Issue#710: iPhone 4: Volume buttons or ringer not working

  • So for two weeks now my side volume buttons don't work. When I try to change the volume the little speaker picture doesn't even show up. I can't hear any of my incoming calls or text messages. But if I turn in my iPod on it I hear the music. So my speaker does work. I can't find what I have to do. My phone is updated to IOS 5.1.1 also my phone isn't jailbroken.

    ⟐ Answered January 23, 2016 at 5:24 pm -0700

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  • Issue#715922: iPhone 4: Why aren't my volume buttons or ringer working?

    For two weeks now, my side volume buttons haven't worked. When I try to change the volume, the little speaker picture doesn't even show up. I can't hear any of my incoming calls or text messages. But if I play music on my iPhone, I can hear it. So my speaker does work. I can't find any information about what I have to do. My phone is updated to iOS 5.1.1, and it isn't jailbroken. ⟐ Commented June 2, 2016 at 9:09 am -0700

  • Issue#661617: iPhone 5c: volume control buttons not working after lcd and ear piece replacement

    Replaced the lcd and transferred the earpiece and home button unto the new piece - now the volume can not be changed and the "bell" icon does not come up on screen. I can hear the caller on the other end pretty well, but can't adjust the volume. Any answers? Mahalos richard

  • Issue#981687: iPhone 6: Power button, volume buttons, front/rear camera, and flash not working

    This occurred after taking my phone apart to fix the wifi flex cable. I have fix many phones before and never had an issue. What could have happened!?

  • Issue#1180978: iPhone 5: Volume buttons not working after battery replacement

    Used the iFixit kit to replace a faulting iPhone 5 battery. I can hardly say the repair went smoothly, but after I got everything back together and powered the phone on I am getting no response from either of the volume buttons. The mute switch works fine, and the buttons still provide tactile feedback with no sticking. So I am wondering if this is likely a result of the flex cable being nicked or if it's possible something was plugged back in correctly while I was reassembling the phone. I have already tried the trick of repeatedly pressing the buttons to see if they will eventually register with no success, so I can't help but think that it has to be a hardware issue. ⟐ Answered September 6, 2016 at 10:39 am -0700

  • Issue#26138: iPhone 6: Volume Down button not working following possible water damage

    I dropped my iPhone 6 in the salt water for a few seconds. I immediately turn it off and within 10 minutes had it in bag of rice for about a week. I figured that when I opened to inspect it for damage I would replace the battery, which I successfully did using the iFixit guide. Except for one water damage sensor turning red, there was no other obvious damage or corrosion. I did not completely disassemble the phone. Only went as far as battery removal and replacement. Also blew out the phone with compressed air. Put it back together and it works fine. Just recently however, the volume down button stopped working. Maybe this is due to some corrosion on a connector? The button itself feels normal. I suppose the only fix will be to replace the cable? I am now wondering if when I opened the phone up to inspect for damage and replace the battery, if I should have done a total dismantling of the phone and checked every nook and cranny for corrosion. Would that be the recommended procedure ev

  • Issue#39936: BlackBerry Passport: volume up, mute and volume down buttons are not working.

    i am ready to go crazy. initial issue was volume up button was the only one that didn't work, took it to a tech place and they said it was a hardware issue and they couldn't find the piece. i went online and it seemed possible that it was a software issue. in the meantime Rogers (Canada) said it wasn't my phone because the ie number was different. i said they were sending me bills without any problem... anyways, I'm not suicidal but I'm inches from giving up and changing inept phone companies... and phone types. I am now beside myself as the 2nd tech company I went to seems to have made the mute and volume down buttons also inoperable. So, what's my next step?

  • Issue#57511: iPhone 5c: Tough screen not working, possible motherboard issue

    I have replaced the lcd/screen on my iPhone 5c as the touch screen wasn't working. However the Screen still doesn't respond. I tried a second screen but still no luck. I am now wondering if the fault could lie with the motherboard and that the motherboard has failed? I'm hoping this is not the case but any ideas would be greatly received. ⟐ Answered February 3, 2016 at 11:16 am -0700

  • Issue#78493: Mic stopped working after replacing iPhone 5 power/volume flex cable

    I replaced the power/volume flex cable when the power button stopped working on my iPhone 5. It was a little tricky, but I think it all went well. The new flex cable fixed the power button, but somehow the mic got killed in the process. Speakerphone and Siri work normally, but Voice Memo and regular phone calls get no sound. I think that means the bottom mic isn't working ? It seems really unlikely that I somehow broke that mic while replacing the flex cable, since it's in a part of... Mic stopped working after replacing iPhone 5 power/volume flex cable

  • Issue#96355: Nokia Lumia 925: Power and Volume Down Buttons not Working

    My power and volume down buttons stopped working. My phone is out of warrenty. Is there any way I can fix this?

  • Issue#105581: iPhone 4: Volume not working at all

    The other day I dropped my phone in the bathtub and the speakers were a little funny sounding, I put it in rice to get the water out and the speakers worked perfectly fine but now I can't turn up or down the volume on my phone no matter what I do I can't hear any sound at all, The little speaker doesn't even show up I've tried turning off the volume limit on music and turning off silent mode but nothing is working. please help! ⟐ Answer accepted February 11, 2016 at 7:46 pm -0700

  • Issue#125876: iPhone 4S: The volume buttons won't work one my iPhone 4s

    when i click the volume buttons, the screen just says ringer, the sound doesn't work for spotify, youtube, and it's doesn't ding for texts or notifications, but if i set up an alarm, or go into setting and mess with the sounds and alerts bar, the sound works. i don't know what's going on and i need help! ⟐ Answered February 15, 2016 at 6:48 pm -0700

  • Issue#222757: Corsair H1500 - Volume buttons not working

    I bought a new Corsair H1500 headset but the volume buttons are not working i tried to install the driver for this headset and nothing is working is there something i can do? Thank you for your help

  • Issue#365214: Volume buttons have stopped working

    Ever since the update to the new tvOS version the AppleTV remote can't change the volume of my tv any more. It worked flawlessly before. Is anyone else affected by this?

  • Issue#381831: Rattling iPhone SE's power buttons. Issue?

    Hi guys, I follow the threads where all of us can share our experiences with ordering and receiving new iPhone SE's and I have noticed that some of you had mentioned the rattling power button. Is this really a problem with the SE? How was the power button on the 5S?

  • Issue#392817: ASUS PadFone X: Why my padfone station power and volume buttons are not working

    why my padfone station power and volume buttons are not working plz help me out thanks

  • Issue#487141: Unity - Audio volume level is too low in iphone, working in ipad

    Hi, We developed a game in Unity5.1.2, having a game for audio song recording with background track playing, when microphone starts recording using Microphone.Start() function, audio volume level of background track playing in the game is too low for iphone devices (tested in iphone 5s) and working fine with ipads. Included the following fixes for it 1) importing UnitySpeakerFix unity package and called iPhoneSpeaker.ForceToSpeaker () 2) Checked/Unchecked Prepare iOS for recording option... Audio volume level is too low in iphone, working in ipad

  • Issue#496639: iPhone 5s: Volume button and ringer switch is stuck after replacement.

    How do I attache the volume and lock button properly after I've replaced my upper component cable So I tried to replace my upper component cable because my lock button was not working and it resulted in me not being able to press down on the volume button, and the ringer switch is mainly stuck in it's position. Any tips on how I can fix this? ⟐ Edited April 20, 2016 at 2:33 pm -0700

  • Issue#506082: iphone 6 plus volume on ringer and music

    volume going down by itself on ringer and music I just got an iphone 6 plus monday and the volume on ringer and music been great and this am i could hardly hear my alarm,ringer and music. I turn volume button all way up then before screen goes off it will go down by itself......Help!!!!!!I just paid alot of money for this and it needs to work

  • Issue#527491: Speaker/ringer quit working the volume can be set to all levels but there is no sound help

    There has been no damage to phone.  Sound works only through the use of an ear piece or when using phone normally without speaker.

  • Issue#541801: iPhone 5c: Power Button, Volume Button and Silent Buttons won't work

    My step-sisters iPhone 5C found its way into a puddle of water and was found the next morning after being submerged all night. They placed it in rice and were able to get it running again. After about half a year she started to complain about the power button on top not working. They took it to the nearby Apple store and wouldn't work on it stating that the cable for the power cable was corroded. Knowing that I purchased a replacement cable from this site and took it apart following iFixit's awesome walk-through. After the replacement was done everything tested out correctly and there were no problems whatsoever. All the buttons worked as they should. Then a couple hours later suddenly and without warning the power button, volume buttons and the silent button all stopped working. The home button still works as well as the screen and everything else. Any ideas?

  • Issue#561130: iPhone 6: What is causing the issue of the charging not working properly?

    Now, I have somewhat isolated the issue and have a solution. The part I don't understand is, what part of the front display frame specifically is causing this weird ground issue? One solution was to lift up the screen and just put it back on. The other solution was to change the screen. I just had to lift up the screen and put it back on (Only need to lift up the bottom part) for my mums phone like literally an hour ago and it fixed the charging issue where the battery % would not go up and it kept saying 'This lightning cable is not a certified blah blah' which disappeared when I did the solution. A few other users on iFixit have had this issue with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus specifically. Bonus question: How does one get moderator? ⟐ Edited by author May 2, 2016 at 10:33 pm -0700

  • Issue#669234: [xubuntu] volume buttons not working, pulseaudio failing from time-to-time

    recently volume buttons on keyboard does not work at all. And also from time-to-time it happens I need to do Code: pulseaudio -K cause when I try to use pulseaudio GUI it says it's loading but nothing happening, also via terminal. what should I search in system logs for?

  • Issue#678686: Blackberry - Restart and volume buttons not working

    Hi everyone,I now have my BlackBerry Passport for approximately 1,5 years and never had any major issues. OS installed is yesterday morning, the restart and volume buttons stopped working. Quite annoying as I couldn't block the screen or restart the bb.To solve this, I tried draining the BlackBerry, to force a restart once I gave it some electricity again.That as such worked. However, the restarting process would proceed until 60% after which the screen went black. And stayed black. I saw messages coming in, as the red light kept flickering, but the screen stayed black. The buttons worked again, and I restarted the BlackBerry numerous times.Suddenly, after removing the electricity plug again, the screen went back on again. Hurray! However... I am back at square one: the restart and volume buttons are not working anymore.Any suggestions on how to resolve this?Thanks!!

  • Issue#689302: iPhone 5s: Why are the buttons on my iPhone 5s not working

    After I replaced my battery, none of my buttons work except the home button. IPhone is normal otherwise. What did I do or not do?

  • Issue#821738: HP - Brightness and Volume buttons not working

    Product: F9H96UAR#ABAModel: 15-g012dx I have had this laptop for about a year and a half and have had issues with the brightness buttons not working before.  Usually I could get them working again by restarting my laptop.   Now my brightness and volume buttons won't work at all even after I restart.  I can get the brightness and volume to change in settings and by clicking the volume button on the bottom right corner of the screen, but pressing the f buttons does nothing.  The only f button that seems to be working is f1 (?).  I have looked on a bunch of forums and there is a wealth of advice regarding installing drivers, rebooting, etc., but many of the links they suggest are out of date and lead nowhere.  Can anyone help me with this?

  • Issue#832259: iPhone 6: Power button cycling and volume down not working, otherwise seems fine

    Yesterday, some coffee spilled into a tray in which my iphone6 was placed. The power button was inoperable when pressed, ie physically/mechanically , but began acting like it was being pressed sporadically (so I could not fully turn it off because if I turned it off via accessibility setting it would turn right back on). The frequency of the "pressing" increased as the day went on (again, not physically, just electronically). The volume down button also did not work. Otherwise, the phone was fine. Eventually, the battery died and it is now in a bag of rice. Any diagnostic and/or repair suggestions? Thx in advance.

  • Issue#837439: LG Optimus G: Volume buttons not working. How do I fix them?

    The power button works fine, so Im able to power the phone on and off. But the volume button doesn't work at all, up or down. When pushing either the volume up or volume down button, you can feel it click in and back out as you push it. So it seems as if it's functioning fine, but nothing results from pushing either the volume up or volume down button. It's as if the volume button isn't connected to the phone at all, it won't even wake the screen up. So I followed the instructions from this site on how to disassemble the phone, and removed the back of the phone hoping to see a way to fix it, but I had no such luck. So before I go any further, I wanted to ask and see if someone might know what the problem is, and how to fix it. I'm pretty good at working on and repairing things...So I'm hoping that this is something I can fix myself. ⟐ Commented June 27, 2016 at 8:46 am -0700

  • Issue#884023: iPhone 4: Why my volume not working but works when using a ear piece?

    My Iphone 4 has no sound when I play music or video. The volume is not working when I pressed the volume buttons. The speaker sign shows up when volume button is pressed but with volume at zero at all time (speaker sign without the cross i.e. its not muted). But when ear piece is plugged in, the volume works normally. What is the problem? The volume buttons, the speaker or the phone jack?

  • Issue#895921: Samsung Android Phone: Volume and other buttons working, but screen isn't. Help?

    My phone fell by accident on the floor. The screen has semi-evident markings caused by the fall, although, whenever I touch the back, the tab, and the volume button they still light up and the volume still goes up as I can hear the standard sound that the volume button does when it is clicked. Also, whenever I click the power button, part of the screen goes on for a fraction of second. My theory is that only the screen is broken but the phone still works. What am I supposed to do?