Issue#742419: Notebook - Inspiron 15 7000

  • Hi, I have the inspiron 15" 7000 series 7537
    I wanted to install an egpu for my laptop, since it's stationary.
    I was wondering how others who did this did it. I will be buying the dock and I have a power supply already. I have an old GPU to make sure that It will work, before investing in a nicer one.
    So I am wondering if I could take out the wireless card or swap it out and convert that m.pcie slot into a slow for an external graphics. I would still be able to use the WiFi through a usb...

    Inspiron 15 7000

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    That's the opposite of my experience with their service... They offered to send a technician to my house the day after I called them, and he replaced the screen within five minutes... (I live in Israel so I guess the service varies between different countries). Good luck with that!

  • Issue#533914: Notebook - Dell Inspiron 7537 - Hinge issue

    Hi, Few days back, my laptop started a hinge issue. I was opening the lid, I heard a minor ing sound. I checked the rear side - the right hinge made the sound and a gap can be seen between bottom plastic base and upper metal body (palm rest) near the right hinge. Here is the image of it.... Dell Inspiron 7537 - Hinge issue

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    Hi, The hinge mount point on the palm rest assembly were broken. The palm rest assembly has been replaced. The hinges are tight little bit from very beginning. This laptop while opening the lid, it takes bit more pressure than usual on the palm rest to open the lid. To prevent any damage on the hinge mount point again, is it ok to loosen the hinges a bit?

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    Hello I've had an Inspiron 13 7000 7347 for a year and a half. Now, the CPU fan makes a buzzing, droning, and grinding sound. I know how to take out the fan, but is it possible to open fan itself to put in a drop of oil? Thanks a lot

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    Hi guys, i'm currently deciding between the two. They're priced the same, but specs-wise the Inspiron 13 7000 (released just this month) has the ff extras: - backlit keyboard - touchscreen i'm leaning towards the Zenbook, as my personal experience with the earlier Inspiron 11 was not that great(touchscreen went crazy, then the touchpad, then the display wetn purply in a space of two years; still working though) Comments? tia

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    I'm looking for a laptop under $800 AUS for University. I move around a lot so i need one that is light and mobile. I was looking around and was wondering wether the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 was a good choice or wether any cheaper options were available.

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    Regarding keyboard cover for Dell Inspiron 7000 13 2-in-1, does anybody know if the cover for 7348 will also fit 7368?

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    Does the system overheat? Does it freeze or turn off automatically when its hot? What applications are you using when the fan issue is noticed? Is the fan noisy? Does it run with noise from the time the system is turned on? Are there any bluescreens / system crashes?

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    The Hard Drive on my second new Inspiron 17 7000 Series 2-in-1 just died. The first one only lasted 3 days. The second one lasted 13 days. Is anyone else having a lot of problems with the hard drives in these systems? The system hasn't been jarred (it hasn't even left my living room).

  • Issue#8142: Notebook - Specifically Which model m.2 ship with precision 7000 series?

    Precisely which model and part # are the M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs that are SHIPPING with the new precision 7000 series? I am interested in the part # info of the "high performance" as well as the other m.2 drives that ship from Dell. For that matter, if you have one of the new precision laptops that shipped with a drive, I am nterested in seeing what those brand and part numbers are. But in particular the SSDs, and even more so the M.2 that are shipped with the system Thank you

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    Hey guys, I just got my Gigabyte P35x v5 today, and proceeded to install my Samsung 950 Pro m.2 512gb m.2 SSD. I am having an issue however. I have successfully installed Windows 10 on the SSD, and the computer will boot. However, the 1TB 7200RPM drive won't let me get rid of the EFI partition on it, so whenever it boots, it'll go into the dual boot option. I want to format the entire 1TB disk so it's just pure storage, but disk manager won't let me do that, as it says its system files, EFI... Installed new Samsung 950 Pro m.2, have an issue

  • Issue#12169: Notebook - Dell Inspiron 7559

    Does anyone know anything about this laptop? When it's coming out or if it's even real? I can't seem to find any information on it other than this webpage.

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    Hi everyone, ppl, I will build a statue for you if anyone can advise experience with similar laptop. I am testing over a week all options in connecting eGPU Beast by miniPCIe instead of wifi module. With help of egpu guru - nando4 - we tried some options but getting stuck in the beginning - my eGPU could not be detected in device manager... - testing NVidia GTX745 with ATX power supply 300W, tested also with "paperclip trick" To be sure if it's not HW issue, I tested it on Dell E6530... Dell 17r SE 3D (7720), Nvidia 650M, EXP GDC Beast miniPCIe issue

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    I'm troubleshooting an issue I've run into with my recently purchased Dell XPS 9350, which has the new skylake processor and USB Type C connector for video-out instead of mini DP. When connecting the USB Type C -> Displayport cable from my laptop to my external monitor, I get all kinds of flickering, flashing, screen tearing, and snow on the monitor. It is completely unusable. It doesn't matter what resolution or refresh rate is selected. (All drivers are updated, thunderbolt firmware is... XPS 9350 - Bad cable or laptop?? - USB Type C Issue

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    XPS1710 Windows 10 Issue- Audio Aloha, so I decided to give it a try since I still have my spare XPS1710 Gaming Notebook in excellent condition and update it to Windows 10. Installation went smoothly from Windows 7 with no hitch. Everything seems to be in working order and also brought back it's responsiveness but the only issue that I've been trying to solve is the Audio Driver which as many who are familiar with this model, has a Subwoofer. I can't seem to get any of the drivers to work... XPS1710 Windows 10 Issue- Audio

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    I am facing weird issue with XPS 15 L501X screen. It displays windows image for 10-15 seconds and suddenly flickers and goes off(LED lights still on). Laptop screen display has lights but no image. I bought new laptop screen but same situation. I am little confused between cable problem or screen or Video chip problem. Observations posted is completely on external TV. Here below complete illustration. We have 4 option in laptop. 1. Disconnect Projector (Computer Only) - Laptop shows nothing.... Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

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    Hi team , in my laptop there has been 2 white lights showing up in the task bar for the past 1 week , dont know what problem 

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    I bought a laptop last year from Xoticpc. I bought an asus many years ago from them as well that was very good. My xoticpc first worked great the first 2 months i recalled. Then after that, my laptop had issues with the battery where it said you need to replace the battery so basically i have to have it plugged in 100 percent of the time no matter what. Thing is i can't just take the battery out and put it back in b/c my sager laptop has a lot of screws and it is very hard to unscrew it... Sager Laptop Replace Battery and Speak Issue Cost?

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    As we all know , Aorus took away the ability for Max fan in the new update. Since i live in a tropical country, this has created a multitude of problems for me as the auto fan control is inadequate. My idle CPU temps are 60 C. Hence i will be very very grateful if one of you guys could provide me the CnC that allowed Max fan control.

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    Hi All, This may be long so please bear with me. I'm hoping MSIGeno sees this and can provide his recommendation. I haven't been on the forums in years, so I had to make a new account (couldn't remember my old login info). I bought a GS60 back in March of 2015, so it's less than a year old. I have only taken it outside of my house once for vacation, so it has been babied. I absolutely love the laptop. The only issue I've had (until recently) is that it can get pretty hot, so some of... Hard Drive Issue? (MSI GS60 Ghost Pro)

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    So I had a CLEVO P870MD-G with 2x 980M in SLI (stolen laptop). Back then as I remember, when I would play a game for 10 mins + (it was Need for Speed Rivals that I was playing mostly), I would start noticing that the screen is flickering badly, the same kind of flickering if you were to set a monitor @ 40 hz.... Then the laptop got stolen.... Now with my new Eurocom Sky X9, I had it for almost 6 days now, did all the benchmarks and whatnot, everything was fine and temps are CPU = 75C max... Screen flickering issue with P870DM-G

  • Issue#39588: I am unable to hook up my new Dell Inspiron 24 7000 to my HP Color Laserjet CM1312 MFP.

    I purchased a new Dell Inspiron 24 7000 series all-in-one and I can not get it to read my HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP printer.  They are connected and powered up but the Dell cant find the printer.  

  • Issue#43123: HP ENVY m6-n010dx Notebook PC Hinge issue

    I have a question on the HP ENVY m6 notebook hinges.  The hinge is a metal hinge and it is attached via small screws into a plastic housing of the notebook frame.  The hinges are too stiff for fastening into the plastic frame, which when articulated over and over with opening of the screen, if fatigues the plastic, breaking the plastic frame with time.  I have had my laptop 2 years this coming April.  I have been dealing with this issue for the last couple months.  This is a design and engineering flaw and should be repaired at no expense to the purchaser.  HP support, what is your thoughts?

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    Hi, The LCD screen on my laptop began to develop a series of horizontal lines and over the course of two weeks it went from 3 or 4 lines to a total blurred white out making the screen completely unviewable. I bought a replacement screen assembly and installed it and it appeared to work just fine. However once the remaining battery charge depleted, the laptop would not turn on and did not seem to charge. I tried the unplug, battery reset, hold power button combo but could not get the... Screen replacement and power issue Samsung Series 9 NP900X3C Laptop