Issue#502: Sony - Sony sound bar just quit working.

  • Connections and batteries ok.  No lights.  Do they sometimes just die?

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  • Issue#232388: Sony - Suddenly sound bar NT-NT3 isn't working with Song TV?

    Hi, I have a Sony KD-55X850xC 55" TV and the Sony sound bar NT-NT3 with subwoofer. Its been working fine for a while until we had brother and sister in law round with their 2yr old. Sound now no longer goes from TV and out through the sound bar. So either A) the brother inlaw was playing with remote as he is into it all B) the little one has pressed or touched something she shouldn't have or C) it has all just randomly happened. I have tested the speaker with my iphone and Bluetooth and it plays fine.I have made sure the HDMI goes into ARC HDMI slot in TV and ARC out in the sound bar.I have tried a different HDMI cable that is usually used for Apple TV. I have tried my Amazon Firestick in my HDMI 2 port just to make sure it wasn't a sky box issue in HDMI 1 portI have turned everything off for a while I have selected 'audio system' on tv sound optionsOn 'sync menu' it now has ghosted 'use audio system for audio output' Using 'home' button on sound bar remot

  • Issue#357472: Sony - HT-NT3 Sound bar issue

    My HT-NT3 sound bar has stopped communicating with my XBR-65X810C TV, no sound comes out bar, the tv no longer recognizes the change between the sound bar and tv speakers. I can play music, Apple Tv, etc, but the sound for the tv will no longer pass through the sound bar. Any suggestions?

  • Issue#906867: Sony - XBR 930D with Ht-NT5 sound bar issue with audio output from tv

    This past weekend I picked up a 65" XBR930 D and a HT-NT5 soundbar. I can not get tv audio to play. I have tried the following.  Confirmed cable is running from both arc inputs replaced hdmi cable with high speed cablebravia sync does not recognize soundbarTried setting on tv to recognize speakers as an external source nothjng has worked and I'm running out of ideas. Any help would be great. 

  • Issue#7467: Sony - BDV-N9200W sound issue

    BDV-N9200W when switching back to to the home theatre system from another connection on the TV e.g. Apple TV or Aerial connection,  it makes a terrible load kind of electronic buzzing sound.  Do I need to change a setting on the home theatre system?

  • Issue#10712: Need helps with Sony Reciever str-dh550 humming sound issue!

    Heya..i have here a brand new Sony Reciever str-dh550 and is making a disturbing humming sound in standby mode. Is position exactly where the prior sony reciever was which wasnt making any noise. I already tested the power cable, all A/V cables are fixed and again, is located exactly where the old reciever was. I'm wondering if any of you having this receiver or familiar with recievers are having issues like this, and if I have to change it while on warranty or can fix it without or i'll be stucked with a bugging device?

  • Issue#36242: Recommendation for bedroom, coming from Sony ht 150 sound bar

    have a klipsch reference series ii 7.1 setup in the living room, which is our main watching area. Our bedroom has a Sony ht 150 sound bar, and my parents have my OLD Onkyo HTIB setup as just a 2.1. That onkyo receiver just went out, so I'm looking to replace my bedroom Sony bar with something better, and give the sony to my parents. Looking for hdmi inputs, under 200 dollars if I can, and minimalistic really.. Just hoping for it to be an upgrade from the Sony. Still not sure if soundbar is the best choice or maybe an HTIB. Wireless system would be ideal if it has more than 2 speakers. Wife was saying she would prefer small satellites. Lots of ideas in my head, just trying to gage the market. Thanks for the help!

  • Issue#38633: Sony - Connecting Sound Bar

    I'm trying to connect a Sony HT-NT3 sound bar to a Sony Bravia television model 55X850C. I connected both devices via the HDMI ARC outlet. However, I'm not getting a connection. The TV input option is HDMI4. However, the sound bar will not allow me to connect to HDMI4. It only goes up to HDMI3.

  • Issue#40650: Sony - XBR-55X850C - how do I connect a Heos Sound Bar

    Trying to connect a Heos Home Cinema sound bar...cannot get sound 

  • Issue#52972: Sony - I have a sony sound bar ht rt5 I cannot access my internet programs ex Netflix, I have a sony

    I have a sony sound bar ht rt5 I cannot access my internet programs ex Netflix, I have a sony tv also.

  • Issue#87889: Logitech - Can I use the harmony one to control 2 similar devices? Sony amp and sony sound bar?

    I have all of my equipment in one location. I just purchased a sony soundbar that I want to use in my living room and I have an existing sony amplifier that I want to use for my whole house stereo system. It appears that both of these sony components use the same commands to turn on and off and volume control. Is there a way to separate the two? Alternate IR commands?  Any help is appreciated.

  • Issue#98011: Sony - I have a blu ray BDV-E580 and Sound Bar HT-RT5 And a Sony KDL-55BX520

    Can I hook my sound bar thru my Blu ray? right now it is hooked up thru my TV. And I am having a hard time keeping them all Synced. I thought maybe this might help.

  • Issue#107818: Sony - Screen flashes green when I sync Sony TV with Sony sound bar

    I have a Bravia, model: KDL-40R473A running Software v4.009A PS4, Sony sound bar and Digitools HDMI splitter and booster. I am getting intermittent faults where the screen flashes green, the TV input changes, sound echos when not synced. The system worked fine previously but I had to recently add a Sony DVD player so changed some plugs round – I have reverted to what I thought was the previous set up (DVD no longer plugged in to anything) and tried changing some of the settings in the TV but again think I have reverted to the original set up. Please help…..

  • Issue#142693: Sony - Is the XBR65850C TV compatible with the HCT780 sound bar?

    Is there a way to control the sound bar volume using the TV remote?  Also is it better to connect the sound bar to the TV using the digital optical cable or the ARC HDMI?   I got everything connected but must use the sound bar remote for volume only.  Clearly an inconvenience and disappointment, especially because both are Sony products and of recent sales.

  • Issue#159383: Sony - Sound bar issues

    hi I wonder if anyone can helpive just brought a KD-49X8307C and my sound bar is connected with an optical cable, my problem is I have to use the sound bar remote to control volume, on my old TV my sky remote controlled everything but can't seem to get it on this tv. Is it because it's not connected via a hdmi cable or am I missing something?thank

  • Issue#167583: Sony - Sound Issue

    I just bought a Sony 4K HD XBR-65XZ850C TV and a Sonos sound bar.  Recently every few minutes (5 or so) the sound wil cut out for 1 second and then start up again.  Any suggestions on how to correct.  Thanks.  l  

  • Issue#193708: Sony - Problem connecting LG sound bar to Sony TV

    hi, I've just bought a LG sound bar to connect to my Sony KD-55x8005C tv. I've tried to connect it via hdmi/arc and changed the TV settings to pick up the sound bar rather than the TV speakers, but I get no sound. TV gives me a message to say it's connected to the sound bar but as mentioned no sound. I can connect and play music from my phone to the sound bar via Bluetooth so I think the sound bar is ok.Any ideas? Do I have to use the optical input connection instead?thanks, and sorry if this is a silly question, I am no expert.

  • Issue#196889: Logitech - Trouble with a SA-CT60 Sony Sound Bar

    I have Sony SA-CT60 sound bar.  When I type the model number in it identifies the device as a Sony amplifier.  The tech told me to assign the device, but it doesn't work.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  We got the myHarmony so that we could control the sound bar.

  • Issue#200969: Sony - my sub is no longer syncing with my sound bar, Model No. SA-CT780

    my sub is no longer syncing with my sound bar, Model No. SA-CT780 

  • Issue#208726: Sony - KDL-40R550c does not output sound to my cambridge audio TV5 sound bar

    I have hooked up my TV using an optical cable  and also an RCA cable (not together).  I can get no sound when it used to view a digital TV station.  I have set up alternate speakers in the options menu.  I get great sound when I use the slide show feature though so I know the optical cable is working.  I am unable to change the MTS settin in the options list.  Don't know if that has anything to do with it.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • Issue#221170: Sony - Intermittent problems with digital out on XBR-65X900C into my Sonos sound bar

    I am hoping someone can help me resolve a problem I have with the digital output on my Sony TV.So here is the setupTV - XBR-65X900C, running firmware PKG3.307.0101NABSoundbar - Sonos PlaybarArris Cable Box from Cable provider - connected to TV with HDMI cableWhen I connect my TV the Sonos soundbar via an optical audio cable the sounds is perfect 99% of the time but occasionally the audio will skip (no sound) while watching a program. This occurs when watching a program via the cable box or when streaming a show over our wifi.I believe the problem is with the output of the Sony TV because when I connect the cable box directly into the Sonos soundbar with the same optical audio cable, the symptoms are gone - i.e. the sound works perfect.Hopefully someone has had this same problem and has discovered a resolution.Thanks, Bob

  • Issue#223189: Sony - Sony Sound Bar CT-HT260

    Hello All,          Please forgive me as this is my first post. I have 3 Bravia televisions. For the longest time my 32' ( the smallest) sat up in storage, finally set it up in my bedroom and just husband has this Sony Sound bar. It's no more than a year old. My phone connects, iPhone 5 & 6 and my early iPod mini. My iPad 2, it's probably from 2011. When I go to setting to connect, it shows that it's 'discovering' all devices in the area ( I'm maybe 10 ft away) yet my iPad doesn't find sound bar. Could it just be my iPad is older & doesbt support it? Everything else works with sound bar. Please provide some answers.Thank you,piccolina87/Ashley

  • Issue#227004: Sony - Polk FR1 sound bar connected to XBR49X830C. Sound bar just quits while watching Netflix and A

    I was told to upgrade my WiFi which I did.  I was told to use the headphone jack instead of the digital optical output which I did.  It still does not work reliably.  Any thoughts? 

  • Issue#228468: Logitech - Is the Harmony Ultimate Touch Remote able to control a Sony HT-CT80 sound bar?

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Harmony Ultimate Touch Remote but I need to make sure if it can control a Sony HT-CT80 sound bar.

  • Issue#313558: Sony - Best Sony Sound Bar for Sony Bravia KDL-60W610B?

    I have a Sony Bravia KDL-60W610B. I'd like to get a sound bar and stick with Sony since I've been please with the TV. I looked at the sound bars that Sony makes, but there are quite a few. Which reasonably-priced Sony sound bar would go well with my television? 

  • Issue#328657: Sony - Netflix Audio Cuts on with Sound bar

    Hoping someone here can help. I've spent hours troubleshooting this problem! I have a Sony Bravia XBR55C810C hooked to a Vizio soundbar with optical out. On specific Netflix shows the audio will cut out for a second, long enough to miss a word or two from someone speaking, in the same spots every time. So if I go back and replay the scene, the audio cuts out in exactly the same spots as before. This ONLY occurs when viewing Netflix using my TV's optical out, no matter what the original source. The TV's Netflix, Apple TV Netflix, or Xbox one Netflix. If I use the TV's speakers and no the sound bar, there is no problem. If I connect the optical out directly to my Xbox One and play Netflix from there, there is no problem. I've tried switching to stereo on the shows affected, which has been suggested elsewhere. I've also tried switching the audio out to PCM and this hasn't helped either.  Any other suggestions?

  • Issue#349275: Sony - kdl48r510c how to use one controller for Dish and hook up sound bar

    Can't get sound bar to work with Dish controller

  • Issue#360592: Sony - Please how to buy the latest SONY sound bar 5.1 in china?

    Hi Sony, I am Jerry Bob and i have friend in china who would like to buy the latest SONY sound bar 5.1.Please, could you give me the contact of one retailer so that i contact him to buy? WaitingBest regards Jerry Bob

  • Issue#375907: Sony - sound bar turns off if cable box not on maw volume

    I have a sound bar a few months now. I noticed if the cable box volume is not on 100% the sound bar willl turn off after 10 minutes. I have defaulted and connected again. The cabke box is connected to the sony tv which is connected via optical link to the sound bar.  

  • Issue#435571: Sony - 2009 Bravia KDL-52XBR9 TV connect to Vizio sound bar.

    I bought the Vizio sound bar, model SB4051-CO.  Does the Bravia have an ARC HDMI port.  And, if not, what is the best way to hook up to get sound from TV to sound bar?