Issue#809: Move speakers closer to screen (closer to wall) or leave as is...what is best?

  • Hello!
    My front speakers are at around 8 feet away from my seating. So are the back surrounds while the sides are at 6' away. I have been thinking on pushing the mains closer to the screen then adding "wides" to anchor the sound more to the big screen. But that will put the left speaker much closer to the wall and the center much lower to the ground so not sure if that will make the sound worst even with Audyssey.
    What you guys think?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    I have a pair of Ci5160RL-THX speakers but Im hearing they might not be the best for being behind a AT screen because they are aluminuim and could reflect back through the screen and ruin the image. I want Atmos 7.2.4 Budget is up to $8,000 for the LCR and two in wall surround speakers and rear surround. I guess they need to be black. Open to speakers that cost less and more. My only expierence is with KEF and I love the Q900, LS50 sound. The screen is going to be 2.35:1 135". Hopefully these will be the last set of speakers I buy lol. I have a Rotel 1585 5ch 200wpc power amp and Yamaha AX3050 atmos AVR. Was looking at Krix and Martin Logan. But Ivreally dont have a clue. Cheers lads. I will ad a link to my theatre build thread in a sec

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    Ok I am still in the model stage and making a couple aluminum soft jaws for my vice,  I created two holes and extruded them I created a circle and then used sketch dimension to put the hole exactly where I thought they were suppose to be then stopped sketch, then repeat..   Then I realized my soft jaws were a bit longer than the originals, so now I need to bring the 2 holes closer together right now the distance between the 2 hole centers are 3.73"  I need to move them to 2.73" apart,  I know this is a simple function but I cant figure it out..  Thanks fellas..

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    Where can I get acoustically transparent material to cover in wall speakers? Ideally, I would like a framed design like a picture or painting to cover the in wall speakers. Thanks, Joe M.

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    If you have a problem with a white screen popping up after you launch the game, and then it says 'not responding', delete the entire Tom Clancy's The Division folder in "Documents/My Games" then relaunch the game which will generate a new folder, that should fix it.