Issue#74: Tableau - Tableau Data Engine Error: 8 with all published views on server 9.1.1

  • Recently we encountered issue with below error for all views. This impacted all business users in QA instance. We were not able to figure out what was the root cause. We have open case with Tableau as well. Even though, we were able to resolve issue but still would like to hear from anyone who had similar issue and know the root cause so that we can avoid going forward.


    "An unexpected error occurred. If you
    continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server

    DataSourceException: Tableau Data Engine Error: 8: An error has occurred in
    IPC_Socket::Recv(buffer length=16) An existing connection was forcibly closed
    by the remote host

    2016-01-20 00:25:41.372 (Vp7UBawQOk0AAAho0GQAAAJO,1,1)

    Would you like to reset the view?'


    Resolution: On two node architecture


    1. Stop Services

    2. Move all services from Worker Node to Primary Node except Data Engine; File Store; Repository

    3. Save and start services; After start check if all views are working as expected, in our case we did not encountered the above said issue.

    4. Stop services again

    5. Move all services from Primary Node to Worker Node except File Store; Gateway; Search and Browse and save

    6. Start services and things should be back as before without issue.




    Deepak Sinha




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    There is about 50000 record in this table I am trying to get information from... If I narrow down the range it fine... but if I request all of it I get this error... Thanks.  CARLOS TRIVINO | Director, Information Technology905-875-0708 ext.332   Fax: 905-875-55191-375 Wheelabrator Way, Milton, ON, L9T3C1 "This email and any attachments may be confidential or legally privileged. If you received this message in error or are not the intended recipient, you should destroy the e-mail message and any attachments or copies, and you are prohibited from retaining, distributing, disclosing or using any information contained herein. Please inform us of the erroneous delivery by return e-mail.  

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    Hi All, I have an excel source (200MB) loaded as data source with 7 sheets with data extracted using separate queries. In Tableau I have the joins defined where the tables have  separate queries and extracts data into a worksheet. In the other sheets I have the dimensions with the joins defined. Now I have access to SQL server database and want to create and replace the schema. So I have 7 queries and these will extract data from live DB to Tableau and extract data and later schedule on server. Do I need to build separate connections for every query and join them  in Tableau same as like I did in excel ? What is the right approach to take in this scenario. Can I have 7 connections and then blend them inside Tableau ? I have many dashboards built of this data. Please advise.

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    I am looking for the best / most efficient way to blend or join a secondary data source which contains a master zip to territory mapping. Primary data source: (live connection tableau online) each row has a zipSecondary data source: (excel) master zip file with ~40k rows (all US zips) - each zip is tied to a territory I am looking to add the territories from the master zip to territory file as a filter. I tried data blending using the zip codes as a common field but I am facing very slow performance. Is there a better way to do this?

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    I have a parameter filter in a dashboard (see screenshot 1) that I've created on Tableau Desktop (version 8.3). When I publish it to Tableau Server (version 8.3), one of my users cannot see the filter (screenshot 2). He is using Chrome in a Mac, I am using Chrome on a PC. Has anyone experienced this before? I've tried removing the filter and re-adding it but nothing changed. Also, everything else on his dashboard is identical to what I see. I'm extracting the data from a server before publishing it to Tableau Server. What I see on Desktop:  What the user sees on Server:     Any help would be greatly appreciated! Derek

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    I recently attended a customer summit where one of the break-out sessions focused on the challenge of adding row-level security to a published data source on Tableau Server.  This is something that we'd been struggling with for a while and something we really needed to figure out prior to going live with our latest project (which would add hundreds of new users to Tableau, users who needed to only see specific slices of the data). Thanks to some help by Tableau Support, we finally got it to work.  Below is a short blog post that describes how we added row-level security to a TDE.  I hope others find this useful.  It's actually much easier than we originally thought. Pixel Mixer: Row-Level Security On A Published Tableau Data Source  -Mike

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    Good day Tableau Community,   I'm new to Tableau 'tabcmd' and I would really appreciate support here.   I have a data source on Tableau Server named "FilterList". The connection type is Text File and it connects to a CSV file as an Extract. This CSV file sits on the same server as the Tableau Server and we used UNC path.   I want to refresh this data source each time the CSV file is updated using 'tabcmd' below:        "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.2\bin\tabcmd" refreshextracts --datasource FilterList  --no-certcheck --synchronous   However, I am gated with issue below.     ===== Continuing previous session   =====     Server:   =====     Username: RohnJose   ===== Scheduling extracts for datasource 'default/FilterList' to be refreshed now...   ===== com.tableausoftwa

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    Hello allOn Tableau Desktop, I can select multiple data point on my graph and have access to “View data Option”; however, I cannot do the same after publish it on Tableau Desktop.Below showing what I see on Tableau Desktop:Below showing what I see on Tableau Server after publishing the workbook (Note that view data is NOT there):  I include Commands bottoms as enabled on the tooltip and I have full permission on Tableau Server (I'm one of the admins) so I should be able to see the data.What else should I look to troubleshoot the issue?Thanks in advance 

  • Issue#432528: Tableau - Analysis Services database error 0x80004005 in Tableau Server

    Hello everyone,I have use Cube Dynamic AX in Tableau desktop 9.3. When I publish dashboard Tableau Server. I have a error, as below picture.The error appear when I update Cube Dynamic AX. I can try Deploy Cube Dynamic AX again but the error still occur.How i can fix error?Thanks for your help.  

  • Issue#432529: Tableau - Analysis Services database error 0x80004005 in Tableau Server

    Hello everyone,I have use Cube Dynamic AX in Tableau desktop 9.3. When I publish dashboard Tableau Server. I have a error, as below picture.The error appear when I update Cube Dynamic AX. I can try Deploy Cube Dynamic AX again but the error still occur.How i can fix error?Thanks for your help.