and did a diagnostic test of the sensor:Sen

  • Issue#375530: Giffgaff - phone not working on voice calls

    himy phone is all ly and interment cant speak to any one because it keeps breaking up

  • Issue#391367: Vizio M70 random distorted green stretched screen or blank with GTX 980 (60hz issue?)

    I recently built a new HTPC with a Evga GTX 980 + windows 10 x64 v1511.. With our Vizio M70 (not sure if related to the tv or not) + pioneer 1130k... randomly one of the following happens.. Either the screen goes distorted.. super sized like its at 640 resolution but half the screen missing and green.. or.. It goes black.. basically no input on the tv.. nothing shows up.. unless i switch inputs on the tv (toggle back and forth).. in the mix is that pioneer receiver.. unsure if its related or not. I set the res on the tv to 3840x2160 and 60hz.. My nvidia driver is the latest.. OS up to date etc.. at a loss for what to isolate.. i guess the first thing i may try is switching to 1080p 60 or 4k 30hz.. in case for some reason the 60hz is throwing things off.. I'm 99% sure i have the newest type of 4k hdmi cable in play for both the tv and receiver as well. Thinking its something like that or a handshake issue with the receiver.. on the distorted greenish screen issue.. switching in

  • Issue#394602: Distorted Audio On Phone Calls Over Bluetooth (IPHONE SE)

    kpeex said: ↑ I picked up a Space Gray iPhone SE 64 when the Apple Store opened on 3/31. I was really looking forward to getting back to a pocketable iPhone form factor from my iPhone 6. I am on the phone all day for business. I have several over-the-ear boom mike Bluetooth headsets that I have used for years with various iPhones. The sound quality has always been excellent. Bluetooth headset telephone audio quality from the SE is distorted to the point of...Click to expand... Distorted Audio On Phone Calls Over Bluetooth (IPHONE SE)

  • Issue#395210: Huawei Ascend G7: My screen goes blank when I make a phone call

    I'm using the Huawei ascend G7 and whenever I make a phone call my screen goes off and the volume goes low. What can I do to change this?

  • Issue#432357: Lenovo - screen damaged, turned blank but still phone is working

    My phone has damaged screen after it fell down, in the process the power button is also damaged. So i am not able to see anything on screen. But still the phone is working, it touch is also working. How can I access all my data with the help of PC. Its not connecting to PC

  • Issue#465254: Help phone going straight to voice mail when someone calls?

    When someone calls my phone it goes straight to voice mail. How to fix it?

  • Issue#574122: Motorola DROID MAXX 2: Black screen, still get calls and text, but can't answer phone

    How do I fix my droid Maxx 2 screen? Txt and calls come in but can't answer them due to the screen stays black

  • Issue#575636: Lenovo - Phone Calls - Screen isn't turned back on

    When I place or receive a call on my MXP, the screen display turns off when I put the phone to my face to talk. But it doesn't alway turn the display back on when I move the phone away from face (e.g. to check something on the phone), or when the call is over.