Issue#8692: Fairphone - FP2: Zoom with built-in picture viewer broken

  • @tofra wrote:

    I think the zoom function of the built-in FP2 picture viewer is broken.

    If I open a picture in Amaze or Google Photos,

    I can use pinch-to-zoom to zoom the image.

    But when I release my fingers from the screen, the picture jumps back to no zoom.

    Am I using my FP2 wrong, is this a bug in FPOS or is the behaviour intended? (Well, Privacy Impact is not disabled.)

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#62709: Fairphone - FP2: Sync Issue with MS Exchange (contacts)

    @KleinerAdmin wrote: My Exchange account on FP2 in general works: mails, calendar and contacts sync fine. But entering or changing a birthday entry in the Android contacts app prevents syncing contacts with Exchange any more. Syncing works again if the birthday entry is dropped in FP2. If birthday entries are entered or changed in my Office Outlook or Outlook Web Access, these changes are successfully synced with my FP2. Searching the web gives a highly interesting result (androidcentral). In short, an internal format mismatch of the Androids date is most likely the reason my Exchange 2013 server rejects this sync request. I created Exchange server-side logs and found the following error message in the sync-log: SyncCommand_ConvertRequestsAndApply_Change_AcceptClientChange_Exception : Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.AirSyncPermanentException bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.AirSync.AirSyncUtcDateTimeProperty.get_DateTime() bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.

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    @bm90001 wrote: Hi, I found out that there's an issue with the app "wunderlist" on my FP2. I was already in contact with the support-team of this app and after testing several possibilities it came out that this might be a software issue with my phone. Description of the problem: assigning tasks isn't possible from my FP2 in the app wunderlist. Does anyone of you know this problem?Could this perhaps be solved in the update of the FP2 OS? Thanks a lot!b Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#346737: Fairphone - IPv6 support seems to be broken on FP2

    @Max_S wrote: I was wondering that loading websites and other resources from the internet has a big lag (up to 10 seconds) when connected to WLANs. With mobile data connection everything works fast.Does anybody experience the same problem? After some trying it seemed to be a problem with IPv6 to me. I only used the FP2 in networks with IPv6 support so far, so it would make sense.At first I thought it would be caused by the lack of DHCPv6 in Android. Google doesn't want to integrate it: found out that Fairphone already fixed that for the FP1. And a guy called realm_01 made an app from it which makes it usable for other devices: tried it but unfortunately it didn't solve the problem. As a workaround I installed IPv6 Auto Disable. With it enabled the lag is gone. Of course I'd like to have a working IPv6 support instead.Anyone got an idea here? Pos

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    @diddyxking wrote: After I have updated my FP2 (Open Source OS) to version 16.05.0 my phone is very hot all the time. Calling someone is not enjoyable anymore. The area above/beneath the mainboard is affected. Has someone else the same problem? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#905649: Fairphone - Severe issue with my FP2 and USB & charging (which used to run just fine for 4 months no

    @root wrote: Hi! I've been a happy FP2 user for nearly 4 month now, running FPOSOS (self-compiled in the beginning, now on FPOSOS 16.05 and 16.06). My FP2 started to behave strange in the last week (reboots, empty battery in the morning after charging all night, etc. - all the good & known stuff). Tonight I wanted to find out what's wrong. I can say: Charging is fine when the phone is switched off I can transmit data in "fastboot" mode (e.g. "fastboot -w update ..." works) As soon as the OS is started, charging becomes a game of luck. And whenever I plug the phone into a computer, the USB connection choice dialog would not appear. Nothing, no "adb" etc. Strange, isn't it? What I did now: Data reset Wipe each and everything Re-install FPOSOS 16.06 Re-install FPOSOS 16.05 Removed all SIM cards and the SD card as well Repaired permissions from TWRP Completely disassembled the phone (all modules), cleaned contacts with alcohol (no, not with beer!), assembled the phone again

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    @lordsinclair wrote: Just to be clear : I already received an new FP2 case cover by warranty a month ago from FP. After seemless delivery within very short time I put it in my home cabinet drawer and used my old cover with only tiny . Now you will see the end state of the old case. But not because of 2 additional bigger s. You may find another topic of mine in category hardware about the other big "far" away from the first . No, it was the end of the baggy ribbon that made using the FP2 impossible with it. Kind of poor-quality material race into the abyss of end of cover case lifetime of FP2. I hope you may learn from it e.g. by the way how to better open the FP2 cover. Age of life time : 7 months .Please nobody try to tell me about a "monday case cover" in a reflex, see below why hopeless_case.jpg1280x960 51.6 KB Why ? Of course I opened it many many times . Too many ? No. What else ? I opened it wrong way ! How ? I used the thumb on the left side where the volume button is loca

  • Issue#1070336: Fairphone - FP2 broken screen - backup needed

    @kjalatt wrote: Hi, Today my Fairphone 2 screen stopped working. The phone itself is still working but the screen flickers and is all purple. Apart from all the common problems with FP2 like random reboots, bright spots on the screen, non-functioning apps, freezing screen when charging, my FP2 has worked pretty fine until today. I just pressed the start button to check the time, and there it was - a flickering, purple screen and no maneuver possibility. The thing is that I really need to backup the phone before sending it to Fairphone and my computer doesn´t recognize the device. I have read several threads about some USB-choice you can make on your FP2 to solve that problem, but since the screen is dead I can´t do anything I. At least the phone is still on. Does anyone have a solution for this? I would very much appreciate any guidance. Best regardsAmbjörn DSC_0008.JPG2160x3840 2.25 MB Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

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    @Oliver_Gaede wrote: The button is peeling of from the case without any external influence. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

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    @robert1 wrote: Hi,now my second Case gets broken at the Volume Control Buttons in the 6 Month since I have the Phone. With ~25€ for a new Case, this is quite expensive over the years I hope I can use the FP.Does someone else have similar Problems? And, I've tried to send a direct Support Request, but the Form is not working. Or maybe it is working, but after hitting the "submit" Button, the Form is always shown again with no indication for an Error or successful delivery. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#4597: iPhone 5c: After iPhone 5c Broken Screen Replacement. Camera test issue.

    Hi After screen replacement I can't seem to press or test camera button on lock screen. Please help. Screen seems to work, I can press pass keys or dial keys on lock screen. Thank you for your time.

  • Issue#8679: Fairphone - After connecting the FP2 to the PC, there is no choice anymore for mounting

    @ivi wrote: Hi AllAs it described above, if i connect the FP2 with the USB port i cant anymore chose for mounting the SD card, it only charge the Batterie.How can i change this?Any other with this problem? Thank you for your help! lg ivi ps: found this hint for solution; But, in my case, the option is not available ;( see here; Screenshot_2016-01-25-18-36-46.png1080x1920 88.1 KB Posts: 12 Participants: 5 Read full topic

  • Issue#8681: Fairphone - FP2 shipment: Missing, incorrect, incomplete or illegible export documents

    @jansc wrote: Hello, I got a shipping notice from Fairphone with a tracking code January 11. So far, so good. The phone was sent a parcel delivery centre in Amsterdam where it was for 8 days with a status saying "Missing, incorrect, incomplete or illegible export documents.", and then it was apparently sent back to to Fairphone. I've tried to contact the Fairphone support Januaray 14, but the ticket is still open. Did more of you have problems with the shipping documents? The phone was supposed to be sent to Norway. Regards,Jan Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#8682: Fairphone - FP2 speakers sputtering, hitches and tinny listening to podcast?

    @happykid wrote: Good afternoon you all!Last night I used my new FP2 the first time to listen to podcasts. I usually put on a timer, and fall asleep to someone speaking.I had already listened to the previous 11 episodes of this podcast TuneIn on my Galaxy 3 without problems. Yesterday, in the linked episodes, there were distracting hitches and a sputtering of speakers. #nosleep I wonder what it could be?Did my old phone have a better "equalizer", for want of a better word? Or could the speaker in the phone be faulty? Is it because the phone is new? Or the Internet connection too bad? (No problem before)I now listen to the same episode on my old phone without problems.Any advice? I still have one week to decide whether to send back the phone. Add to that that even in energy saving mode, the FP2 battery did not last the day and is already charging, I wonder what to do. Feedback at work

  • Issue#8687: Fairphone - The hotel wifi doesn't ask me the password on my FP2, while it does on my computer

    @matt29 wrote: Of course I don't get the access to the internet on the FP2, while I get it on my macbook (as you can see). Posts: 11 Participants: 3 Read full topic

  • Issue#8689: Fairphone - FP2 overheating

    @evidemment wrote: When phone is used continually for 10 min or more it reaches 41°C or more which according to the apk "coolify" is overheating. FP2 definitely doesn't like games (like Frozen)... Is this normal? Posts: 5 Participants: 3 Read full topic

  • Issue#8693: Fairphone - FP2: Research on power consumption in IDLE and STAND-BY to prolong battery duration

    @therob wrote: This thread is intended to discuss about the possibilities to increase the battery efficiency of the FP2 (using the pre-installed FP-OS). Maybe we can develop it into an wiki/guide later on. Note by @paulkreuzer: Since there are many topics about batteries and charging let's please keep them sharply distinguished from each other.To discuss problems with your battery please go here, to show off how long you can make your battery last go here and to learn more about your battery or contribute to our knowledgebase go here.... Bottom line: As I am quite pleased about the battery consumption during the stand-by/screen switched off phase I am very dissapointed of the energy saving capabilities if screen is turned on, but the phone has nothing to do (= idle). Until now I used for this BetterBatteryStats, CPU-Z, SetCPU at my rooted FP2.If have none of the google-services actively used, no google-account set up and only installed programms from F-Droid or via direct APKs

  • Issue#8694: Fairphone - FP2: incoming calls --> 5s until screen turns-on

    @therob wrote: If I get an incoming call my FP2 rings (and vibrates if option is activated), but the screen takes about 5-10s until it turns-on and only then I can see who is calling. Did I messed up any setting? Does anybody experiences the same behaviour? Any idea where I can look for a solution? Btw: is there an option to enable an "increasing ring tone" (starting with vibrating and then ringing very quite--->ascending to the max. ringtone loudness set in options)?If not: I hope GravityBox will soon be installable to the FP2 as it brings us this feature... Cheers, Robert Posts: 8 Participants: 3 Read full topic

  • Issue#8697: Fairphone - :nl: Werkt NL-Alert op de FP2?

    @rbeuker wrote: Ik heb de cell broadcasts gevonden, maar zie geen mogelijkheid om NL Alert te selecteren of toe te voegen. Hoe zit dat precies? Posts: 4 Participants: 3 Read full topic

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    @fafa wrote: Hi folks,I got a problem since day one with my FP2 screen.I received it 10days ago approx.Frequently, the screen is 'sparkling'. Like a star in the sky.anyone have this issue on his phone ?thank youFafa Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

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    @brenassali wrote: I cannot seem to access the settings menu, comment on anything, or open any pages that are not the timeline e.g. saved pages, events, comments etc. Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

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    @bbuldmann wrote: Hi, When I want to use the telephone app / calling app Dialer it is verry slow, buggy, hooky, when pushing some contact until the calling screen is shown. So one has to wait for a second or so until the new screen is shown. I think for the most important app for a phone this is anoying, as it happens that I tap twice a certain contact to start a call, which already was started... Makes it not nice to use... Do you have the same issue, is there any workaroud?? Cheers,benni Posts: 3 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#12826: Fairphone - Does FP2 support Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0?

    @Singulus wrote: I couldn't find any information on this topic and I'm interested, if I'd be able to quickly charge my phone via Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 or higher :). See here for processor specs of FP2 under charghing section: AFAIK it needs to be implemented correctly in hardware AND software. Thanks,Singu Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#13827: Fairphone - FP2 Display shutter stutter

    @janmollitor wrote: Hi there, today my new FP2 arrived and I started exploring the menus and settings. A very very annoying bug showed up: the display shutters/stutters when I touch the display (Video: I rebooted the device some times and even dis- and reconnected the display. But nothing changed. Another question is about the preinstalled google apps. How can I uninstall Chrome for example? I just can deinstall the updates, but when the FP2 connects to WLAN and starts installing updates for apps Chrome is installed again. It also shows up in the "all apps". No matter if uptodate or "uninstalled". I really dont want to use this browser and some other apps too. Jan Mollitor Posts: 5 Participants: 3 Read full topic

  • Issue#17532: Fairphone - Volume too low during phone calls + panels (FP2)

    @Adlheidr wrote: I have turned the volume to the maximum, but when I am outside I am barely able to hear what people are saying. Any one else having this problem and is there anything I can do about it? The volume is low when I am inside aswell it is just more noticable when my surroundings are louder. Apreciate the help! Also, I have created another panel on my homescreen but I could not choose where to put it. As for now, my new panel is to the right of the recent and most used apps. I would like to have this recent-panel to the far right and my new panel with apps imediately after the home-panel but I did not manage to move the recent-panel. Is it posible? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

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    Hi guys. Has anyone else experienced the issue of Rx and Tx Reciever signal data not being shown using the HOTT Viewer App on a Samsung Galaxy 3 ? Any ideas? Attachment 8646219 Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

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    @dib0 wrote: Hi there! I have an MP3 (either from the internal SD card or the external SD card). But after a restart of my phone the setting gets reset to the default ringtone. Anyone else with this problem? (If so, this might be a bug). Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic