Issue#66647: Intel - Using RAPL utility to distribute power between CPU and GPU

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    We have i7-4790K processor with integrated HD 4600 graphics. It is a 88W TDP part.


    I recently used RAPL to measure power of x86-cores (pp0) , GPU (pp1) and the package (pkg) as a whole. One thing, I noticed during my experiments is that the maximum power dissipated in CPU and GPU devices are very different. In particular, I noticed that the maximum pp0 power is around 45W while maximum pp1 power is only about 18 watt across wide range of cpu-gpu workloads.


    Further, by putting a lower cap on pp0 and pp1 domains, I am able to bring down the power dissipation in each domain. However, I am not able to increase the maximum power allowed to dissipate in GPU (pp1). I am wondering if there is a way to increase the power limit of pp1 domain?



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  • Issue#75634: Intel NUC6i3 with Intel HD 520 audio over HDMI issue

    Hi, I got some frustrating issues with my Intel HD 520 and Audio via HDMI / mDP. [Description]The Audio over HDMI just stops/breaks under some circumstances: 1. Starting some games in fullscreen will instantly break audio over HDMI / mDP. Window Mode works just fine.2. Using Kodi in Fullscreen when switchin between different refresh rates (24p, 50p, 60p). It can happen after some videos or even after just one video. There is no error or anything reported back to me. After this issue happend the software will hang / stutter and freezes when closed down.Some games work just fine for hours without any issues. I've got no idea why that is. When starting the Game "Faster than Light" in fullscreen sound breaks 100% of all times.Playing some old backups of my GameCube games with Dolphin emulator and DirectX as Renderer will also lead 100% to this issue. The Games "Kerbal Space Program" and "Dead Space 1" worked always without any issues.  [Hardware]Its

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  • Issue#104804: Hardware - Intel's 14nm Process Smaller Pitch, Smaller Die, Same Power Consumption

    Intel never claimed that Broadwell or Skylake would bring huge improvements. Still, looking at the Reviews of i7-5775C, I was surprised to see the pundits almost unanimously recommend Devil's Canyon instead, because it was much more affordable, available and higher clocked. I for one was impressed of the 5775C eDRAM gaming prowess and low idle power. After Skylake was released somewhere between the pages and pages of technobabble, the IPC talk, meaningless benchmarks, and neatly arranged oranges and apples one simple fact was lost: Power consumption and power efficiency didn't change at all. Isn't at the end of the day Performance per Watt the ultimate CPU benchmark? Haven't we all, myself included always taken for granted that a new process will bring better efficiency? - Not the case with Intel's 14nm, it seems. Only much later looking at curiously high OC voltages it became clear that (load) power consumption hasn't changed. The best/only point of comparison is the i7-4790K and t

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    I need an AFFORDABLE (both new or used) Intel processor that runs fairly quick and competitive today for 2016, but uses good amount of power consumption that will heat up my room a little in cold winter. I'm thinking Sandy Bridge, like Pentium G645, fits best in this category. Or maybe I should step up to i3-2130 since prices are depreciating fast, but it's still selling for $65 shipped. I tried putting in a Haswell, but the power supply runs too cold and doesn't heat up my room fast enough, plus they're 30% more-expensive than used Sandy Bridge. I haven't tried Ivy Bridge yet, because used price for them is near-identical to Haswell, and I assume they're at the middle. What I'm not sure is how Sandy Bridge's HD graphics compete with today's time? I notice for Windows 10 download, Intel only supports Ivy Bridge and later. Sandy Bridge retains the older black-color interface, but can be installed for Windows 10 with no problem. What do you suggest me? :)