Issue#66647: Intel - Using RAPL utility to distribute power between CPU and GPU

  • Hi,


    We have i7-4790K processor with integrated HD 4600 graphics. It is a 88W TDP part.


    I recently used RAPL to measure power of x86-cores (pp0) , GPU (pp1) and the package (pkg) as a whole. One thing, I noticed during my experiments is that the maximum power dissipated in CPU and GPU devices are very different. In particular, I noticed that the maximum pp0 power is around 45W while maximum pp1 power is only about 18 watt across wide range of cpu-gpu workloads.


    Further, by putting a lower cap on pp0 and pp1 domains, I am able to bring down the power dissipation in each domain. However, I am not able to increase the maximum power allowed to dissipate in GPU (pp1). I am wondering if there is a way to increase the power limit of pp1 domain?



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    So we decided to switch to fully realtime lighting in our game and now it seems that we're CPU bound because no matter what settings we use except the lowest we have the same framerate. We haven't yet started optimizing the scene, killing lights, shadows, etc but I was wondering if realtime lighting is CPU bound. Is it so? or does it affect GPU the most?

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    I have the maximus Viii extreme in the corsair carbide 600c which is an inverted layout, CPUs is i6700k unlocked with a be quiet dark power pro cooler, problem is if I use pcie3 slot 1 for the gtx980ti strix it puts the GPU almost touching the cooler/too close for my liking, The question is, is it ok close to cooler, or should I move it to slot 2 ( I am not sure how this affects things as slot 1 gives 16 X and if correct slot 2 , 8 X/16x if slot 1 not populated ),or am I in the situation of changing the cooler, not too sure on how to approach this so any advise welcome, Because of the inverted layout, GPU would be above the cpu, it is creating a hotspot I am thinking about.

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    Hi all, I have a few questions I would like to ask: 1. how do I enable both fans in my computer to turn on? I use to have gputweak(old version) and it had the funciton to run both fans, but after that I went to install a upgraded version of gputweak(v2.7.5.0) and it did not seem to have that function anymore? 2. How do I change my settings such that my cpu and gpu run seperately on my i7 core and nvidia GRX 870m?? 3. Also I can't seem to set my PhsyX configuration to rely on nvidia processor even though I have changed the settings, it continues to rely on intel graphics. Thanks in advance

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    Yesterday I completed the install of my new mb, did a clean w10 install and all went well. But I do have 1 question in respect to the following. Whilst eg. surfing the internet my cpu is running at approx 30 degrees centigrade and all of a sudden the temp goes up to 62 d.c. fans speed increases and than afther a short will the cpu goes back to idle status 30 d.c. When this happens it checked which process is using more cpu capacity, sometimes it's the microsoft edge bit it will only indicate 15% performance but this still results in the above. Used Arctic Silver compound and my cooler is correct mounted. Any ideas what could be causing this? Tks.

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