Issue#720: Does anyone else have loading time issues in Safari?

  • I'm on a 2015 MBPr "15, latest Yosemite update. Anytime I close my laptop or go to my desktop screen (I always keep safari in a full page) then go back later it always either takes forever to refresh Facebook, or just says "Safari can't connect to the internet". But here's the catch, it's ONLY with Facebook. I'll have other tabs open at the same time and they'll refresh if I hit Command + R. Anyone else have this issue?

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  • Issue#83394: Google search/YouTube not loading in Safari most of the time

    Hello everybody, since some months now, my Safari has a problem with loading Google search and YouTube pages. When I use the address bar to search, most of the time the blue progress bar gets stuck at the beginning, leaving me there forever, sometimes giving me an error at the end. Not sure if it's timeout or server not found now, trying to get the error but stuck at said progress bar. Sometimes typing in will load Google but as soon as I type in what I'm looking for and press... Google search/YouTube not loading in Safari most of the time

  • Issue#108952: First Time Overclocker...Having Issues with Maximus VI Formula - Loading OC Gamer Profile

     "Hey Everybody, Brand new to Overclocking and was trying to test the waters with a..."

  • Issue#132516: Safari has issues loading some websites?

    I noticed over the past few days my Macbook pro 13 inch 2015 edition is having some issues loading some websites like where it is stuck in a loading pattern. I know it is my Macbook since I have no issue with my iPhone or 2 windows laptops on the same wifi.

  • Issue#992969: Loading Time Issue

    I have around 60 ping usually. AMD Phenom || I think, and I run the game on optimized optimized settings and yeah. I don't know why its loading so long.

  • Issue#1265: iPhone 5c: Can someone explain this date & time issue one iOS 8.3?

    This device has a very strange date & time issue (maybe multiple issues). Auto time/date will not automatically detect the timezonewill not automatically adjust to the correct time Maintain time/date the time will count upwards as normal until the screen is locked for roughly 10 minutes (sleep)once the device resumes from sleep (unlock) it will display the time that was registered immediately prior to sleeping - and will continue to count upwards as normal from there Manually setting time/date when manually setting the date & time, the day/month scroll will sporadically change - for example: above the selector bar will show 9 May, below the bar will show 11 May but inside the bar will show 26 Oct (all just example dates).when scrolling through the dates, the day/month will magically meld into the incorrect sequence of day/monthoften the 'set date & time' will jump forward or backward by as much as 30 years or more (sometimes also resetting to Unix Epoch)often the scro

  • Issue#5969: Playstation - I have solved my issue now I just have a general question for long time ps vita users

    I just have a simple qustion for ps vita users. In your experience have all yiour ps vita card always broken or caused issues with age? Just trying to get general information on this.

  • Issue#12121: Skype - Account Login Issues - keep on loading and it does not sign in.

    Hi Team,   I am unable to login to skype, when i enter my password it prompts me to approve the 2 step verfication, after which i click on Approve from my cell phone but still the cursor keep on loading and it does not sign in.   It worked absoultely fine till morning.Kindly look into it.   Is anyone else facing the same issue with the latest version?     Mod edit: [Title to be more descriptive]

  • Issue#12851: Safari download speed issue

    Hi everyone. Been having this problem with safari download speeds. Whenever I try speed tests (no flash) I can get a speed of between 200-250 mbps max downloads. I'm on a 1 gbps plan. When I use firefox, I get about 800-900 mbps. I've tried this on my Macbook Pro, the wife's macbook pro, my mac pro all show the same issue with safari. Have disabled all extensions. Have even tried it with clean installs of the whole OS. Same issue. Stunted download speeds, although interestingly I can get... Safari download speed issue

  • Issue#13850: Safari issues.

    When I try to type anything into the web bar on Safari, it just boots me out to the main screen. I have restarted my cell multiple times, played with the safari settings, cleaned the history, etc. I live about 50 + miles from an apple store...can anyone give any other suggestions?

  • Issue#16386: Apple Login Issues with Safari

    On my stock 6s I am having login issues at the apple site when trying to download the beta. At the login screen where it asks for my apple id and password... when I type them in and tap the login button nothing happens. No error stating the password or id was wrong... just, nothing happens. It just refreshes the login page. I checked and am not in private browsing mode. I powered down the phone and turned it back on. I tried Chrome and Dolphin and the login works fine on both (but it won't open the beta file download, so I'm assuming I need Safari because it opens it to the phone Settings). Popups are disabled Cookies are enabled Content Blockers are disabled Any ideas?

  • Issue#16993: ios 9.2.1 Safari issue?

    Hi, I recently (in the last week) switched from an Android device to an iPhone 6s. I am finding a couple little quirks that are driving me crazy. I'm not sure if it is related to the software version I am on or if there is anything I can do. The first issue I am having is: I like to read reviews a lot before I make a purchase. When I am on Walmart's website looking at reviews, as soon as the page finishes loading all reviews shorten to a certain length and are cut off ending in a "..." and... ios 9.2.1 Safari issue?

  • Issue#17624: TestStand 4.2 Continuous Testing issue - same Time reporting for every UUT

    hi,   i have this issue on my TestStand 4.2, everytime I do continuous testing (Execute >> Test UUTs), each UUT has the same Time in reporting. What I need is how to modify the process model in such a way each UUT should have different Time in reporting. Please see image below for reference.   thanks, val87  

  • Issue#19387: [Xbox One] Loading Issue (Bug)

    1. What is the issue you're experiencing? When approaching a contaminated area, nearby the Virus Research mission in Chelsea, the game freezes and then resumes. 2. What were you doing when this issue occurred? Heading towards the mission. 3. Are you able to recreate the issue? Every time. 4. What you done in an attempt to correct this issue? I have died a few times on my way over, so I am able to recreate it each time. Unsure how to proceed to correct the issue.

  • Issue#19517: Occasionally missing data from output - Issue with Elapsed Time, Sample Compression, or something el

    Hi all, Hope you can help with the following. I have: A DAQ Assistant reading from 2 thermocouples at 1 Hz Sample Compression (factor of 60) to obtain the average every minute (not rolling average) Producer/consumer setup Elapsed Time which enables Write to Measurement (xlsx) every 60 seconds I ran this from 3:50pm to 7:22am the following morning. It seems to have worked, but I noticed that about once an hour, a data point is missing. Is this an issue with timing or how I set up the VI? Please advise.   Thanks!  

  • Issue#20636: [XBOX ONE] LOD Loading Issue

    1. What is the issue you're experiencing? - The LOD's aren't loading properly. The moment I set out of the Hudson Camp zone it takes minutes for the LOD's surrounding me to reach high detail. This is true for major building assets, vehicles, set design assets, and character models. It is especially problematic when assets don't even load their visual component but still have their interactions. I can still vault over objects that haven't loaded their models, and get killed by enemies that I can not see/ shoot. 2. What were you doing when this issue occurred? - I was walking around the map like any player would. 3. Are you able to recreate this issue? - Every time I load the game I have this issue. 4. What have you done in an attempt to correct this issue? - I've restarted the beta and the Xbox. I'll edit this post and attach a video once I have it. What would be the preferred method of sharing videos?

  • Issue#20777: Real Time Preview issues with After Effects

    Hello fellow AE designers. I have an issue... Since updating to the latest AE, I can not get real time previews... no matter what resolution I set the comp or preview at. Heres the thing, while the preview is playing back... and it varies between 12 fps and 23 fps... if I right click in the comp window... the playback jumps straight into 25 fps - real time (I'm in PAL terrritory)...then if I click elsewhere the play back again jumps to some rate below real time... This is bizzarre. Without going into what I'm running on what OS and how much ram etc etc etc... I am bamboozled as to WHY IT HAS ALWAYS WORKED....  till this upgrade? Does any one else have this issue and does the bizarre right mouse click action enble real time playback? Pleas someone/STAFF shed a little light on this...  as it's VERY annoying. BTW I am running a 2014 Mac Pro, with Yosemite 10.10.5, 64 GB RAM with Blackmagic Ultra studio Express.    Cheers fr

  • Issue#22482: Fast Travel has insanely long loading time

    I fast traveled from several different locations to the Base of Operations, while I had friends run back. Every time, they would make it all the way back, and then I'd spawn there up to 10 seconds after they arrived. Even when fast traveling to a friend who's only a minute run down a street, the fast travel loading screen takes several minutes. While I highly doubt this is by design, on the off chance it is, can you make it more obvious the fast travel is actually working? Took me several times to notice that small loading wheel in the upper left corner.

  • Issue#27745: Observation on PC issues(Workaround for MIKE issue)

    So far there are my observations The VRAM usage is too high @1080p easily exceeds 4GB , probably causing the stuttering many experience(i use 970 and 4690k) There are some obvious multiplayer issues, causing FPS drops And the MIKE DELTA issues. (Workaround use WTFast proxy tool has 14 day trial This works for me) These are three issues I have observed

  • Issue#29351: Getting some issues with beta (loading and CPU problems)

    I'm getting some issues when it comes to performance with the game's beta. I'm getting unusual long load times at times. Where it takes forever loading matchmaking or first entering the game. I'm also getting some major CPU usage. I don't know if its cause I have a i5-4690k or its the game's beta where it needs polish but I'm experiencing 90-100% CPU usage most of the time. I know I'm not the only one experiencing this.

  • Issue#44005: Lenovo - Tab 2 A8-50F doc files loading issue

    Hello, I've just bought a new Ideatab 2 A8-50F. I have a problem with doc files. When I open a doc file with pre-installed Officesuite, the tablet freezes for 15 min, untill the file is ready for viewing. I tried a few different versions of Officesuite, all the same. I don't know, if it's a problem with every unit or just my tablet. When I try to load the file on my Xiaomi Redmi mobile, quad core 1.66MHz, the file is ready in 3 sec, so I don't understand, why it takes 15 min on the tablet. If someone could, please, try to open the attached file with Officesuite and let me know, if you have the same issue or if it works. Tab A8-50FAndroid 5.1Core 3.10.65 Thanks a lot

  • Issue#46638: EA - loading issue

    Hi, I am having issues loading Mahjong Escape.  Whenever I click on "start game" I get the little pogo icon and the loading bar, but it freezes and stops loading at about 1/3 loaded.  This problem just started tonight and I'm not sure why - I have been playing this game for weeks in internet explorer (the newest version) and Microsoft Edge with minimal issues - I even played it this morning without a problem loading but have not been able to get on.  My laptop is only a month old so everything should be up to date (and as I said, it was working as of this morning) - I have not loaded anything new, changed any settings or anything since this morning.  My adobe flash player version is: You have version 20,0,0,272 installed - which it tells me is the newest version when I try to update it.  Pogo - Browser and System InfoBrowser = Microsoft Internet Explorer 11(Browser Mode 11, Document Mode 11)Cookies Enabled? = trueDo Not Track = undefinedResolution = 1280 x

  • Issue#47545: EA - Monopoly Classic won't load in Safari for OS 10.9.5. No compatibility issues.

    Unable to play. No compatibility issues. Compatibility scan negative. No issues. Are free games no longer free? Running latest Java and Flash Player for stated OS.

  • Issue#53087: EA - NFS Most Wanted Loading Issue

    I downloaded from On the house and the game opens correctly. When I press start the game keeps loading till the end of the times without getting me any errors, just keeps loading. ¿Any ideas? Ty

  • Issue#53452: IPhone 6s plus face time issue

    I have purchased an iPhone 6s plus in Saudi Arabia. I couldn't find face time app installed in my phone. Could someone help how to install the face time in my phone for ios 9.1 OS. Is there any way to install the face time app without any jailbreak.

  • Issue#53709: Lenovo - Contacts loading taking too much time

    Can any one plz help me how to resolve it

  • Issue#55784: No Images Loading and DLL Issues

    So for some reason on both Renegades TV Guide & iVue TV Guide no images will load but it seems to be setup correct. I reinstalled tons of times no help. I checked the log and I get the following a LOT: 12:37:47 T:6452 ERROR: Win32DllLoader::Load: Failed to load "C:\Users\Justin\Documents\Kodi\system\ImageLib.dll" with error 127: "The specified procedure could not be found." 12:37:47 T:6452 ERROR: Win32DllLoader::Load: Failed to load "C:\Users\Justin\Documents\Kodi\system\libcec.dll" with error 127: "The specified procedure could not be found." Both files are there so why the error? The DLL for ImageLib is probably why its not loading any images for renegades or ivue but I cannot find any help on getting these to work

  • Issue#59963: Tableau - Reduce Loading Time

    How do I speed up loading up the views within a workbook in Tableau Server and speed up when I'm working on the worksheets that require loading / updating the data sources within Tableau Workbook?

  • Issue#62288: Website loading time

    hi all; our website seem to be loading after 10 sec appr.We have not made any changes. I am also finding it when I run this locally via xamp through chrome and mozzila. It was all fine until yesterday.. Is there any update we will have to do due to some update happened within the browser. I have also asked our host provider to get some answers to this. But did anyone experience this with their website? We use normal HTML and CSS, no wordpress anything like that..

  • Issue#69037: Notebook - ==Serious response time issue of Dell XPS15 9550 FHD

    guys, I got a serious issue of my xps15 9550, 1080FHD Terrible response time issue! ghosting! I play PES2016 (I played this game on PC and notebook since 2008, and never has this problem) on xps15, and everything showing dragging shadows! when player moving and ball moving, It hurts my eyes really bad. I set my game right, using Nvidia setting, this has been done million times, can not go wrong! updated latest driver no problem!... ==Serious response time issue of Dell XPS15 9550 FHD